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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by patrick30, Jul 10, 2009.

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    Cost effective way of using Skype using VPN in UAE, Turkey, China, Jordan, Belize, South America, Caribbean, Panama, Qatar, Iran.

    The best way to allow Skype to work in the UAE or other countries mentioned above is to use a trusted VPN account which will facilitate your Skype connection to your family and friends.
    In Dubai for example there is two main Telecommunications service providers, these been Etisalat and Du and both go to great lengths to block the internet protocol that VOIP carries use. Many people believe that you can use varies different proxy services to allow Skype to work, but until now I have never been able to find a proxy that will provide this service.
    The basic principle for the non techies regarding VPN is it provides an encrypted tunnel from your computer, so all traffic to and from your computer is encrypted thus keeping all of your activity anonymous from the local authorities.
    From your normal internet connection without VPN, you are connected to the internet through your Internet Service Provider (Etisalat, or DU), so all your web traffic goes through their “proxy server” which is subjected to constant monitoring and filtering. When you see that all to familiar sign pop up saying that this site is blocked it’s because of this reason.
    VPN accounts are one way to visit blocked websites and to use Skype in countries that deem it unsuitable for you to view it. VPN connections are anonymous and secure and can be used either at your office, school, home or cafe.

    There are many VPN providers and there is a whole host of them that can be found when doing a GOOGLE search for the search term VPN. Each VPN provider has their own claim of security levels, which you will just have to make your own mind up which one the best is for you.
    The best that I have found is a VPN provider, but also a PC-PC ,VOIP messenger provider. They are using a payment gateway solution called Intercard service which is pay as you go, and if it’s a price sensitive solution you are looking for this is the best one to get. Most VPN services are approximately around 15USD per month for unlimited connection, but if you then have to pay your Skype connection charge on top of that your, then paying more for your telephone call.
    I know even with these two charges combined its still around half the cost compared to your traditional land line and mobile phone connection, but why pay extra when you don’t have to?
    This cost effective way is to use this VPN provider for around 3 Euro for 100 hours, (which works out to around 3 hours per day) using the in built messenger services to contact your vpnmessenger community contacts via messenger or PC-PC VOIP and then use Skype to make PC to land line or mobile calls.
    The quality of voice of Skype is un-affected using this VPN and also you’re saving your self money compared to other VPN providers that you might be using.

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