Craigslist Ventura Need HELP!

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by LaurieBell, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. LaurieBell Member

    I need flaggers to protest the Ventura Craigslist Co$ activity in the Group section. The board has been taken over almost exclusively by the San Buenaventura church of scientology. They are using multiple and varied subject titles with either 644-3993, 644-3994, or 644-3995. The address listed is 3295 Telegraph Road. The church is aggressively recruiting. Please help me by going to Ventura Craigslist in groups, activities, and events AND FLAG THE Co$ of VENTURA.

    Thank You In Advance,
    Let's Stop Them!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Meh. Link?
  3. OneTwoThree Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    The link doesn't even work.
  5. OneTwoThree Member

    Works for me.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Puppetmama Member

  8. annoncangirl Member

    done...holy crap how many ads did they think they needed...looks a little desperate!!!
  9. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous delivers.
  10. xenubarb Member

    Flagged. Second wave of San Diego cult ads are up. Flag those too, pl0x.
  11. Anonymous Member

    so Clare is back in full force in socal.

    flagging flagging flagging
  12. Puppetmama Member

    I found this Ventura ad particularly creepy:

    Does your job seem unimportant? Do you feel unproductive? Is it less than enjoyable to work with your customers?
    If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you need a new job! How about a job where you learn how to help people with their lives? Not just making them smile, but changing their lives and seeing that change as it happens!
    What if we also trained you on-the-job, for free? Then, just for fun, we’ll throw in free courses after your basic training,
    so you can learn a few tips to improve your own life? Not a bad deal, huh? See if you’re qualified!

    OMG, scary.
  13. Anonymous Member

    OK, I was finally able to open the link. It's very troubling. They are going to keep on posting everyday, so we have to keep on posting daily as well.
    What troubles me the most about this story is the fact that their creepy messages don't even specify that they are posted courtesy of Scientology. That's just misleading. What's the law about such false advertisement? Shouldn't a public organization that enjoys tax exemptions notify its potential clients who the hell they are?
    Isn't there some sort of Craig's list monitor? I bet Craig's list have rules. I know they are not that great at enforcing them, but we can still try.
  14. Rockyj Member

    That was fun! I flagged as spam/overpost is that ok?
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  15. Anonymous Member

    ^^ yes it is.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Can anybody check if similar posts haven't been posted for other cities?
  17. AnonLover Member

    whoa, what is Clare doing here with "Fast Debt Settlement Relief":
    surely thats a non-scientology website being promoted with a scientology org/mission phone number?
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. A9nym0us Member

    Google is amazing. Shitstorm of Craigslist scitard ads.
    Just type "Craigslist dianetics" in Google
    This Fag about to do some flaggin!
  20. xenubarb Member

    I flag as 'prohibited' because of the fraud thing.
  21. adhocrat Member

  22. Rockyj Member

    Lets make a drinking game out of this!
    Every one flagged you can take a drink or shot (or hit) but only if its pot!
    We could be plowed in no-time.
    I say this only because I don't have to work tomorrow.
    And keep those links coming!
  23. adhocrat Member

    I'd be so drun k; vmkcb I f couldn et stipe sz
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  24. AnonLover Member

  25. Rockyj Member

    LMAO! I actually sent a E-mail typed like that before! Me glad it wasn't on my work Outlook!
  26. adhocrat Member

    sedfh b dflgfgok sdgjdflg

  27. anoninoob Member

    I think I just drank the bar.
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  28. Rockyj Member

  29. Rockyj Member

    Uff me! popps! I mdet Yuk!
  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. Rockyj Member

    Okay Willow Glen not cool & will flag. Plus the guy in pic looks like a dickhead!,73886
  32. Budd Member

    They are all over CL Orlando also.
  33. Rockyj Member

    Meh snuckerd, laying in gutter with lamp shade on my head & how it got there? Who knows? just kissed my Corgi, I thought he was Gandhi.
    All I can say is...
    And Scientology sucks donkey c--ks!
    Its past my past out time...go figure & bless all Anon's, you ROCK especially 1Headgang!
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  34. lulzgasm Member

    Fuck-a-daisy these fucking ferret fuckers love to make a fucking lot of fucked up fucking ads!

    Er, excuse me, my tourettes kicked in.
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  35. adhocrat Member

    I no xactly how you feel
  36. another123 Member

    Scientologists possibly involved in the shady debt restructuring racket? it's moar likely than you think.
    *edit: fix ling
  37. over9000OT Member

    Better hope Lorelei doesn't see that.
  38. AnonLover Member

    oh snap, i typo'd Philip's first name with 2 L's when i doing googlefu and completely missed that connection!
  39. anoninoob Member

    they're still spamm'n away. at least on the SF list. Perhaps a newspaper might be interested in running a story on this... Scientology's Sneaky Spam Machine...
  40. xenubarb Member

    I bet the 'Book A Thon' has something to do with this.

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