Current advertised California Narconon Staff salaries

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  1. OTBT Member

    The Razz Line is a Scientology bulletin board.

    Typos are in original ads (morons can't spell check)

    tl; dr jump to the bold parts





    For reference, old related thread:

    Criminon using H1B visas

    This old thread ^ includes wages for numerous Narconon employees, such as this one:

    Medical Liaison Officer at Narconon of Oklahoma, Inc. : 26,936.00 / year, around 2005 to 2008:
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  2. Anonymous Member

    "Compensation is starting at $650 wk training salary then after $200 per week base salary + Commission + Personal Bonus + Team Bonus if Targets are acheived. Annual Earnings are Highly Compensated. This position is managed soley on management by statisitcs."

    what other "rehab" facility works on commissions and has a bonus for targets acheived?
    I think that one line is a big red flag and needs to be exposed.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Needs more study tech
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  4. Optimisticate Member

    Because they need high pressure sales staff with closing skills, not counselors, to talk with people desperate for help. Desperate people must be sold, not comforted.

    I can't believe this arm of scientology still exists for all the snake oil it tries to sell.
  5. Intelligence Member

    And there seems to be no boundaries to the Registrar's "used car salesman" Pitch. Whatever it takes!
    From the "Guilt Pitch" of "You can't place a price on your loved one, can you", to "We have a success
    rate of 70-90%; and this is a CURE for life", Pitch.

    Some of Lures explained to me by patients at NN TR were, "I was told that there were three rivers (Trois-Rivieres),
    here and that after class, we could go fishing and would be called in for supper when it was ready",..., or another
    promise of being able to go Snow Boarding; lots of snow hills here in three rivers."

    And of course we had a "Medical Detox": for those very serious patients who needed medical attention. This was one
    of the most despicable cons I saw. The "Medical Detox" was in a Motel, operated by non-medical people, who did
    not know their ass from a hole in the ground! After I complained about this place, NN TR stopped using it.

    So riddled with "snake oil" policies and prosedures, some should be locked up in prison.

  6. Anonymous Member

  7. BigBeard Member

    It sure doesn't sound like a non-profit to me if employees are making close to $200K on commisions for incoming "students."

  8. OTBT Member

    D a m n

    So according to that non-profit report, Narconon has roughly $10 million in revenue, and $8 million in assets.
  9. Intelligence Member

    Huge money. If a Registrar brings in someone with no Middle-Man FSM, then the entire 10% is his.
    Sometimes 3, 4, or even 5 new people per week came into NN TR at $23,000.00 a pop.

  10. Intelligence Member

    Registered Charity Information Return

    Total revenue from sale of goods and services (except to government) 4640
    $ 4,455,334

    (Usually two Reg's) - (if they could both make it into work)
  11. Anonymous Member

    Administrative & Technical Positions Available - East US

    Publication Date: 05 Sep 12


    21957 US Highway19 N
    Clearwater, Florida 33765
    Experienced Executive and Technical Staff are needed for Narconon (tm) centers in the Eastern US!
    Contact Name: Mike
    Contact Phone: 727-330-7616

    Experienced Executive and Technical Staff are needed for Narconon (tm) centers in the Eastern US! Make a living saving lives and creating crime-free communities by getting and keeping people off drugs!

    If you want on-purpose work with modest but predictable exchange and assistance with your personal enhancement - we would like to talk to you!

    We have centers in Michigan, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Florida. Call or email for more information!

    We also have need of a part time or full time general manager/executive director/drug lecturer in BOSTON.
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Puppetmama Member

    Not to give Narconon any kind of a pass but I worked for an HMO for awhile and all the drug rehabs used slimy, high pressure sales tactics. There is huge money in rehab.

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