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    FRancais :

    En date du 25 février 2013, La court Internationnale a émit un ordre de court concernant, entre autres, Joseph Ratzinger (Alias Pape Benoit XVI), Stephen Harper (Premier ministre du Canada) et Elizabeth Windsor (Sois la Reine d'Angleterre) a propos d'un génocide...

    En date du 4 Mars 2013 (Hoo.... c'étais hier ca!) les défendant seront sous mandat d'arrestation... (Exactement au moment ou le pape se pousse, Elizabeth se cache entre le chateau et l'hopital) et Stephen Harper qui a moins d'apparition en public que Jésus depuis 1924.

    English :

    It was February 25th (2013) when The International Common Law COURT of Justice Spread this Court Order (That nobody heard about !?) About Joseph Ratzinger (Alias Pope Benedict), Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada), Elizabeth Windsor (Alias Queen of England) And some other... It talk about crime against Humanity...

    This March 4rd (It was yesterday^^) an International Arrest Warrant will (is) issued against these defendants... While The Pope is escaping by the window, while Elizabeth heart's is beating lower than Micheal's....
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  2. Anonymous Member

    That's complete moonbat bullshit, that website you take your sources from is citing David Icke on certains topics. To me any website citing him or Alex Jones and Co. is not a valid nor reliable source of information.
  3. Hum... I don't agree... It would be a moonbat bullshit if nothing was real...
    But, the ''Genocide'' Is real. The Canadian Propaganda is real too. Like the fact that Rmcp can do what they want. The major bullshit on your websites is that they are under arrest warrant... And after Québec's web site, Maybe that yo Itccs is a reliable source...
    Well, I think the whole shit interressant.
  4. PresidentShaw Member

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  5. Anonymousmdn Member

    If itcc was an authority figure head in Canada... then simply walking down the road arresting anyone as a so called civilian would be possible and used on a daily bases. Citizen Arrest has no authority to detain anyone unless supervised by an Authority figure. Flip side if you make an attempt to do this would be section 279(1)(2)(3) Forcible Confinement!
    itcc is another example of "Illuminati is coming to get me and they Killed Micheal Jackson"
    Next there will be a story coming back around for the arrest of the new Pope.... his warrant should be the Anti Christ....

    Now on a positive and more reliable source... if we wrote a letter and walked in there doing this.... every dam cell phone and computers would be smashed on the floor with Barney Fife in the back ground yelling "they cant get anything" would create some progress!!
  6. Well... I don't really care about new illuminati... but the Genocide really hapened, no mather if the itccs are a bunch of assholes or not. There was over 1 millions of Natives everywhere in the canada. Go ahead, tell me where they are now.

    (Sorry to up this thread, but a fucker is at the head of the country since too long)
  7. Hi im a new member and voleentering for and no we are not bullshit
  8. we have new legal documents on our site.
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  9. AnonInsight Member

    Yes, yes you are bullshit.
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  10. thanks I love you too
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  11. thank you
  12. thank you
  13. I agree With The Spandex guy. I'm kinda Native (Bastard)

    In Canada we :
    -Did an industry of Anthrax (White Powder, Kind of chemicals that hitler had but found waytoo much harmful to use it...)

    -Did a lot of Nazi expriment, on Duplessis Orphans or any mentaly Ill person.

    -The church and the Gov did an illegal deal for the Duplessis Orphan : A bunch of Normal natives kids that got kidnapped by the RCMP, Illegaly declared Mentally ill and throw in ''Orpholianas'' (don't know how to spell it) , They got Raped, violated, vasectomized, and I can't continue to think about it. All the way, the gov knew what was happening, And they gave a FUCKING LOT OF MONEY to the church to do it.


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