Could Arnaldo Lerma Sue for Slander / Defamation?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Dux0r, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Dux0r Member

    Could Arnaldo Lerma Sue for Slander / Defamation?

    I was recently made aware of which is a Scientology ran smear site against Arnaldo Lerma. I suppose it intends to catch traffic from

    Anyway, under Defamation law this site is certainly illegal, it also constitutes as slander, and possibly libel.

    See ... ation.html for more information.

    Any thoughts, comments, opinions or questions?
  2. Anonqwerty Member

    Re: Arnaldo Lerma Could Sue for Slander / Defamation

    I was about to start a thread on exactly the same thing. Being a relatively obvious case of libel, it seems as if getting rid of it would be a relatively big win for relatively little effort. Although, rather than suing for libel, isn't there a way that he could just claim the domain, seeing as it is so similar to his existing one? I'm sure I've heard of cases of that.

    Anyway, if anyone with any sort of legal no-how wanted to do something about this, it would be awsome.
  3. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Arnaldo Lerma Could Sue for Slander / Defamation

    What, this is in UK now?

    In the US libel case expenses are born by each party... making an effort here just a pile of cash I dont have, down the drain... time spent ten million defending against Scientolgy... and was out the ten million. I dont have ten million as it would be scientology financing the opposition

    however, In UK doesn't the loser pay?

    I've got a lawyer here in the US.. I looked at RFW and as litigation bait... of course if somebody wants to finance it.. Ill ask my lawyer


    My lawyer is David Charles Masselli - See for contact info
  4. Anon1OfLegion Member

    Re: Arnaldo Lerma Could Sue for Slander / Defamation

    You could always let the UK lawyer keep most of the profits. That would be real incentive for him or her to go for the big bucks.
  5. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: Arnaldo Lerma Could Sue for Slander / Defamation

    Maybe Mr. Sisk should get some several thousand individual polite emails suggesting that he's begging to be sued for hosting such a site? And also that maybe internet business services, and might happen to get some EXTREMELY negative publicity in relation to hosting pure unadulterated libel?

    Perhaps that this site is violating the TOS of

    Excluded Services IBS will not provide services and can immediately terminate or require rental premium upgrades to existing services without any compensation or refund if MEMBER web site is involved in any of the following:

    * Adult material or Sexual Content.
    * Pirated Software or other copyrighted material, which the site owner does not have permission to publish.
    * Gambling/Casino sites.
    * Illegal material.
    * Hate material.
    * Resale of web space.
    * Any activity, which abuses storage space and/or published bandwidth allowance privileges.

    Sadly, I'm assuming the photos on the site were taken by OSA, otherwise there'd be a nice copyright claim as well.

  6. Re: Arnaldo Lerma Could Sue for Slander / Defamation

    They have contact adresses, ergo, they are vulnerable to floods of polite and not-so-polite email. Most of these slander sites are really an afterthought and not updated regularly, and look completely ridiculous, which is a bonus for us. They serve as evidence of the low tactics and silly exaggerations the CoS uses against its critics.

    Still, if you must, my two cents are to contact the websites(except Religious Freedom Watch) who are posted under Related Sites and tell them it looks as if they are affiliated with smear sites. If it works, those Related Sites will contact the goons and ask them politely to be removed from the link list, which will be a minor victory for Anonymous.
    Next, contacting them with false tips of incriminating evidence about the poor guy can help to annoy the hell out of them.
  7. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Arnaldo Lerma Could Sue for Slander / Defamation

    this is not news
    Arnaldo Lerma could also join Scientology to become OT

    In the US litigation is a) a full time job and b) costs a pile of money

    You also have to find someone that believes it..

    if anyone wants to fund this, contact my lawyer

    otherwise, Id like the topic name changed to Another Scientology HATE site

    rather than one that implies there is something wrong with me because I'm not suing..
    This is litigation bait, like that crazy scientologist woman on the newsgroup barbara schwartz..
    sure I would win a lawsuit against that nutball, but perhaps hat is why this was posted here,
    having failed to DIVERT MY ATTENTION, it is being used to DIVERT YOURS,
  8. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: Could Arnaldo Lerma Sue for Slander / Defamation?

    Topic changed slightly as a compromise.
  9. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Could Arnaldo Lerma Sue for Slander / Defamation?

    It really is bait...
    If I had 2.5 million in cash, I swear under penalty of perjury of the laws of the commonwealth of virginia, that I would bring the Civil Rights RICO from HELL against scientology... I even already have a huge firm willing to start it for that amount up front.. and finish it pro bono.

    Attorney David Bardine in a speech (at a cult conference in 1997 where I met Jolly West and Dr Margsret Singer who thanked me for my efforts against scientology) said: "The abuses will continue until there is a fund to pay for justice for cult victims"
    I would get the testimony of the ex-members all on record, and shut the bastards down, because I would not accept a gagged settlement... as we already once before turned down an aggregate 9-12 million offer.... that is my real "crime"... not accepting cash for silence from a group that induces human misery for profit. Could you feed yourself on slavers dollars? *I* could not. Turning down that offer is in part, what made South Park's IN THE CLOSET[/url:c0dvy679] episode possible.

    Hush-Hush Money[/url:c0dvy679]
    An anti-Scientology activist claims that the church made him an offer he had to refuse: $12 million. BY ALAN PRENDERGAST - WEST WORLD

    and what do I care what people who believe they are infested with the spirits of dead space aliens are TOLD TO THINK. anyway?

    In a way, I am honored to be the one guy with a hate page all to himself...courtesy of Scientology..but I would rather it be gone as each keystroke wasted, or each person tricked by the misrepresentations there into NOT pushing that DONATE button, on the top front left of Exposing the CON[/url:c0dvy679], directly assists scientology to exist just a little longer.. And that is the point... there is no other, this is not even about me, it is about protecting scientology.

    Even 10000 lies about my character
    won't change ONE FACT
    on Exposing the CON

    scroll down for a secure link
  10. Anonproto Member

    Re: Could Arnaldo Lerma Sue for Slander / Defamation?

    I encourage TOS complaints against the host. Also keep complaints going upstream - to each provider's provider.
  11. Anonqwerty Member

    Re: Could Arnaldo Lerma Sue for Slander / Defamation?

    Well, I suggest we start complaining to then

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