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Discussion in 'Projects' started by kyanonymous, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Greetings citizens of the world, We are anonymous, We are KnightSecc. You have followed our resounding success with Op Hunt Hunter. Today we anounce a new target to be added to the campaign. Craig Brittain and Chance Trahan of is anybody down dot com. He also posts addresses enabling stalking, but takes it a step further and uses extortion tactics to take money from the victims. Is Anybody Down is a controversial website co-founded by Craig Brittain and Chance Trahan where users can anonymously upload nude photographs along with information identifying the person in the photograph including full names, addresses, phone numbers, and Facebook screenshots. The site also contains a section of nude photographs titled "Anonymous Bounty", where users are offered "free stuff" if they can provide the Facebook or Twitter information of any of the people pictured. In concept, the website recapitulates the now-defunct IsAnyoneUp?, which was shut down in April of 2012, shortly before an FBI investigation into the propriety of the site. For anyone wishing to have their photo removed from Is Anybody Down, the website recommends they enlist the services of the "Takedown Hammer". Prior to November 2nd, this service had been referred to as the "Takedown Lawyer" and required complainants pay between $200 and $300 to the allegedly independent "Takedown Lawyer" to have the offending content removed. It was found that the Takedown Lawyer was none other than Craig Brittain trying to extort money out of the helpless victims, since then the takedown lawyer ahs then been renamed Takedown Hammer and is registered to none other than Craig Brittain. Marc Randazza, a prominent first amendment lawyer, has compiled evidence that the two sites are part of the same operation. He is offering to take the case of anyone whose images were displayed on IsAnybodyDown without permission. Craig Brittain, the founder of Is Anybody Down, stated that people who never gave consent to have their photos displayed are "not really upset about being seen naked" and are "not victims". Brittain claims the site is part of a larger progressive agenda to destigmatize nudity. Anonymous will Hold Craig and those affliated accountable for their actions as we have done and are currently doing to hunter moore during the op hunt hunter campaign. Anonymous will pursue access to his site, and shut it down. Craig Brittain will not extort money from the already struggling public. He will feel the pain others have felt. Craig Brittain, We are anonymous, We are Knight Secc, We do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us.

    D0x In Progress

    also craig has now stated on his site he stands with israels attack on gaza and challenges anons.
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    Well, I suppose someone has to stand up for "Israel", seeing as 99% of the world are opposed to its actions.
  3. Wow, this is the most useless garbage on the internet to date... you really got them there, didn't ya champ? What a waste of talent, or lack there of

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