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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by richjkl, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. richjkl Member

    CoSplay updated! has been updated. The site isn't so shitty and laggy now, and when you create an event you have the option to specify local websites/contact emails, and edit the event information. Old events have been cleared, so you'll need to re-add your events.

    Any suggestions for features or ideas you'd like to see, just tell me and I'll see what I can do. :fuckyou:
  2. JohnSmith Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    Erm... is there a password recovery system? I forgot my password.

    I = EPIC FAIL.
  3. Beed9 Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    I am missing the red dots for registered people, I suppose you disabled them to kill the lag.
    It still says there are supposed to be red balloons tho.
  4. richjkl Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    Zoom in ;)

    They're now loaded dynamically, so long as you're at zoom level 6 or greater. Loading a 6000+ line XML file every time the page loads is a bad idea, as I'm sure you can understand.
  5. Beed9 Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    Ah, another mistake on my side, my browser blocked a script coming from google, thanks for clearing this up :D
  6. southernstate Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    More Florida people register pls! I KNOW you're out there. /creepy
  7. Stoopkid Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    would it be possible to group the balloons into groups of 10, 50 etc. the more you zoom out?
  8. Legione Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    I have no idea why I always assumed i was the only anon in this town. 120,000 people and i thought i was the only one. I guess im just an egotistical tard.

    If you ever see someone with a v mask on their shoulder on the bus in Normal, its me, handing out flyers to every damn person i see and sticking cards wherever i can.
  9. richjkl Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    Well, you can send me an email from the email address you registered with and I can set a new one for you. Just go to and md5 whatever password you want to use (I can't recover a password since they're all encrypted).

    That'd be a bit trickier, but I like the idea...I'll think about ways of doing that. I'm assuming you mean when you're more zoomed out, instead of seeing a few balloons, you just see one balloon with a number in it for the total number of people in a general area, which then splits up into the individual balloons once you zoom in far enough?
  10. cuppoard Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    how can I add more churches?
  11. richjkl Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    From the FAQ:
    "How do I list a church?
    Send a message to richjkl on IRC, with the address and phone number of the church, and it can be added right away!"

    Or you can just give me the address/phone number here.
  12. richjkl Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    Would anyone find it particularly useful if I made it so that you could link to specific events?, for example, would load the map like normal, only it'd send you to that event upon loading too.

    edit: You can do it now, like so.
    edit2: When you link like that, the map automatically shows the event's location on the map.
  13. itsme Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    So if two people put in the same postal code, then do the red balloons becoming indestinguishably on top of each other?
  14. richjkl Member

    Re: CoSplay updated!

    Well, the shadow will be darker, but yeah, that's basically what happens.
  15. richjkl Member

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