Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Anon1720, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Anon1720 Member

    Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    Tom Cruise -- Otherwise Engaged -

    Hmmm. If you look at the big scilon vids you don't see Tom and John sitting together. It seems to be John and Kirstie on one side and Tom with latest wife on the other.

    Get ready for more bullshit from Tom on the view tomorrow. Wonder if the ladies will call him on anything? Highly doubtful.
  2. Joyful Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    Hell no they won't. Barbara was on ET last night clutching her pearls over people talkin about what John did or didn't do.

    No, if they mention it at all, it'll be all sympathy, I'm sure. And nothing about but doesn't Scn say this or that and it's been suggested it was autism, blah, blah, blah.
  3. Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    Ah, the whole reason he is going on the VIEW is to try to cover up the death of Jett and make the clams look, he's never once succeeded in making the clams look good, I do wonder when he is going to STOP there an office pool on whether or not Tommy Gurl shoots another footbullet tomorrow...I won't even bother with betting any of the VIEW hosts will have the guts to ask him any hard questions. THAT is a sure loss.
  4. anongurl7 Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    "And when Tom has that cognition..."

    HAHAHAHAHA this is better than Saw 4
  5. Joyful Member

  6. Joyful Member

  7. TheBitch Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    ABC News is the video.

    Blowjob! Total blowjob! Tom rambles, LOTS and lots... ummm ahhh just really terrible. It is kinda fun to watch the lighting behind Tom throb as he speaks.
  8. amaX Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    tks for link. my comment is already up. harpoons!
  9. Kilia Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    Hey Tom... Ya mean to tell us that both parents are men???
  10. auchraw Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    My Cruise tolerance has gone down to a negative quantity. I am sure he has had a nose job.
  11. TheBitch Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    No show at the funeral, but had plenty of time for interviews...

    The Canadian Press: Tom Cruise calls death of John Travolta's son 'horrific'

    "The actor, whose latest film is "Valkyrie," also denied that Scientology, which he and the Travoltas follow, discourages medical care. His appearance on the ABC daytime talk show is scheduled to air Friday. "
  12. Ima Nonymous Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    Not much love for scilontology in the comments section. :)
  13. Mutante Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    Disregard. I suck ass.
  14. LAW Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    just watched the two clips that ABC had up...did anyone else notice how tom never exzactly answers Barb? He said that they are told to get their physical illnesses handled, and to get meds. what he doesnt say is that his cult puts limitations and exclusions on what is an illness and what is not and what medications can be administered and which ones cannot.

    if Jett, may he find peace, was suffering from an illness that scientology doctrine dictated was a non illness or an illness of the mind (i.e. autism) then he would have been treated by what medicines exzactly? vitamin B, auditing, and touch therapy....all well known for treating the chemical imbalances that cause seizures.

    the travoltas steadfastly deny that Jett was afflicted with autism, because their doctrine did not recognize autism as a viable illness, but an illness of the mind. kawasakis disease on the other hand is a disease casue by the ifluence of the outside world such as toxic cleaners and so forth. furthermore John and Kelly would have been told that whatever was wrong with their son in his mind was caused by them and they would have to undergo mountains of auditing to find out what it was...but that couldnt be right because of their OT levels, they had already been "cleared"

    hubbard has been recorded as stating that siezures are an illness of the mind, and that seizure medications are nothing more than tranquilizers. gotta love that once you become a scion you are the foremost authority on everything that you have no comprehention of.
  15. mrfyde Member

    Re: Cruise no show at Jett's memorial

    So John was sitting with Kristi. But then you say that Tom is sitting with with his wife on the other side was he there ? or did he not show up ?

    Where was Oprah ?

    Oh never mind, I read the article. (and suck cox)

    this is interesting and has to do with JT not being at the TomKat wedding:
    (cuz cruz snubbed Oprah)

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