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Discussion in 'Media' started by YouSeeNothing, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. YouSeeNothing Member

    I wanted to start this thread so we could start dumping links to online school library database searches and see if anons wanted to help contact the schools in regards to the dangers of some of these materials. As the libraries cater to children who are vulnerable to the cult material and don't have an adult's sense of caution that comes with age, I thought it would be proper to make the librarians and school districts aware. I'm not suggesting destruction of books, just increasing awareness of the history of children in Scientology. I'll start off with some links that I found to libraries around the country and pertinent online info regarding children and the CoS.

    Actionable Library Search Links: interview with L. Ron Hubbard /&index=PALLTI <------need a VA library card.;nrefresh=1&amp;refresh_time=7500&amp;total=0

    Children and CoS Material
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  11. RolandRB Member

    If this isn't an attempt to mass brainwash children then I don't know what is! :mad:
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  12. anon walker Moderator

    Fuck school authorities, they're useless. Ignite the parents!
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  13. YouSeeNothing Member

    I don't want to be a book-burning nazi, I'm just not sure how to proceed with this information...
  14. YouSeeNothing Member

    If Narconon is banned from certain schools, shouldn't the works that Narconon is based on be removed or at least parents notified that the books are available and to inform their children about the dangers before they pick one up?
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    Read this story first:

    Then click here: Denver Public Schools: ron hubbard__Orightresult?lang=eng&suite=def

    Looks like CoS is backdooring their literature into the school libraries. Some anon should send these links to the journo who wrote the story. I suck at anon. :) Good at research...anon, not so much. TonyO even featured Eric's exposé.

    Anyone think Tony should see this?
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  17. YouSeeNothing Member

    I need help. :) I was going to start contacting schools but I really don't know what say. I don't want to come off as a moon bat raving about alien overlords. Can we come up with a form email and maybe a phone script/cue cards?
  18. failboat Member

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  19. YouSeeNothing Member

    I'm trying to draft something like this:

    It has come to my attention that the Church of Scientology has several books in our public school library system. These books, are indoctrination literature used to draw children into the cult. As adults, we have the benefit of wisdom that comes with age, but our children are naive and extremely malleable.

    The books our public school library system include:
    • The Way To Happiness No local copies1 of 1 available off-site DVD 170 WAY L. Ron Hubbard Library. Published 2009
    • The New Grammer : Grammer No local copies2 of 2 available off-site 423 L. Ron Hubbard.
    • Small Common Words Defined : Dictionary No local copies2 of 2 available off-site 423 L. Ron Hubbard.
    • How to use a dictionary picture book No local copies2 of 2 available off-site 423 Hubbard, L. Ron (La Fayette Ron), 1911- Published 1999 Reading Level: 4.2 Interest Level: 3-6L. Ron Hubbard
    • education, literacy, and civilization. No local copies1 of 1 available off-site 371.1 Hub Hubbard, L. Ron. (La Fayette Ron). Published 1996

    I wanted to make you aware that these books are a danger to our children. Please research the ongoing criminal cases in regards to the Church of Scientology. They are responsible for the destruction of families, the abuse of children, harassment of critics and most recently accused in the deaths of several young people at the Scientology-owned and run Narconon facilities throughout the United States. I cannot ask you to censor or remove the books, I merely request that you educate yourselves, your librarians and our children on the dangers. Please do the right thing.

    I will be forwarding this information to our local media to help increase community awareness.

    Suggested research:

    Thank you for caring!
    Sincerely, A Concerned Parent
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  20. YouSeeNothing Member

    I am one of those. I don't suggest banning. But let's call these books what they are: introductory cult literature. We have a responsibility to our minors to make sure that they are made aware of the dangers of these books. We have a responsibility to make our schools aware of the cult's way of slipping indoctrination and recruitment into the unaware public. They are deceptively trying to pass these books off as educational material and we know that LRH educational practices are flawed. I'm only suggesting education. Librarians and schools will need to make their own decisions with that knowledge.
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  21. YouSeeNothing Member

    I guess it has to do with perspective. As a parent I have a right to know what is being taught to my children in the schools. I have a choice, if I don't like it, I can pull them out and home school them. Parents have a responsibility to raise their children, they need to make educated decisions for them and they need to know that the "school system" has chosen to make these books available to elementary school kids. I think the parents have a right to know that these books are available to their children. I don't censor my own children, I educate them about what's in the book--no spoilers--and let them know that they aren't old enough to read certain books. Unfortunately, there are parents out there that rely on the schools to raise their children and if the schools aren't aware of the dangers, who's going to help those kids?
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  23. Pique Member

    But not unseen...thread has 122 views.
    Keep chugging along there YouSeeNothing. urdoinrite. :)
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  24. YouSeeNothing Member

    I know, but just because I think it's right, doesn't mean I am. Seriously, if the CoS was just open about their policies, say a preface in a book stating that this is a book produced by the CoS and here's our policies on children, then I'd have nothing to say. But the fact is, these books are deceptions. The cults policy on children is criminal and they are hiding it. Well, I just fired off a form of the above letter to my children's school's Superintendent. I know I'm not wrong looking out for my own kids. :)
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  25. BigBeard Member

    Maybe this should be an ACLU and/or Americans for Seperation of Church and State issue. If El Ron is 'Source', and his nonfiction writings are 'Scripture' (I believe this is documented in a court case somewhere), then this would be a 1st Amendment "religion in schools", rather than a 'cult is bad, ban the books' issue.

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  26. YouSeeNothing Member

    I like the way you think!
  27. Remove the books. Destroy the books. Protect the kids.

    Fuck Godwins.

    I'd sooner burn a million shitty LRH books than have just ONE vulnerable kid reading Diabetics and thinking his school endorses that shit.

    Removing LRH books from libraries works and it helps people. Also it trolls the fuck out of the cult.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    If I were a high school student I would be checking my school library for Scilon books and inserting leaflets in them on a regular basis. For sure.
  30. Ωmega Member

    Shouldn't the schools libraries only have books for authorized curriculum?
  31. YouSeeNothing Member

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  33. timthephoto Member

    have you thought about contacting the local PTA's?
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    Before we can contact anybody, we need to organize those dox. A list of LRH tech books available at school libraries and how they are linked to Scientology, either scripture or indoctrination material. You guise think that's the right direction?
  36. Ωmega Member

    Its hopeless! Whats going to happen is they will remove the books still retain their tax-exemption for religion then years down the road those books will be donated or some how put back on the shelves.

    That is what has been happening for years.
  37. Anonymous Member

    If it were hopeless, Chanology would have ended long ago. Have patience, young Padawan learner.
  38. timthephoto Member

    i think the common thread here would be Author's Name, in every case it's LRH - if a title isn't in Sci-Fi then it's cult related. also remember to add a little PDF goodness to every email
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  40. YouSeeNothing Member

    Things have changed. The cult is being assaulted without fear from all sides now. This almost feels like a final assault.
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