Cults Inside Out: How People Get In and Can Get Out book by Rick Ross

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    Rick Ross has a new book that will help you get someone out of Scientology | The Underground Bunker

    Back in the fall of 1995, we noticed an interesting letter to the editor in the Arizona Republic. It was from a man named Rick Ross who complained that the Republic‘s story about a lawsuit (which had gone against Ross) had failed to include the most important things about it — namely, that the newspaper had left out all mention of the Church of Scientology’s role in it.

    We’d read a little about Scientology and were intrigued by it. And the newspaper we worked for at the time, the Phoenix New Times, encouraged us to find stories that the local dailies had ignored or had done badly. We reached out to Rick, and it led to our first cover story for the paper. It also put us on a path of developing sources about Scientology, a path we’ve been on for 19 years now.

    Ross at that time lived in Phoenix. He moved to New Jersey several years ago, and we’ve stayed in touch all this time. We even both showed up in a (kind of weird) History Channel 2 “America’s Book of Secrets” episode on Scientology this year.

    In October, Rick’s book, Cults Inside Out: How People Get In and Can Get Out, hit Amazon, but he’s been unable to do any publicity about it until this week. We were fortunate enough to get to read it before publication, and we learned even more about the kind of work Rick does, helping families convince loved ones to leave destructive groups. He specializes in Bible-based groups, but he’s also worked with Scientologists, as well as people who got involved in groups that don’t call themselves churches.

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    Where it all began for us: Rick Ross, David Koresh, and the Church of Scientology | The Underground Bunker

    Twenty years ago today, the new weekly edition of the Phoenix New Times featured a man named Rick Ross on its cover, and a byline that was printed there for the first time: “By Tony Ortega.” Yes, it’s been 20 years to the day since our first cover story appeared, and that first story just happened to be about a man, Rick Ross, who was battling the Church of Scientology.

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