Critics harassed at Organic Liaison's Grand Opening, Los Angeles, March 9, 2011

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Smurf, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Zak McKracken Member

    Dracula medal is one of those things you get in a box of Cracker Jacks,
    or for walking on the Moon, or for accidentally the entire USA Soviet Union


    Its like the IAS Freedom Medal, but a little more tacky.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Looks like Miss Havisham finally got married after all...
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  3. subgenius Member

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  4. RightOn Member

    lol! she could have been a foot model for cripes sake!
  5. xenubarb Member

    Guess she couldn't squeeze into her Flipper Slippers!
  6. Triumph Member

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  7. RightOn Member

  8. Triumph Member

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  9. veravendetter Member

    You guys really are SP's
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. xenubarb Member

    Nice party. I'm sure Kirstie has great expectations for Organic Liaison.
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  12. Anonymous Member


    Buzz: Holding. Back. Hysterical. Laughter.
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  13. xenubarb Member

    Don't think so. Looks like tardface to me. My dad would get that face sometimes toward the end, when alzheimers claimed his mind. It was an expression I'd never seen on him before. Apparently you get tardface by putting a bullet thru your head, too:

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  14. Anonymous Member

    You are right. Yeager is still an asshole.
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  15. AnonOfStout Member

    Agreed. Buzz is still a moron, too.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    If you took away his shins, he'd look like Hank Hill's daddy.
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  17. Puppetmama Member

    Watched all three videos. How amazingly sad it all is. Fat people trying to look like they are thin, old people trying to look like they are young, ugly people trying to look like they are beautiful, scientologists looking tortured with stress. People actually bothering to come out and watch this pathetic parade. Coming out in "celebration" of the latest health fad/ripoff scheme which I'm sure they all know is a ripoff scheme. Closing off the street without a large enough crowd to warrant it. Would someone please ask our pharmaceutical overlords to send me a happy pill.
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  18. Squirrel King Member

    Tablet or gelcap?
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  19. Anonymous Member

    No suppository?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    And those dancers!
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  21. RightOn Member

    never mind
  22. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    SP is the way to be!
  23. Anonymous Member

    Getting back to the event...

    Saw this guy leaning against the House of Pies wall by band-aide nose/flyer guy for most the evening.
    I forget his name...he is OSA WUS Wayne Carnahan if I recall.


  24. Optimisticate Member


    Kirstie Alley, recently of Dancing With The Stars, had Scientology thugs harassing protesters and guarding a street she had shut down unnecessarily?

    Huh. (Hi Google) :)
  25. Anonymous Member

    gee wonder why Danny Masterson was spinn' records.
  26. Anonymous Member

    foudn out DJ Lawless spun records
  27. RightOn Member

    First vid, sounds like Kirstie's son tells Bunker that Organic Liasons is not affiliated?
    he MUST be talking about COS
  28. Anonymous Member

    Here are a few stills from the event

    Juliette Lewis and Bunker



    Bunker and Suplee chatting while being filmed by Bunker's camera guy.


    Are these kids anyone of note?
  29. Anonymous Member

    I wonder how one would define "not affiliated"?
    The whole event was crawling with Sea Org, OSA and handlers.
    The upper management of OL are scilons.
    Is OL a W.I.S.E. company?
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    I think Kirstie showing up at her Grand Opening that fat looking was not WISE at all! lol
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  32. exOT8Michael Member

    It is sure to be a WISE company. Lots of tax exempt labor there being used for a for-profit enterprise... Yoohoo, IRS...

    LULZ on TV last night when her dance partner got her name wrong ("KRistie") and had to be corrected by the TV reporter.
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  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Optimisticate Member

    The Kirstie is recruiting. Or trying to.

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  35. Da Sandmastah Member

    Los Feliz residents vent it out on Twitter. Kirstie lashes out on one user in particular.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Live in Los Feliz? Didn't Like the Organic Liaison Party Last Night? Owner Kirstie Alley Says Get Laid & Get a F-Ing Life!

    "Those of us who live in Los Feliz weren't adequately notified of the event, nor were we invited. Instead, we were disrupted by the loudness that went well into the night. At the event, several residents were heard complaining to the police. The officers already had a print out with complaint procedures in their hands, as though they'd been fielding many of these complaints. Creative professionals whose work was disrupted, families unable to put their young children to bed, commuters angry at the closure of Vermont Ave., were all among the people I heard from. Some businesses surrounding Organic Liaison said, on condition of anonymity, that business had been negatively affected by the event. "
    On Twitter, others took 140 or fewer characters to express their disdain:
    @cayrez: What a fcking obnoxious way to enter the neighborhood, organic liaison. I hate u already
    @worldofcrap: Holy shit, a Red Carpet street party for "food and art space" Organic Liaison. Not even open and already I'm praying it burns down.
    @katydutexas: Organic liaison is now on my blacklist for bringing this hollywood trash to my neighborhood
    One local, @eugeniedfranval went into the fray and shot this video (NSFW due to language), which shows just how loud and crowded the party was. "I'm making this video because this is pure and utter bullshit," she says, and concludes with a plea for locals to contact Councilmember Tom LaBonge to question the issuing of the permit for the event.
    This morning, @eugeniefranval took to Twitter to confront Alley about the party. Alley replied: @eugeniedfranval need to get a Fin life....this is HOLLYWOOD baby.....PARTYS don't even begin till 11:00.....u need to get LAID
    While @eugeniedfranval was able to weave her way somewhat into the outside party, Joyce could not get into the event itself:
    Trying to get a closer look, I was denied access to the front entrance to Organic Liaison by security personnel. I got the impression that the V.I.P.s party inside, while the rest of us party outside, except there was no one there. It seems that the residents were not interested in attending this party.

    After 10 p.m., which is the standard music amplification noise curfew in Los Angeles, Joyce says "the music could still be heard three blocks away."
    Friends and fans of Alley, who either partied with her last night or adore her from afar, gushed online last night and this morning about how fun the event was and how great the 60-year-old actress and upcoming "Dancing With the Stars" contestant looks.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    I left after 10, and can confirm the party was still quite loud blocks away. The sound was reverberating on the homes and apartments. I can easily see people having trouble putting their kids to sleep on a WEDNESDAY night.
    (This would have been a nothing issue if she had done this Friday or Saturday...but there is no way the other businesses on Vermont would have allowed that bullshit, like blocking Vermont.)
    As I left, I saw a few residents walking towards the event with cameras. They either wanted to just take pics, or get evidence.
  38. Anonymous Member

    why was the event at night to begin with?
    So she wouldn't look so chubby?
  39. Anonymous Member

    why was the event at night to begin with?
    So she wouldn't look so chubby?
  40. RightOn Member

    Is it possible to find out how many complaints by resdients were called into the police station?

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