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    hahaha I won't miss any of those dicks.
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    channers think /b/ the whole internet
  5. fefe Member

    feminist censur internet

    tell me something new

    this is ONE resone why this scam dont have a right to be on wwp
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    Can one of the fem mods please ban this guy?
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  7. Softkitty Member

    Give me 10 min and ill be on your hard drive consider it censurship of an idiot!
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    Hmmm.i thought this was a legal,peaceful activism fourm. An idoit savant is no reason to bring the partyvan here. Imho.
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    Humor. It was humor.
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    I've been lurking alot and it seems there's been alot of baiting happening lately. Just sayin
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    Lol sometimes I cant help it. A calf is easy prey....
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    They take exception to the hacking threat which was clearly a joke, but they're ok with this comment.
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    Eh idc kinda is what it is. Lol but ill try and be a good cunt lol
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    Prepare the cunt brigade!

    Leave the wussies at home barefoot and pregnant!
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    Aye aye captain! Load the vehicles with chocolate and weapons
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    We can lick them!

    With ketchup!


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    Awesome sauce lol
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    Lol Mod Edit: Sorry Kitty KIFY

    Killed it for you :(

    Post again plox
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    pictures are inserted with the wzCK8B1.png icon, not attachments
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  21. White Tara Global Moderator

    request desktop site?
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    Dr. Gaypad to white courtesy phone.
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  24. I think I wondered into a dark place
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    looks like it
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    I'm going to the store for some beer. Any body need any thing?
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    donuts please, chocolate ones, oh if they have ones with sprinkles get dem thx!
  28. laughingsock Member

    Ok no problem, how about some milk too?.
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    There should be Obamacare for snow.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Wussies aren't necessarily female, as proven by the actions of some tonight.
  31. Softkitty Member

    We be crazy!! Lol
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Anonymous problem with feminism | The Guardian

    One Anonymous campaign takes down a big bad rapist, while another helps to intimidate women who realise there's more to activism than challenging authority

    At the same time that the "PayPal14" face felony charges in California for involvement in an Anonymous DDoS campaign in support of WikiLeaks, other Anonymous cells are using their hacktivist energies against feminists who report misogynist harassment on Twitter. Anonymous: a baffling mixture of vital, considered political protest and incomprehensible pubescent wankery.

    In one document, an Anonymous cell names four women as having "pull" in getting Twitter accounts suspended; two feminist activist groups are also criticised, despite having no such power. This hints that the Anonymous cell's problem is not feminists with influence over Twitter per se, but the feminist goal of changing attitudes to gendered hate speech. And herein lies a delicate tension: what, for some Anonymous cells, constitutes feminazis instigating an evil Trollocaust against free speech, I understand as activists working with an awareness that rape and harassment don't happen in a vacuum, but in a cultural climate in which it is OK to intimidate women sexually.

    Meh – misogyny in activist movements. What else is new? Many people think of Anonymous as a whole new kind of beast, an unprecedented cyber child of our times. But, actually, the movement fits quite neatly into a history of leaderless resistance, which has been used in the service of sweet causes, such as environmentalism and animal rights, and less than savoury ones, such as the Ku Klux Klan and neo-nazism. If we think of Anonymous like leaderless resistance – as a mode of activism as opposed to a unified ideological entity – then it's easier to make sense of cells that hack epilepsy forums with flashing animations (lulz!) operating under the same umbrella as cells instrumental to Occupy or the Arab spring.

    So Anonymous has a genealogy. It has also inherited its methods from earlier forms of activism. For example, what, at base, is the difference between DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks and masked bodies shutting down a city street or occupying a building, with the aim of causing economic and operational disruption to an ideologically targeted institution? But another thing Anonymous has inherited from its activist forebears, sadly, is systemic blindness to female experience and to gender equality. This was endemic when the movement was still synonymous with 4Chan, but is still very much a part of the fractured phenomenon it has become (campaigns like Anonymiss notwithstanding).

    I realise that Anonymous has no central leadership or manifesto and that any overarching statement about its feminist politics is impossible, but I still think it's worth reflecting seriously on the tension between Anonymous's discernible values of anonymity, anti-censorship and lulz, and the goals of feminism.

    The article continues with open comments here:
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  34. rof Member

    lol can I be the incomprehensible one or will someone do that for me
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Targets IMHO are with Unwarranted Self Importance, unfortunately there people in feminist organizations that suffer from this.
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  36. Softkitty Member

    guy needs to learn to stick to the scipt.... got more of a semi history lesson than anything.
  37. muldrake Member

    I don't understand what you're saying.
  38. rof Member

    then you are the one
  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    rof = feminist cyber bully. Watch her make me punch her in the rot slot.
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  40. rof Member


    Quit being a cunt kicking target.

    Let's get this show on the road.

    Donkey punches, everyone.

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