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Discussion in 'Projects' started by tamphex, Jan 28, 2008.

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    #xenu on partyvan has been juped. The offical story is "full of CoS spies". The real story is /i/ (if you dont know im not sure you need to) is frustrated with the morality now present in the anti-co$ operation (chanology). I suggest creating an alternate channel on another network, perhaps freenode, just in case. Also if you use a similar password for nickname registration as you do on other sites I seriously recommend you change them. There has been talk of psyops against enturbulation. Lots and lots of drama, dont get your accounts on the internet hacked and used against us by using the same password for all sites. Your passwords on partyvan ARE NOT SECURE. Most of the ircops on partyvan are either downright hostile towards us or only accept us as much as it inflates the number of users on partyvan.


    (b) remember to remain anonymous on IRC. There has been talk of gathering information such as IP addresses, email addresses, etc and giving them to the co$.

    (c) follow the steps above but otherwise do not feed the trolls. Do not confront, agitate, whine, cry or anything else, you will only encourage them. Its their network and they will do what they want.

    (d) DO NOT BAW ON /I/. In fact, dont baw on the chans period. They dont want to hear your opinion of whats right and whats wrong. They will do what they want and your preaching about what we should / should not do only causes them to RAGE.

    (e) dont be scared, dont be overly paranoid, but be on alert. We already adapted a mindset to deal with OSA and co$ trolls, the same mindset should work in dealing with them.

  2. mko Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    My friends run an irc network, if it would help?
  3. Asiram Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    Is there an IRC channel for KCfags? Sorry if this has already been answered, but I don't really have time to go through the entire thread.
  4. Re: Current IRC information

    IRC channels don't get deleted, unless the channel owner has set permissions to prevent anyone from entering. Just type /join #xenu
  5. Re: Current IRC information

    it was juped, learn2irc

    * You were kicked from #xenu by ChanServ (Create your own channel. this is closed.)
    #xenu +nt
    #xenu created on Mon Mar 31 01:38:09 2008
    #xenu End of /NAMES list.
    -> *chanserv* info #xenu
    -ChanServ- Channel #xenu may not be registered or used.
  6. twelve Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    I miss Xenu. The troll-operators were the highlight of my evening.:(
  7. d Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    #xemu and #strategy are devoted to Co$ protest. both contain about 100 users and are very active, if you need help connecting pm me
  8. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    Hmmm cant get on via any of the servers on the list mentioned above. I'm probably just being retarded but it has been working until today. Anyone have info?
  9. Anon101z Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    Have an IRC Server if anyone wants to use it.

    Nickserv, chanserv, memoserv

    feel free guise, no one is using it as yet.
  10. niffin Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    #battletoads on is the place to go for all your Battletoad needs
  11. RusselNash Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    #midwest for planning the midwest regional protest in the US
  12. n00b Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    Working on getting an IRC server for just Chanology (and all cos activism) up.

    Will update shortly. Keep using interim channels in the meanwhile.
  13. zhyppers Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    Just remember that CoS spies on our every move. Youtube video to prove it.
  14. nox Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    There's an irc server up for CoS Activism at
    DDoS protection, etc. etc.

    Opers are available in #help for any questions you may have or problems that need to be resolved. All kinds of features are available for your channels.

    Again, this is dedicated entirely to CoS Activism.
  15. Selleck Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    The main chanology irc hub is still we have #enturbulation , #xemu and #strategy.

    And re: ultimaratioregum, your passwords ARE secure, the IRCOps don't give stuff like that out, don't be retarded.
  16. somnombulist Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    Gah, partyvan hates me. Refuses to let me connect through tor. No fair.
  17. Puddlewhite Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    YEah, for me it sais ''Unable to connect to server (Connection refused)'' Can anyone please advise whats the problem?
  18. Re: Current IRC information
  19. Puddlewhite Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    Mucho gracias, cabalero
  20. core Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    I am not sure why someone keeps deleting my posts, but anyway;

    If you are unable to connect to / / / /, please post here or PM me (preferably PM me) and I will try to resolve it. Post the reason that you get (if you appear to have been banned, do not post your own IP but post the ((reason)) that appears in parentheses). We also allow all bans to be appealed. I handle these, so please PM me if you have been banned and you want to appeal the ban.

    #xenu was, indeed, juped because of tonnes of spies in there. #xemu is the new #xenu. #enturbulation (in my opinion) is probably better for discussion of Co$ matters.

  21. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    core, thanks for keeping things running over there and for helping alllll the n00bs.
    I've gotten at least 10 PMs from enturbulation people looking for instructions on how to get onto irc and your tutorial helped alot.
    Again, Thanks
  22. Selleck Member

    Re: Current IRC information

    Just send them to my tutorial, it's stickied on General Discussion and is quite thorough with pictures and whatnot.

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