Counter-protests in the west

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Jakomeyu, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Jakomeyu Member

    Have there been any public counterprotests in favor of the Iranian government and Ahmad anywhere in the western world?
  2. SamSh Member

    If such a thing exists it will be done by government workers.
  3. Jakomeyu Member

    iranian ones?
  4. SamSh Member

    yes, just like how in Iran they load up workers in vans and bring them to areas to protest in ahmadinejad's favor.
  5. Jakomeyu Member

    yeah, but its a much different viewpoint over here. pro-ahmad people would be ridiculed instantly
  6. it would be hilarious if they tried to do that. fly in some protestors with "hooray for ahmadinejad" signs.
  7. SamSh Member

    IIRC they had a little (a dozen or so people) protest in front of BBC in England sometime back in July.
  8. Jakomeyu Member


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