Cult Guru Swami Nithyananda using Scientology to brainwash followers

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Release Your Engrams And Realize Yourself: Nithyananda Morning Message (28 Oct 2010)

    Nithyananda: Truth About the Cult of Swami 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda; Organized Fraud

    Hey Miscavige another cult Is squirreling da Tech!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Cult Squirrel Tech LOL!

  3. Triumph Member

  4. Sonichu Moderator

    And surprisingly enough... If Scientology was ONLY about removing Engrams that are causing you ails, I wouldn't be here protesting. It's those parts about the Tone Scale, Disconnection and SP declares that really bother me.

    This by itself is mostly harmless, but thanks for keeping an eye on it. We'll be watching.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Swami involved in Sex Scandal

    Swami Nityananda Claims hes not Male
  6. Triumph Member

    Nithyananda tries to squirm out of US fraud charges
    Nithyananda entity sued for fraud in US
    Nithyananda’s Los Angeles temple closes down
    In factional war, Nithyananda’s Los Angeles ashram disintegrating
    Nithyananda’s US donors want their millions back
    Devotees' millions diverted to Nithyananda account

    Nithyananda’s US firm collapses as website is shut
    sounds like disconnection to me
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Got any links that are dated more recently? Preferably in this year?
  8. Triumph Member

    Google News Nithyananda &ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:eek:fficial&client=firefox-a#q=Nithyananda&hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:eek:fficial&tbm=nws&source=lnt&tbs=qdr:m&sa=X&ei=rR2dTuqtIaOLsALq-4zTCQ&ved=0CBAQpwUoBA&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=2e86476a262f3d0e&biw=1292&bih=579

    The Godman swami is in trouble

    and using Lawsuit Tech

    Sun hits back at Nithyananda, beams him off ground

    more squirrel Tech
    Q&A at Inner Awakening Program - Thoughts, Action & Freedom from Memories
    Dianetics is required reading at these seminars

    the swami charges $6000 a pop at these Inner awakenings 21 day seminars
    despite the scandal,the lawsuits,alleged fraud,run ins with the law and his arrest..hes still pushing his woo
  9. Triumph Member

    Nithyananda's flop show Where nobody levitated

    Swami Nithyananda's interrogation on tape

    Nithyananda's Bizarre Claim - Indiaecho.dom

    claim your in the body of a six year old...therefore incapable of having sex... yea right!

    this guy Is tossing around dozens of lawsuits agains critics.the media and even comedians!

    breaking up families, intimidating critics and promoting Scientology woo

    Hes in Deep trouble in India,and in the USA and Canada...serious trouble with the IRS and RICO charges

    playing a shell game with large amounts of money (hidden in front groups) and defrauding wealthy followers

    recruiting celebrity followers (India)
    claims Millions of followers

    add to that a good old fashioned sex scandal

    the India Media aired an edited version of the sex video of the swami and the actress
    news report on you tube

    add some wackadoodle Ufology

    kinda knocks the wind out of the claims of this self proclaimed deity.... could lift mountains with his super powers
    look on the bright side Swami Scientology can help you with that
  10. Anonymous Member

    more engrams babble and Scientology squirrel woo

    Heal Your Mental Scars To Redesign Your Life: Nithyananda Morning Message (27 Oct 2010)

    engrams and ebil psychs
    Reincarnation - A Science or Superstition: Nithyananda Morning Satsang (31 Oct 2010) Message

  11. Anonymous Member

    the swami has his very own Marty Rathbun

    Dharmananda alias Lenin

    Nithyananda Exposed - Full TV Interview with Dharmananda Part1

  12. Anonymous Member

    Magoo? Indian doppleganger?
  13. subgenius Member

    But I only need 973% more energy in my mitochondria.
    Otherwise those little buggers go crazy.
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  14. RightOn Member

    yet another who has "magical powers" but doesn't help the starving and ill people of impoverished countries worldwide.
    You would think that would be a huge red flag to his followers, but sadly they are only concerned about "helping" themselves.
    More blind faith.
    hmmmm sounds so familiar
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  15. Triumph Member

    there are a couple web sites who Hit this phony pretty hard...talking about phony college degrees..his lawsuits against critics..violence against followers....offshore accounts etc..

    selling woo.... that will cure all mans ills..and bogus faith healing ....for obscene amounts of cash
    using group think control to manipulate his followers....

    paying attention Davy...

    in his case His government and others are willing to take down this phony profit

    theres alot of info online on this phony internet guru

    that seems to be par for the course...just like all the TV televangelist passing the plate..claiming the have a direct link with the man upstairs...

    it looks like a "Me Me Me" cult religion wrapped loosely around Hinduism and if you part with cash you can have health.wealth,and good relationships
    (He has real Hindus super pissed at him) theres a shocker

    for a huge chunk of $$$ Cash you too can learn to teleport and levitate..and release your engrams...this clown talks alot about engrams....ALOT

    a huge part of selling this scam Is Internet by the sword die by the sword....

    the bozo haz websites

    and attracted a swarm of critics with a hive mind

    critics call it the Hindu AMWAY

    the actress involved in the sex scandal claims Christian Missionaries hatched a blackmail plot
    the swami hatched all kinds of bizarre explanations ..the video was fake,He wasn't really a man, Hes really a 6 yr old incapable of sex..
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  16. RightOn Member

    can't wait till he is sued for knee injuries for all that "knee humping" they're doing lol!
  17. Triumph Member

    its a parlor trick..... they are sitting on Hot Plates!

    this guy has sucked in alot of gullible westerners...I watched portions of 2 dozen videos...(there are several thousand)
    Hes the self proclaimed #1 You-Tube Guru with over 2000 videos on his page...

    this cult seems to be fond of takedown notices..on U-Tube too!

    some of their marketing looks like a direct ripoff of Scientology...the swami and his followers are big on Statistics...
    Miscavige needs to Send out Tommy Davis to the ashram reign this swami squirrel in and pull him onto the bridge...

    Pack you bags Tommy...your off to India to clear da planet!

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  18. Triumph Member

    Swami Lawfags Have female volunteers sign a non-disclosure Sex contract...
    preventing anyone from suing the swarthy swami for sexual advances..and that having sex with the slimy swami Is par for the course...part of the job...
    and may include watching porn with the swami...and having sexual its part of the religion....

    good news ladies this tantric hunk may show you his holy private parts... please sign your civil rights away..on the dotted line...

  19. Triumph Member

    loopy swami hiding out...pleads the fifth (vow of silence)

    as Hubbard would say ...He pulled it In

    the clown spent 53 days in Jail and was interrogated.over the sex scadal..several cases money laundering Including those in the USA and the sex non-disclosure document..

    swami claimed he was in a trance...and couldn't remember....hur dur

    since then he has filed law suits against the apostate who made the hidden video..the TV station that aired the video...the TV producer of the show ..a newspaper and its reporter..a movie producer and his production company..and the actor/comedian who would portray him in a film.
    along with half a dozen various Law suits against critics...

    and according to the anti-swami sites...thug tech and intimidation are the Norm with his sect

    the actress and swami follower Involved in the sex video has also filed several Lawsuits...
  20. Triumph Member

    swami sues to prevent and block the making of a film...sues director,production company,and lead actor.. before film Is made
    Nithyananda sues Kannada director Madan Patel

    swami claims TV Network extortion plot


    $$$$ pony up the cash...the swami haz the Technology

    Swami Gold smuggler
    according to the CID (Indian Internal Police) the swami regularly smuggled gold past US customs officals
  21. Triumph Member

    Nithyananda is not who he claims to be
  22. Disco Necked Member

    He seems really nice.

  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Triumph Member

    Godman arrested

    it took the police two months to track him down...
    the swami knew he was wanted...and knew of the charges against him
    the indictment was a 430-page charge sheet

    included are 60 documents, including the controversial non-disclosure agreement between the ashram and the devotees over tantric sex.

    (those Non-Disclosure documents were written up after the scandal broke)

    While Nityananda has been charged under Sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural sex), 417 (cheating), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 120(b) (criminal conspiracy), his close associate Nitya Bhaktananda alias Gopala Sri Seelam Reddy has been charged under Sections 212 (harbouring an offender) and 120 (criminal conspiracy). Devotees Nitya Sachidananda alias Shiva Vallabhaneni and Nitya Sadananda alias Dhana Shekaran have been charged under Section 201 (destroying evidence) and Section 120(b). Maa Sachidananda alias Ragini has been charged under Sections 120(B) and 37 read with 376/377 (assisting accused in committing rape and unnatural sex).
    Of the five, Nityananda and Bhaktananda are out on bail. Satchidananda is in judicial custody. Nitya Sadananda and Maa Sachidananda have not been arrested.

    THe CID says the sex tape was not tampered with (the swami and his actress mistress claims its was morphed

    the swami also claimed there was no rape victim...which isn't the case...

    some good news is they took his passport away... and they froze his assets in several banks in the UK US and Canada...
  25. Triumph Member

    there is alot of stuff like that out there.... lots of alleged sleep deprivation... physical and emotional abuse....

    also heavy handed "regging" and harassment by telemarketers and people handing over their entire fortunes to the slick swami

    Let the swami guide your children

    a summer camp for kids sponsored by a sex obsessed swami....maybe Wally Hanks can run it

    this guy requires celibacy for his followers...a news reporter questioned him on this....

    he said it never said it actually applied to him....
  26. AnonLover Member

    yeah... dam. i thought this fool was long gone, but he's up to the same old shit.

    oh FFS!!!
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  27. Triumph Member

    Miscavige should move his flea circus to India
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  28. Triumph Member

    Nithya’s charge sheet a sordid tale of sexual abuse
    It was not only his Bidadi ashram where Nithyananda, alias Rajasekharan, allegedly coaxed his men and women devotees to have sex with him.

    another disillusioned follower
    the guy addresses the article in the second video


    The cult of preying and feeding on anxieties
  29. Anonymous Member

    swami Cult reports miraculous WINS
    cult member spits up diamonds! how dat for the Win

  30. Anonymous Member

    oh DeBeers would like to talk to this sucker lol!
    they can save a butt load off money on diamond mining
  31. Anonymous Member

    and diamonds in pearls
    Its like a slot machine... rub the a prize
  32. How pathetic that the people responsible for all of the worlds ailments are trying to attack a spiritual Guru, Nithyananda Swamiji who is uplifting fallen humanity. Your christian political party (better known as colonialism) is responsible for the christian crusades which "goes" about" murdering people in the name of someone who had no historical existence. Yeshua (falsely called Jesus, which was another indiginous being) was not christian and practiced the same sciences that Swamiji does. In fact he spent a major part of His childhood in India. Your christian colonization political party stole the actual contents of the Bible from the indigenous people and reworded stories to enslave the world. You attack the truth and science of liberation that Swamiji brings because it liberates people and you would rather keep them ignorant and enslaved.

    Well guess what? It's a new day, we are in a new age and your spell cast isn't working anymore. Gods true "Sun" (spelled that way deliberately) is dealing with the problem.
    Exposing lying colonist
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  33. How dare you claim Swamiji stole something from Scientology, you people are not even indigenous to the planet. Shows you your own arrogance and ignorance. You are laughable. Everything you have you stole and usurped from the ancient indigenous people.
    Exposing lying colonist
    This message by Exposing lying colonist has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  34. anon8109 Member

    What a perfectly scientological response.

  35. Incredulicide Member

    Way to resurrect this thread for those of us who hadn't even seen it before. Let's see what he's been up to since 2011…

    15/10/2014 the 1st hearing for Nithyananda rape case began in the trial court at Ramnagar. In Nov 2010 Karnataka CID had filed charge sheet against Nithyananda for rape and against his 5 secretaries for abutment & conspiracy. Charge sheets are filed based on 2 victim statements and a total of 136 witnesses. Nithyananda and his secretaries had filed a petition in the High Court to quash the charge sheet. Nithyananda had also refused to cooperate with the police for his medical test and voice test.

    The High Court of Karnataka dismissed all their petitions on 16/7/2014 and ordered Nithyananda to subject himself to the medical test & voice test. The judge had also noted the long delay of 4 years while the case was still pending without trial. On 3/9/2014, the Supreme Court heard the appeal and upheld the High Court order and confirmed once again that Nithyananda must cooperate with the investigation.

    A test revealed he has Hypogonadism but doctors concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that he is incapable of performing a sexual act.

    The trial was due to continue in December 2015.
  36. Incredulicide Member

    Posted yesterday at

    The Tiruchi police will conduct a second post-mortem on the mortal remains of the Sangeetha, a sanyasin attached with Nithyananda’s Dhyanapeetam in Bidadi. Although the first post-mortem was conducted by a private hospital in Bengaluru, Jhansi Rani, Sangeetha’s mother has said that her daughter died under mysterious circumstances and not due to a cardiac arrest as being alleged by the inmates of Dhyanapeetam.

    Jhansi Rani, the mother of Sangeeta, alleged that Nityananda and his associates Hamsananda and Ranjita were behind Sangeetha's death. In a letter to the superintendent of police, Ramanagaram, and DGP of Karnataka police, Jhansi Rani, 51, mother of Sangeetha, has demanded that her daughter's body be exhumed. Rani has sought a fresh post mortem at a neutral hospital and a probe undertaken based on the report.
  37. Nithyananda is still doing his thing. Now he sports a beard and has become fatter. Here are some things I've learned over the months I've been watching him and his devotees on youtube....

    1. His Inner Awakening course is now $12,000 USD + the cost of the flight/transportation to the ashram.
    2. If you put in your intention for the Inner Awakening program and give them your phone number, expect them to call you and tell you about your options, which includes pressuring you to sign up for a credit card or loan or asking everyone you know for money if you're seriously seeking enlightenment. Many of his disciples are basically "telemarketers".
    3. Nithyananda separates all the males & females in his Ashram. He only hangs out with the males most of the time. His inner circle mostly consists of males. The males & females of the Ashram also travel separately.
    4. His devotees recently attacked Teal Swan by writing scandalous reviews on Amazon for her new book and downvoting her youtube video for supposedly stealing his philosophy. lol
  38. this is actually addressed to anonymous. I also would like to see more recent comments on Nithyananda. He just hosted and innerawakening from Dec 1st to Dec21st . The price was more than double his other inner awakenings. $13,000. I was one of those that bit the apple. When I arrived I knew my sad mistake by day 2. We were kept sleep deprived, relying on buses to the ashram keeping us there up to 20 hours. We were kept in a large tent like temporary structure doing mindless tasks or listening to his top disciples (monks) two females giving us lectures or guided meditation for hours prior to his grand entrances. Devotees and volunteers blocked all entrances attempting to keep anyone from going to the restroom or just getting fresh air whatever. Planted individuals in this huge audience would scold you for moving around, looking in your bag whatever. The food was "ayurvedic" I had gone to this retreat primarly becuase I had some idea it was a total yogic experience and Nithyanada's claim of having super powers of giving people the energy and stamina to do things they thought were impossible. I really did not expect for $13,000 to be in filthy environment, kept awake and ridiculed for falling asleep, hugely rude staffers and participants who would push and shove to get closer to "the master". I spent a lot of time crying at how horrible I felt for this huge waste of resources. I then became afraid of the food. As time past I saw people in altered states. I did some research into the ayurvedic (with lots of health benifits) method of food. I learned that jimson weed and scopolamine are used in some of these foods. Both are also used for mind control. I could totally see how they could be using this in the cooked food in smaller doses. That plus lack of sleep would gain the participants hypnotic consciousness.
    The money was paid so what would be the motive. Further compliance of course. There are many other blessings you can buy from this GURU. $700 to bless a relationship is one of them.

    The epic moment of my trip was when I could not get a taxi to leave the ashram. Most want cash and as would have it, the cash machine was empty. So I opted to leave on foot through the gates. When I was off the property several young security men came after me demanding my event ID. I refused out of principal. They had no right to this and I did not want them to know who I am. They became really demanding and more arrived. They tried to block me. A motorcyclist drove slowly weaving back and forth in my path. Finally a young man put hands on me and tried to psychically reach for the landyard around my neck. I used a technique of self defense called the armed bar take down and put him on the ground. I was so mad I walked about 3 kilometers seeking a cash machine so I could take a taxi to the hotel.

    I am not sure (or I have some clues) as to what made me embark on this epic nut case journey but in my defense I was not aware that most of the time would be spent doing things like trying to read through a blindfold or find messages on a banyan leaf. We would partner up and 3 to 4 hours of this 3rd eye skill practice would be our activity. When the great Swamiji would finally make his entrance the crowd would go crazy. Even I would. Finally something interesting and lots of music and dance because he loves to have people dance. He claims to have the power to awaken everyone's Kundalini energy. He also claims the power to fast track a lot of other powers by his mere presence.

    My huge concern is who is behind this man. He is bringing in large amounts of foreign currency to an impoverished area, actually still in a demonetized state of economy. He claims to run charities, with trucks bearing his charity name, but all I could see was a bunch of cheap construction. The gifts we got were cheap trinkets he claims he blessed each individually. over 1200 foreigners paying $13000 each, plus some other rate to his people from Tamil who I believe out numbered us foreigners. That is some serious cash. Is he bankrolling it, or is it going to fund something else. Who is pulling Nithyananda's strings? His ashram looks nice in his videos but it isn't. There are a couple structures of very poor design and construction but mostly a big hot mess, and many injuries navigating it.

    I forgot one thing. After my epic chase leaving his ashram, people got on my facebook and called me all kinds of vulgar stuff. All of my friends started getting requests from new accounts and followers. I had to put up privacy.

    Bottom line is Nithyananda can sound very learned and wise. He is a highly practiced high level con man. His claims of being a godman having powers of energy that make super powers appear in us and also in his carefully selected Young Gurukuls (his children he has on the ashram who are supposed to be geniuses with all the third eye skills , healers etc, are all performing the same way an illusionist would do his show (except they dont always thrill you)

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