CoS vs Scientology

Discussion in 'Projects' started by seayou, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. seayou Member

    CoS vs Scientology

    The more I mention what is going on to people, the more I see that it is being (mis)interpreted as an attack on SCIENTOLOGY. While I am not Anonymous at the moment, I still think I'm qualified to give you guys some advice. Do something about this. From what I understand, Anonymous has a problem with the CHURCH/Corporation of Scientology, not Scientology itself. Methinks it would be a great idea to do everything you can to make it seem like you support freedom of religion, becasue people will naturally associate protesting CoS as protesting the right to practice Scientology. It definitely wouldn't hurt to try to make this message as clear as possible.

    I just want to make it clear that although I might not participate on 2/10, I support what you all are doing.
  2. Atomosk Member

    Re: CoS vs Scientology

    That's what our PR front is for. We're making it clear that we are attacking the cult for what they do, not what they are.
  3. ihasapancake Member

    I'm pretty sure most of us also think their religion is bullshit. We just can't use that argument because it'd be perceived the way you described it. It told my fellow Belgianfags to pay attention to this on the 10th.
  4. seayou Member

    That's exactly what I'm trying to say. There are enough people in the world that every religion is considered bullshit by at least someone. And these religions are still around because telling someone their religion is bullshit doesn't get your cause anywhere. Actually having a logical, rational place to stand, such as a list of grievances, gets a lot more accomplished.

    I realize that there is a big effort already to make the point clear, I'm just trying to emphasize putting as much effort as you can into it.

    Also, I think another main goal of this whole thing is to educate people about scientology and its history. If that happens, it would be completely pointless for ANYONE involved to claim that scientology is bullshit. The education will make that completely clear.
  5. Amomynous Member

    Re: CoS vs Scientology

    Well, trying to, anyway...

    Working on it!
  6. seayou Member

    So yeah guys, just keep plugging away at that front. Eventually the point will be clear.
  7. Daywatch Member

    pointing out the raving lunacy or LRH and the absurdity of his "religion" does have a place and a time

    don't forget there is a REASON why they want to keep Xenu ect. secret

    The Co$ wouldn't be very effective at recruiting people if they stated " HEY wanna join our flying saucer church so we can get alien ghosts off you?"

    so if people know when they START exploring the Co$ "hey this is that crazy UFO cult" they won't have to spend years and 1,000s of dollars before they realize it is a crock

    making this known to the public is a great tool it may even save some newfag sci-lons
  8. Atomosk Member

    Like they said in South Park: "What's better than people believing in a story? Having them pay you for it!"
  9. MarkSherman Member

    Definitely a point that needs be to make clear.

    Scientology > Church of Scientology

    Edit: that's a greater than, not a progression

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