Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by lulznw, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. lulznw Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids


    So why don't you teach us a bit more since we want to learn...

    Such as, what do you mean it is an experiemental science and not martial arts?

    Why do you have to delicate your life, quote from your fliers, "a hard life" to this group?

    Why do your members say that Guardian Art is more important than life?

    What are you protecting us from in the universe?

    Why do you use the Scientology symbols on your artwork?

    Are you guys obsessed with star wars and jedis?

    What does this 'creation'mean?

    Why do you purposely misspell xenu 3 times... quote from you:

    "ol oh wait maybe i am zenu or zena or zimu or whatever"

    We aren't that stupid to fall for you mispelling xenu 3 times... We never even mentioned xenu in the entire thread.
  2. Hostile Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    not to mention that anyone that knows anything about scientology while not being a scientologist themselves is going to know how to say xenu (or xemu according to the recent class viii auditors assists leak)

    sorry man, the more you defend yourself without becoming completely transparent to our questions, the less we're believing you...

    anyway, I suppose it's about time we explain what you narrowly missed... if you did join scientology and stick with it, well... I suppose only ot3 works here...
    used under fair use policy as this is not the entire ot3 document and because this is informative to the public, comment, criticism, humour... whatever...

    The head of the Galactic Federation (76 planets around larger stars visible from here) (founded 95,000,000 years ago, very space opera) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet - 178 billion on average) by mass implanting..
    He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H-Bomb on the principal volcanos (incident II) and then the Pacific area ones were taken - in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic area ones to Las Palmas and there "packaged".
    His name was Xenu. He used renegades. Various misleading data by means of circuits etc was placed in the unplants. When through with his crime loyal officers (to the people) captured him after six years of battle and put him in an electronic mountain trap where he still is. "They" are gone. The place (Confederation) has since been a desert.
    The length and brutality of it all was such that this Confederation never recovered. The implant is calculated to kill (by pneumonia etc) anyone who attempts to solve it. This liability has been dispensed with by my tech development. One can freewheel through the implant and die unless it is approached as precisely outlined. The "freewheel" (auto-running on and on) lasts too long, denies sleep etc and one dies. So be careful to do only Incidents I and II as given and not plow around and fail to complete one thetan at a time.

    now, of course, that's bullocks

    (by the way, if anyone's got a problem with me putting ot3 here, go read fair use policy)
  3. axonon Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    ok , how about i aswer to you accordingly ok does that sound good?

    1 - first of all its not and experimental science to me- i know what i am doing- i am exploring my ability to create my own style with the swords throgh fighting with my friends instead of doing a martial arts system! now calebs group and caleb him self have their own views on how they train you see!

    understand that the shinai explorations started here in canada 3 years ago way before caleb was welcomed in! and i never stated it to be a science or and experiment- its always been a way for me to learn from actual doing so exploring the act of doing somthing was educational to me:) does this make anysense?

    2 -i am not aware of such flyer because once again- i dont run a gardian art school not do i follow any ideas that are systematically created for it- so this once again my friend has nothing to do with me!

    3 - i am not a member so i cant tell you that maybe becuase they hold somthing important to them in their hearts- kinda like what people here hold important to expose scientology as bad or evel or whatever! but once again i cant aswer that because i am not part of gardian art- my name is max and i am my own person!

    4- the concept of protecting life can mean many things - i am sure u can imagine a way u can also do it? like for example your family...if someone attacked ur family would u not protect your loved ones- so im guessing that this idea for protecting life can mean manythings from gardian arts point of you! i once again am not trying to protect u from anything im just trying to somehow get u to see that your efforts are unjust in this case....especially against me as a person of free will!

    5- i dont use logos on my art work if u look at the videos from my page and from my shinai explorations chapters u will see that nothing even closely resembles symbols of scientology- in fact i only have tittle words that pop up-once again this question is for gardain art not me!

    6 no i like the films as many people do but we go out there have fun and train has nothing to do with star wars,lol i like fighting with swords makes me a stronger person mentally and physically! to see the difference once and for all my chapters of shinai explorations are tittled shinai explorations sense this is where the show began! calebs chapters of shinai explorations are tittled shinai explorations california chronicles- <<<<< note the difference see for your self!

    7 creation mean simply to create somthing- kinda like the meaning it has in the disctionary- you have a mind and its creative so i create things with it- you do the same all the time for example you are creating a negative feeling towards me or when you write a book ur creating when u make a video you are creating- and also i can smell your sarcasm allot by the way!

    8 i was being sarcastic my self about zenu- and honestly who doesnt know of him! also if u read i said i had a negative run in with an org when i was young- after that what u think i did? i did the same shit ur doing i started looking online and this is how i learned of zenu and all the higher ot crap- this info is disclosed publicly for all to see is it not? lol

    is there anything else i can share with you please ask away i have nothing to hide!
  4. lulznw Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    1. According to Guardian Art, it is an experimental science and your group, Explorations, is a chapter of Guardian Art and in fact one of the next levels up after you have already been in Guardian Art for a long time.

    2. I will PM you pictures of the fliers and you can browse this forum's old posts. One of the Guardian Art fliers specially advertises the Exploration group you are in while showing scientology symbols.

    3. You are a member because I have seen your videos and you training with known members and the fact you know the owner quite well and even said you are in explorations to me.

    4. The concept of protecting the universe is what I wanted to know in specific.

    5. Explorations is part of Guardian Art so it still applies.

    6. The reason I ask is because of a jedi and lighsabor in the background of one of the fliers as well as the name 'jedi01' used as an imageshack account.

    7. Creation meaning artwork or science experiement?

    8. Why are you afraid to spell Xenu / Xemu even AFTER we told you the correct spelling. And what do you mean "with an org" - and you claim you know nothing about scientology? And what are the chances you will be in an org and then join a group run by Scientology.
  5. Hostile Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    once again, xenu, but whatever...

    I think we might have another case of what we ran into when we were investigating the help for orphans international thing...
    this thread

    we ran into a woman who had been helping the front group for some time, unaware of the scientology connection. we talked with her and eventually got some headway and irrefutably proved it was a front
    this picture
  6. axonon Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    xenu ok- reason its misspelled is because i copuldnt give a rats ass about him it or whatever!

    anyways i have given way to much attention to this and the only thing i have learned here is that people on this forum seem to be obsessed with scientology and everyone here is a teacher on it!

    to me all you are doing is making that org stronger by obsessing over it!

    a chapter is just an episode of the show- i made 70 chapters already to document our adventure but this is all a waste of time trying to explain to you the history of my life!

    i have nothing more to add!

    i will make a public video on my you tube page regarding this!

    it feels to me that this here is a anti scientology cult and the funny thing is- they are obsessed with there technology or whatever and your obsesed with stoping them..... i wont have anypart of it!
  7. King Nerd Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Nice job with OT III. I have no problem with you including that in this discussion. Provided Axonon is in fact an innocent bystander (and I'm in a good mood today, so I removed my tin foil hat), that is information he should be aware of.

    EDIT: Careful there, Axonon. Your post above this one doesn't help your case much. Also, we are not a cult. Nor are we an organization. We're just a concerned collection of people from the internet that are trying to expose $cientology for what it really is. A cult-like business that uses brainwashing and abuse to make money. It calls itself a religion for special tax exempt status. A status other religions and non-profit organizations don't even have.
  8. axonon Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    one more thing to add- here is a new video i am posting online on my ustube page! this is me my good friend anton and my wife- going out to have fun like we always do:) now in the video its self do you see any logos of scientogy? or gardian art!

    does it look like a front for that roginization to you? i mean for god sakes people what you see is what you get this is all that has been happening!

    im the guy with the bald head- i am the creator of shinai explorations not gardian art! i am not part of gardian art gardian art has been granted premmision by me to use the name and go out on their explorations! so please get this correctly!

    i love caleb as a friend and this is why he was granted premmison to use the shinai explorations name- we are a family in this creation- all he did is incorperate shinai explorations into his schooll for which he has been given premission- this is where our afiliation ends in regards to gardian art!

    i belive in what he is doing because i met him i know him and i respect what he is doing for kids and the time he puts into it! but this does not make me part of gardian art and especially scientology!

  9. axonon Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    forgot to add the link

    YouTube - Shinai Explorations HD3 61 Reborn Again

    now u can feel free to leave comments and rating if u like it wont bother me as truth is truth! and what we are creating is beautiful to us and many other people now take this video and try to link it to scientology all you want but your efforts we be wasted as we will always strive to be better and be stronger as people- shinai explorations is one of our ways of doing this!
  10. Hostile Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    ok, I for one, believe you. you've proven yourelf to be a valuable and honest individual, you have kept your cool over the entire thing, and I respect your feelings towards us, sometimes we do act... odd... but that's only the internet coming out in us.

    forgive me (and if I may speak for the rest of us) all others for our tinfoil hattery.

    anyways, thanks for your comments, for the truth.

    as you say, truth is truth. and that's probably the most important aspect of chanology.
    (by the way, I'll rate your video with 5 stars and comment on it just to help with you)
  11. King Nerd Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    We are not trying to link YOU to anything. We are only stating that through research and the collective effort of many people we believe that your friend has somehow gotten the ideas you've come up with involved in $cientology. And if you are so strongly against $cientology yourself, you need to relax and do something about it.
  12. Hostile Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    thank you then, for your comments, video etc.

    You have proven yourself to be transparent, kind and cool throughout our tinfoil hattery. I respect your opinions on us, however understand that anonymous is this way, because we've felt the need to be skeptical of everything that comes our way.

    anyway, if you would accept my appology for this (and if I can speak for the others, theirs)
    thanks for your input, thanks for the truth, to put it in your words, truth is truth. and that's one of the things that chanology stands for.

    also, on your sword technique, I know you're focussing on creating your own style, but I'd reccomend not using so much wrist and finger movement and switching more to the elbow shoulder muscle. gives you a better grip on your weapon and also increases delivered force.

    eta, ok disregard the duplicate info within this post. I messed up with my noscript application. thought it reloaded the page and destroied my first comment
  13. axonon Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    actually a user from above went and left multiple comments on mulltiple videos of mine stating that i am a front from scientology so this is really the only thing that puissed me off- i mean feel free to discuss and make any assumption based on information against me- just dont come on my videos spreading lies is all i needed to get across! critisizing me and my vides is one thing- its perfectly natural to have dissagrements on things- just spreading lies then asking others to help do the same i found that bad!

    and i am not acusing anyone here of being a cult member we are all people first and foremost! i just said i felt like this is the kinda a place it is!

    the reason i know about scientology terms and such is because i did my research after having a very uncomfertable time running inot a scientology org here where i live about 6 years ago!

    i did one small course for which i paid way to much may i add- so much more then its worth! to add to this they tried or an officer there tried to get me to sign a contract with them- they tried so hard you wouldnt belive every dirty mind trick and menipulation tactic u can imagine! they wanted me on staff working long hours for free in exchange for course free courses! i coulnt belive it they seen me as a bright young man and creative power and they hoped to get me in to use my power for their goals! i walked out after a long stand off to defend my self- and never cam back and got many calls to come back over the years now i have finally moved and dont here from them anymore! so thats really what happened!

    after that i looked online and found allot of garbage on it- i didnt belive everything but manythings i founf true to me and many things i didnt like and thats more then plenty for me to not be associated with them!

    so u can imagine my being pissed off! and the reason i shared shinai explorations with caleb who runs gardian art is because i trust him and i know hes not doing this for scientology! hes doing this for good reasons and all they are learning is self defense and creative training they dont have books and all that crap or levels! i know this for a fact! and once again im proud to be his friend !

    i apricate that people took the time to hear me out also- its easy for me to get pissed and easy for you to get pissed our views all over the world differ!

  14. King Nerd Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    If he isn't doing this in association with $cientology, why are there so many parallels between what he's doing now and $cientology itself? I'm not suggesting that you are involved, I'm only saying that you should look into it. Especially if you know how awful $cientology is. Do you want something you care passionately about associated with $cientology?

    And for the record, I'd like to know why you took a course in $cientology yourself. Again, I'm not suggesting you're involved, just curious.
  15. Hostile Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    actually I'd think that that would be for the personal experiences board in general discussion, but anyway, cheers, keep up your work, stay safe.
  16. axonon Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    i will look into it and get everything straight!!!! also you asked a great quenstion right there- this is somthing caleb should answer and i would like to know and hear an hoset response to it! maybe he had a past that somehow as a kid he was involved some how and was FORCED to learn shit! i know that some terms used in his writing seem to resemble scientology stuff- but whn i talked to him about it along time ago he explained to me to look at the meaning of the words themsleves( so i did) and i realized that they are just words he is choosing to describe his school- his ideology is no concern of mine- i know caleb would never force anyone to stay- would never menipulate anyone to his own will i know him because i met him we spent good time discussing me not liking scientology- he always assured me he is not part of it and i believe him!

    hes trying to empower people throgh friendship and experiences( thats why he came to me and asked to use shinai explorations because he knew he could get another way for his friends to bond and to create together good times! its really that simple- he is just started out with his school and for anyone it would be hard! and if some how he knew methods that would help him orginize a way to train and to bring people together i wouldnt care if he got it from a book- the fact still remains that the goals of his shcool and his goals are of good nature! and if i am wrong about this then i am the biggest fool for i would be decived by a person i love and trust!

    as for why i did a course with scientology when i was 19- well i was walking downtown and some guy pulled me off the sreat with some emotion test thing - a sort of question sheet that after i completed it he told me MY PROBLEMS(LOL ) AND THAT SCIENTOLOGY CAN CURE THEM WITH THER BOOKS! THATS WHY I WAS DUPED TO DOING A COURSE but it all edned fast!

    caleb on the other hand is a good man and isnt lieing to his students telling them they have issues and he can fix them with gardian art! if u ever watch his vidoes u will hear so much love and positive words from him always empowering his friends and making them feel like they are worth somthing!

    thats the kinda man he is and thats why i am his friend because this is the same kinda person i am to my friends and to people in general! i wish people well and not to lie and cheet them for personal gain!


    no i dont whant anything associated with scientology as far as the organisation goes! especially my creations! i am sure that in scientology there are many good people who are unaware of many aspects and intentions of scientology!

    also given the fact that many bad things come to people from it can anything good be found?
  17. King Nerd Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    That's just the thing though. $cientology makes everything it does seem so nice, postive, and helpful. Every one of its members, when confronted by a critic (or in the case of a front group, everyone that asks) will deny it does anything harmful even in the face of irrefutable proof. No $cientology front group will flat out admit to being associated with it.
    And that is why this website and movement exists. This collective of people are trying to expose the truth about $cientology.
  18. Hostile Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    also, just as a sidenote,
    assuming that Caleb isn't actually involved with scientology, it'd be a bad thing if he ended up in some sort of a lawsuit for having the images and stuff remarkably similar to scientology's... and god do we hate it when people get in law battles with the cult.
  19. King Nerd Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Excellent point, Hostile. I hadn't even thought about that until now. This could in fact be quite innocent. People that don't know anything about the cult finding the images and some of the ideology online and using it in their own stuff innocently. The cult would have a field day.

    Dammit! Perhaps we should get some outside opinions?

    EDIT: I still think Max is innocent. His friend however seems to have gotten mixed up with the cult and now they are exploiting "shinai explorations" to recruit children.
  20. K_Anon Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    If they're using Sci logos and images without permission there WILL be a lawsuit.

    Scientology has attempted to sue individuals for publishing their OT docs, which they also claim do not exist/are fakes/etc. Max, if you aren't involved in Scientology make sure you AND Caleb delete all references to it or face a potential lawsuit for copyright infringement.
  21. lulznw Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Yes, it might have been better to link to the OT3 instead of posting directly but that isn't up to me.

    Okay Max, well you are in a scientology group weather you know it or not and the fact you know so much about it and everything tells me something but anyways... if you are just innocent then understand that we don't hate anyone - NOT even Scientologists. We don't like the Church of Scientology for their policies and how they treat their members but we know many of their members are just victims who were tricked. Our goal is just to make sure members like you know the full truth and have a chance to decide on their own free will to stay or leave once they know all the facts.

    Maybe you did get tricked...

    So it is great you are online and continue to research and find the truth for yourself. I especially encourage you read all the early posts in this forum about Guardian Art and Explorations to learn more.

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences.
  22. Jack's Bullet Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Why is this dude so bad at spelling? I know it's not his primary language but still, he spells a lot of things differently and uses multiple letters sometimes and other times doesn't. He just seems to be a bad typist even when responding to positive youtube comments, mixing s's and t's and whatnot.

    I also suggest for you to tell caleb off-handedly your feelings toward scientology, if you haven't already. Oh and yeah like lulznw said read the earlier posts in the thread.
  23. lulznw Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Everyone in their group spells bad.

    That includes myspace, youtube, ect.

    Even on the official Guardian Art youtube the comment:

    PODMadMan (18 hours ago) Show Hide
    Marked as spam
    Wow! Vary Cool Stuff :). i Got To Practus That :)

    P.S. Is this "Self-Defense" and why do you guys look so silly in everything you do?


    Also, here is your leader : YouTube - calebmadrid's Channel
  24. tofuman Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    It may look weird, but you gotta start somewhere.
  25. lulznw Member

  26. lineth Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    wow okay... So I'm the Bennie Trinh one of you guys are looking up... Why are you trying to find my address and numbers?

    what connection do I have to this? So I control the site. The content of the site does not belong to me. Yes I'm staff of guardian art. And i chose to be because i love to design websites. as well i get something in return...

    Now yes i do train at guardian art yet i still have the slightest clue of what scientology means. I like guardian art because it is different from other martial arts. I get to find how i can punch, kick, to MY best ability instead of doing the same way everyone else does. and it actually does work! I've taken Tae Kwon Do up to my 1st degree.. and i used those fun punching meters at arcades. My own type of a punch is better then Tae Kwon Do's kind. Also martial arts has its thing where you must bow to stuff. Bow for respect? thats just not my thing.

    I'm not here to compete with you guys or anything. It's pretty scary to see that there is my name and number and "Address" of me...
    why do you need my address? Are you going to come visit me? I rather you not...

    As far as Caleb being into scientology? I have no clue guys and i've grown to see caleb as a brother. He looks out for me and i look out for him.

    As far as copyright stuff goes.. I'll tell him about it... I can go in and change some ways...

    As for Shinai Explorations... It's not really part of Guardian Art. It's just fun events where we go out and stick fight, YES we are BAD!!! i know i suck at it. But i do it because i like going out doors. I know i dont know how to use it correctly or even how hold it right.. As long as its fun right?

    As for Guardian Art trying to pull people into scientology... I dont think were doing that at all... You can ask any student what scientology is and they will probably respond wtf is that?

    Also id like to know whats wrong with using scientologies Tech? it does seem useful to me... but thats my own opinion. is scientology a religion? i have no idea...

    excuse me if i sound stupid or lame.. its 1AM in the morning and i worked a 8 hour shift serving customers.

    I can see that the content on the website and other stuff looks like scientologies's content. dont go blaming me for it. What if caleb was into scientology? (hell if i know) does that mean he's trying to pull people into it? I honestly could give a rats ass about scientology...

    If you have any questions or complaints please feel free to email me at << YES its my email and you got it right...
    Just dont spam me please...

  27. lulznw Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Why is it everyone in Guardian Art and Exploration always pretend like they don't know what Scientology is but then are friends with them, know their belifs, and say something like Scientology Is The Best!! or so whats wrong with Scientology... and like what you said:

    &quot;Also id like to know whats wrong with using scientologies Tech? it does seem useful to me... but thats my own opinion.&quot;

    What I find most interesting, is why everytime you guys pretend not to be affiliated with Scientology you say something nice about Scientology or like you just did... YOU ADMIT YOU GUYS ARE USING SCIENTOLOGY TECH BECAUSE IT IS USEFUL.

    Thanks guys that you keep coming on here and confirming just how affiliated you are with Scientology. Now I know that none of your members are blind to this that all of you know openly that you are doing Scientology activities...

  28. lulznw Member

  29. Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Because you are a wolf in sheep's clothing that needs to be cut down before any serious damage is done.
  30. sinkingship Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Dude, chill. we're starting to sound like McCarthyists here, going after everybody kinda sorta maybe affiliated with Scientology. everyone else has dropped it already.

    edit: well I found a cached version of Mr. Caleb's Myspace; religion is listed as Scientology. I would still advise everyone to not jump all over him and the Guardian thing, because even if he is a Scientologist that doesn't mean the Guardian thing is a freakin' front group. aren't we the ones who are sympathetic to the lower level Sclions who are the victims rather than the perpetrators of Scientology's various crimes? granted this guy seems a bit odd but we need to drop this and advise his friends who have shown up here to warn him about what he could be getting into. Scilions are the ones who blow things out of proportion and throw around unfounded accusations, not us.

    oh, and scientology's brainwashing techniques would never allow a Scilon to come within 9000 Internet feet of Enturb. actually i'm curious, have we had one show up on the board yet?
  31. Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Mcarthy never had any evidence to back up his claims. I am simply stating the truth as I see it. Forgive me if I don't give any padding and all that.
  32. anonnews Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    "but whn i talked to him about it along time ago he explained to me to look at the meaning of the words themsleves"

    Did anyone else catch that? I C WAT HE DID THAR
  33. axonon Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    hey people- its max again!

    i really did not want to return to this thread because i had plenty yesterday!

    this intire thread is filled with allot of meaningless things as so many things propoused here are false and are created based on what exactly? simular text and images? ok so from there the shinai explorations groups like mine in canada and calebs in california is a training camp for kids created for scientology? i did look over the thread and already agreed that yes the text looks simular! but once again that was calebs choice he writes it not me- also based on these speculations in regards to the evidence i was attacked almost instantly = lucky for me i seen if fast and spoke up for my self- however does this make everything ok?

    im not certain it does- i pray and hope that with time it will become blatently obvious that attacking calebs school like that isnt the best thing to do just because there is no actual connection to scientology!

    look at it this way guys! and i do imagine that i am talking to inteligent people here! now lets for example say i read a the secret( you know the book, i didnt actually read it) but the book and the concepts there in are widely know. now lets say that the book was writen with money making goals in mind by not the greatest of people with the greatest intention right- and i read the book now i am starting a school for thought or somthing and use simular concepts there in because i believe they work! yet my school is under a different name and different goal- now people who lets say want to expose the book find my website and say wait a minute- thats sound simular to that money scam book no>? and there it comes- a front group is born to push the same shit under a different name to make evern more money!

    now that example maybe be shitty- but it is an example that really relates to this unfortunate situation- why is it unfortunate! because your time is wasted for going after the wrong people intill the truth finally becomes clear! and the people who are not involved with scientology like my self and calebs group have to get a really bad rep!

    im hopping bennie here will talk ti over with caleb and i am hoping calleb will see the importance of not having any resemblence to scientology sense there is no actual connection!

    for god sakes sense i am on a day off from work i will fire up the photo shop and try to come up with new logos and arts style that could in fact be much more better!

    i just want my friend to continue his great work in peace- with his gardian art school!

    im sick and tired of reading such negative harsh words to wards a group of people who are not doing anything wrong to anyone- especially kids!

    i did another online search and i was discusted with the amount of post about this on other sites with a tittle- scientology training kids to battle xenu,lol that is like reading a tabloid who has run out of material to print and is desperate to nail anything or anyone if the right hook is there!

    there are creative ways to make things really now adays and thats why shinai explorations is important to my shinai family and also i believe gardian art is just as creative and important to caleb- because he doesnt have to teach in the same way everybody does- no need for levels or belts everyone is valued and has a chance to improve at their OWN PACE now how the hell is this a bad thing!

    i truly believe that changes should be made to his presentation of gardian art just to avoid this mass nagativity on the net- and i will erge him to do so because i care about his future and also i hate for this to reflect on me because scientology is the last god dam thing on my mind-creating ,sharing and surviving is demanding much more focus!

    as far as me spelling bad- i just have a habit of typing way to fast and this becomes a mess- im sorry:)

    one thing i know and stongly believe in is if your underattack of a negative feeling you do what it takes to clear shit up especially if you aint guilty!

    SCIENTOLOGY is a massive orginization with massive amount of people doing its bidding and with massive goals i bet! GARDIAN ART is a small school with maybe 20 students and a few staff- and is in no way FUNDED by scientology-

    just so everyone know all the staff have to work day jobs just to keep the school up and running- rent aint cheep equipment aint cheep and credit limit aint limittless- so i urge people to read what i have said and actually think about it for a minute!

    as far as our videos and training- critics are ok and welcomed but lies and acusations based on minimal simularities in terms of text and images is not a good thing!

    once again i will suddgest to caleb to rethink his presentation of his school just so that this thing here will die and not pop up in the future!

    good day to all!

  34. Jack's Bullet Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    What are your views on psychologists and medicine?

    edit: Sorry to burst your bubble, but from your website:

    "At the end of this day we shall all stand and all out-ethics shall fall."

    Google "out-ethics" WITH the quotes.

    Kind of obvious.

    edit2: ok, caleb's galaxy art website. my bad.
  35. axonon Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    my frend you are working harder then anyone on this arnt ya? its amazing to see to what great distance you travel to tie anything and anyone to this- so now this young mans page is also somehow a part of this! dude i can smell the negativity from you a mile away.

    and at the same time i can see how many things your getting mixed up even when there is an effort to clear this up!

    i am 100% possitive that you if had a chance and ability without knowing the full truth you would have ME caleb and even this young man you pointed out( who is like 16 and knows nothing of this or scientology and just likes videos online) you would have us burn on a stake without a second thought!

    and no disrespect but i am amazing at your dedication but you my friend are way to focused with nagetaivty- and thats your choice i do wonder if it boils you up inside! the world is certainly messed up but you my friend are no hero because a hero is kind and understanding and thoughtful! you my friend ( forgive me if i miss understand you) are not very thoughtful!

    i know this because after much explaining the only thing you could do is desperetly go try to dig up as much new stuff to present here as possible!

    you know caleb told me the other day when we talked briefly that people from here tried to hack the site and do allot of things with it......AND then you wonder why they are trying to protect their website(lol of course to delete evidence) i would imagine it is to keep intruders out who have nothing but desructive intentions feeding their creations!

    i have noticed that everyone here is thinking- trying to figure things out- no one here is going all out on a path of discruction like you are!

    you my friend is the one that without even knowing me went and commented on so many of my videos that my videos are a scam and are a front for scientology! this my friend makes you look really not bright!

    however you are a person like everyone and i hold nothing of a grudge i just dont like what you are doing and what you did to me- to whitch you didnt even appologize- yet people here who have done nothing to me have( thank you people)

    i wish you the best of things but you wont be burning anyone alive today ....epsecially people who dont deserve it!

  36. Jack's Bullet Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    My word, does he speak like an evangelical or what. Most of us come from a parody website and bring our memes with us, but our protests are peaceful.

    And you say:

    How do you know they are from here? Well, theoretically there probably were. But google cache has your whole website backed up and I'm looking at it now. Why would we need to hack at all with google at our side?

    Are you talking to lulnw or all of us? We're just trying to get the cult's tax exempt status revoked, because you shouldn't have to pay $300,000 information on what your religion believes.

    We don't try to burn anyone alive, just pointing out that Galaxy Art is, if not a front group, then using scientology terms, tech, and language. Not to mention the whole galaxy and &quot;protecting the universe&quot; thing.

    And the galaxy art myspace has Scientology in the top friends. If it's not a front group then it's at least closely related.

    And can you explain this:

    Also, explain what I asked in the previous post:

    What are your thoughts on psychologists, drugs and medicine? And what are your thoughts on PTS's and SP's?

    And this:
    &quot;At the end of this day we shall all stand and all out-ethics shall fall.&quot;

    Google &quot;out-ethics&quot; WITH the quotes.

    Kind of obvious.

    Oh and guys, about the theta thing... They're a musical group called Theta Realms based out of Canada... BUT....

    Can you explain this, then, axonon, if Guardian Art is in no way affiliated with Scientology:
    Youth for Human Rights International is a front group, look at wikipedia.
  37. googoomuck Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Histrionic* much?

    *look it up in the dicstionary.
  38. anonymoose Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Axonon, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here. Firstly, lulznw does get very "into" things and excited (no offence intended, lulzw, but that's how I see it- your enthusiasm is a bonus though!). When I first joined here I was advised to have a bit of a thick skin and I now pass on this advice to you!

    I don't know about you personally, axonon, but it looks like your friend Caleb is a Scientologist.It's been alleged he even said so on his Myspace page. It seems strange that he is such a close friend of yours but you never knew this, despite being anti-Scientology yourself. I hope you can see why people are suspicious

    Did you ask for proof? Did you ask him how he knows they were people from here?

    And to Bennie:

    The words he uses in describing the group's aims and objectives pretty much confirm that he IS trying to get people to think and act in accordance with Scientology's principles ("We welcome you to the Galaxy of the Guardian Order. We only expect of you and your help in achieving our aims"). Alternatively he has been heavily influenced by Scientology's language. If it's the latter, I do suggest he stops this for the copyright reasons outlined earlier.
  39. anophalus Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    Craigslist Ad for Kids Courses in Galaxy Guardian Art and Scientology Course Ads were posted by the same person.

    very odd coincidence for someone that doesn't even know what scientology is :wink:
  40. axonon Member

    Re: Creepy New Online Scientology Front Group : Galaxy Art for Kids

    i speak like this because i my self got attacked - do you think i nned to step back and hide while everything i worked hard for on my own gets slammed by crap? should i do that- no self respecting man would!

    because attempts were made and this place in the main source of this at the moment- and this is where a so called peacefull person came from and attacked me as a person and my creative works that have nothing to do with whatever it is you guys do here!

    Yes i am talking only of the person lulznw why is he showing dylan a young kid who lives somehwere in vancover here and trying to even put him down saying he looks silly while hes at home training and sharing it with people without this right to you? also to clear another thing up- caleb is not my leader- i dont have a leader i lead my own life and its creations- get it right already!
    the thing about the taxes i am unsure of because well i dont follow what scientology does and how they operate....i really dont!

    valid point- i dont know why he has them on my space as top friends i wouldt have them anywhere as top friends! i really dont know how to answer you here- why caleb has choses to use text that resembles so much to that- this bogles my mind as to why choose that! but this doesnt make gardain art a front group-!

    to me it just sounds like a way to hype up his school and make people feel like they belong to a cause not a martial art! if the writing resembles scientology some how and i dont know- then once again i dont know why he would write it so! i cant explain why another creative way wasnt used to promote the school-what i do feel in this case that caleb must have had a vision - and with it came the text and images - once again i cant explain it! not my website!

    i dont have much thoughts on psychologists...arnt these people who simply talk with patients with problems? isnt scientology after the other ones? the ones that proscribe harful drugs with a gaining of profit? i read about that a long time ago!

    in many ways i think its morally wwrong to create fake conditions to make money by druging mainly young people- how ever if you go after them only for the sake of trying to replace them with your own solution(like dienetics) then you are not better and have the same money making goals- but thats my opinion!

    as far as normal drugs- i oftne take advil to help with heqdaches and i also smoke a little weed once in a while and i dont think its the worst thing i could be doing!

    and finally because i see no end to this ........... if this does not get cleared up by caleb in some way or form i will not be creating chapters with the shinai explorations name anymore- and caleb could continue to use it if it doesnt bother him that he is being acused of being a scientology front group- i however hate the idea of having my creation get shitted on and associated with this topic- and i have no issues with starting a new direction in our videos! will caleb be welcomed to fight with one when he can yes! hes a great fighter - with the sword when he came here i had the most intense fights with him at moon river it was amazing- but like i said is shinai explorations which i have put so myuch love and joy into keep getting mixed up with scientology somehow

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