Craigslist Co$ Slaying/ClearCraig Tips and Links- Please Read before Flagging or Posting

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  1. Craigslist Co$ Slaying/ClearCraig Tips and Links


    1. Realize that each flag must come from a different IP address to be effective.
    2. Flag as SPAM if the Co$ ad does not say who they are.
    3. Flag as SPAM or PROHIBITED if there are more than 2 ads posted in a day. This is a violation of Craigslist Terms of Use, so either flag will do.
    4. DO NOT use flagging software. This is strictly against Craigslist Terms of Use and could result in banning.
    5. The longer the ad has been up, the more flags it takes to get it taken down. Flag thresholds on ads also vary by region and by the category they are posted in.
    Tip: An easy way to flag CL ads is...go to the list, right click on each ad and click “open link in new tab”. Click from one tab to the next, clicking whichever flag applies in the upper right hand corner of the page, then click on to the next tab. Go back to the first tab and keep clicking them closed until they are all closed. I get through about 15 or 20 of them in about a minute this way.... no back arrow required.

    Tip: Don't forget that if they are overposting, you're welcome to report them to CL and see if their account is banned or put on hold. - select spam or scam> overposting/spamming, and report them! Provide links to their lists of ads. The more people who report, the more likely it is that offending accounts will be removed.

    Tip: Once you search a term, there's a pulldown menu where you can apply that search term to the various sections of CL. Saves some time.

    Counter Ads
    1. Please do not include phone numbers or names of Co$ staff members on Counter Ads. This could result in your Counter Ads being taken down by Craigslist and/or your account being put on hold. (See the lulzy e-mail below in the links.)
    2. It is helpful to include the titles of all the Co$ ads in that city/region in your Counter Ad.
    3. Encourage the viewers of your Counter Ad to flag Co$ ads.
    4. Humorous shoops, photos, or pics of Anonymous protests add some appeal and make the viewer want to read the whole ad.
    5. You may also make your own 'version' of the Co$ ads. (See the Counter Ad repository for examples and ideas:
    6. Try to limit your counterposts as much as possible to 1 post per area every 48 hours, 1 per category. Any more than that is a violation of Craigslist Terms of Use.
    Helpful Links and Documents

    Craigslist Terms of Use:

    Internal Co$ Document detailing their practices of posting on Craigslist:

    Lulzy Internal Co$ E-mail regarding this Project:

    Previous and Current ClearCraig Threads

    Press Coverage of this Project

    Counter Ad Repository
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  2. Requesting this to be stickied by a Mod! :)
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  3. Asheera Member

    Using the report button works and helps people.
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  4. Noted. Thanks. I'll do that from now on.
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  5. Tip: If you have a phone number for the area you're searching, take out all dashes/punctuation. Instead of copying/pasting the number as (205) 555-1880, you would type it in the search field as 205 555 1880.

    Tip: When searching by any search term, (especially phone numbers) be sure to search 'all event', 'all community', and 'all for sale/wanted'. This will cover your bases and give you a more encompassing search of CL.
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  6. Posted by Django in another thread:
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  7. Keep in mind that the website with directory of locations I listed above does not contain all locations, but the master list I am compiling will.
  8. Thanks for the helpful tips! Can you help explain to a total newb how to protect ourselves with fake phone number or firewall or whatever so CL can't share our info with COS? I don't really want to move forward with verifying my CL account until CL verifies that they aren't in bed with COS. Or did that already happen and I missed it?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Use Proxy Services:

    Google "proxy services" etc...
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  10. chris'dude Member

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