counter narconon operation: round 1, Real, accurate durg abuse information.

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by tinfoilhatter, May 18, 2014.

  1. tinfoilhatter Member

    Based upon the many different videos of raids, and the different articles about narconon, I have come to a simple conclusion that will protect the public from both drugs And narconon.

    WE simply make our OWN, drug awareness fliers, ones that have as much proper scientific and medical knowledge on them. We also make sure that the fliers, pamphlets, stickers or whatever we use, contain proper web addresses for good dox and sources on drug abuse, to help educate the public.

    This would do several things at once:
    1. it would inoculate the public from other shyster rehabs, not just narconon
    2. it would help educate the public about drugs, if they are not going to listen to the governmetn, then maybe they will listen to anonymous
    3. It would help bring other people into the positive activism movement. As this would be a simple idea to replicate.
    What does the community think, how feasible is this?
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  2. Eep

    There are several lies that Narconon tells.

    The value of the Purification Rundown in eliminating drugs, toxins and radiation.

    That significant levels of drugs remain in the fatty tissues and can cause flashbacks if released.

    That all drugs are poisons. All drugs can have side effects, that does not make them poisons.

    That drugs can have different effects based on dosage. Too much caffeine will put you to sleep, which is untrue.

    Drugs burn up vitamins and minerals in the body. Lack of vitamins causes an addict to relapse, and also causes the "munchies."

    All people who take drugs do so to avoid their problems.

    Drugs cause decreased creativity and dull the senses.
  3. Eep

  4. tinfoilhatter Member

    And narconon posts this shit where ever possible. This is why we should post factual ones. The best way to defeat a lie is with the truth. By making "counter" pamphlets and posting them in various locations, we can spread the word out. This would inoculation the public from stupid moonbatery, and would help with drug awareness.

    The other benefit to the counter pamphlets, is that because they would be free and open source, public schools would be quick to use them, this would greatly affect the various moon bats that get paid to go to the schools to spread bullshit and lies about drug abuse.

    It is not just co$ and narconon, there is and entire "parasite industry" that makes its money doing this, and it is harming society.
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  5. RightOn Member

    Is a very high issue
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  6. HellRazor Member

    When harpooning organizations, newspapers, or websites that list Narconon, Drug-Free Marshals, Foundation for a Drug-Free World, I use boilerplate text such as:


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  7. HellRazor Member

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  8. HellRazor Member

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