Current SP list - video capture

Discussion in 'Media' started by TrevAnon, Dec 19, 2013.

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    ^^ I didn't see my name.
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  3. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Anybody grab these just in case?
  4. Quentinanon Member

    There are names that OSA orders kept off the HCO list for internal PR reasons and looks like a US only list.
    I wonder whether there is significance in some names in all capitals, while others are upper and lower case. Also, some names are repeated twice in succession.
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  5. TrevAnon Member

    It's almost 21 min. videos, 1251 sec. If all 4762 names are on it, then there are 4 names in each second. Slowing down would help to be able to transcribe.
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  6. Quentinanon Member

    I missed the G's H's and I's. Not included?
  7. Anonymous Member

    The Anonymous Intelligence Directorate has infiltrated the cult.
    Feel the win.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Hello Miscavige, seems you have a mole, appears to be right there on your arse.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    SP15 is missing. Was it taken down or just not uploaded yet?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Davy, we are in yr systems ......

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  11. Anonymous Member

    It's numbered from zero, and goes to a count of 16 items.

    Zero through to fifteen sums to 16 items so perhaps a numbering error of the file names?
  12. deirdre Member

    Finally! I'm officially an SP!

    Rejoice with me, brothers and sisters.
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    High five!
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    This message by Anonymous has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  17. Anonymous Member

    shouldn't the audio be taken off those vids? I heard a name and others talking. Wouldn't be hard to find out where this was coming from by the people talking?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Smurf said on ESMB
    "The info comes from an ex-Scio that rejoined the SO under a different name & manufactured history. While on post, the was downloading confidential files from the cult's computers until she was caught by Security. She signed some affidavits to avoid criminal prosecution."
  19. Anonymous Member

    And yet the videos were shared? Something isn't right with that story. No way they would post the videos after being caught and signing affidavits.
  20. RightOn Member

    yeah it is awful strange
  21. RightOn Member

    wow, after watching a few vids, I know where these were taken.
    But I am not going to say. let OSA figure it out for themselves. Unless this is old news and the cat is already out of the bag.
  22. The ESMB peeps keep saying, "Someone should transcribe this. Did anyone ask WWP?'" or "It sure would be handy to have this in a spreadsheet. Does WWP know about this?" It's darling.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Derp. If I was OSA would I ling to Ortega's blog exposing the truth about this nut job?

    Or better yet, our own threads were we mock her stupidty:

    The list she shows is nothing new. Bitch was so cra cra Scientology didn't want her and OSA left her the fuck alone.
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    Yes. And it is just a repeat of the images previously leaked.
  26. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Consider the source...
  27. TrevAnon Member

    Dulloldfart on ESMB just did sp0, sp1, sp2, sp3.


    "Here is where the other vids start (approximately). It looks like there is a chunk missing between the end of sp3 and the start of sp4.


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  28. TrevAnon Member

    Backup of the work done by Paul

    This is a combination of sp0, sp1, sp2, sp3.

    Book People (Austin)
    Familia PapaHerakis
    Wescoat Family Acct
    - Tony
    Aaron, Grace
    Aaron, Johnnie
    Aaron, Ken
    Abascal, Julio
    Abbott, Everett
    Abbott, Gregg
    Abbott, Richard L.
    Abbott, Russell
    Abegg, Bernadette
    Abegg, Paul
    Aberg, Rita S.
    Abrams, Owen
    Abrishamiam, Houman
    Acereto, Fernando
    Acheson, Dean
    Acheson, Pat
    Ackle, Hansruedi
    Ackridge, Kurt
    Acosta, Connie
    ACS, G A
    ACS, Gabe Alex Gabor
    Adair, Robin
    Adair, Robin H.
    Adair, Robin
    Adair, Robin J.
    Adams, Carolyn "Lynn" Lyn*
    Adams, Chuck
    Adams, Dick
    Adams, Gayle
    Adams, Gerald
    Adams, Judith Anne
    Adams, Karin
    Adams, Lisi
    Adams, Paul Nicholas
    Adams, Paul A
    Adcock, Colletta
    Adcock, Nora C
    Adelstein, Lyn
    Adelstein, Lynn
    Aderhold, Curtis
    Adler, Barry
    Agarwala, Vinay
    Agers, Albert Ed
    Ageyenko, Denis
    Agmon, Ayelet Jewel
    Airey, * (Jack?)
    Aitchison, Rebel Victory
    Alaimo, Eliana
    Alam, Christine
    Albornoz, Belen
    Albornoz, Belen [sic]
    Albornoz, Ignacio
    Alessandrini, Norman
    Alessi, Doris
    Alesso, Ver-Dawn
    Alf, Robert Tiny
    Alff, Steve
    Alger, Jason
    Allen, Jim D.
    Allen, Ms. Netta
    Allen, Pam
    Allocca, Bill
    Almaraz, David
    Almblad, Robert
    Alvarez, Carmen
    Alvarez, Israeel T.
    Alvarez, Lissette
    Amsterdam, Joan
    Anapol, Bruce
    Anastasia, Ronald J.
    Anderson, Joyce
    Anderson, Mike
    Anderson, Russell Law
    Andrews, Katherine
    Andrews, Mark
    Andriola, Susan
    Anten, O. F.
    Anthony, Todd
    Antkies, Rena
    Argenio, Larry
    Argue, Mike
    Arguelles, Maurice
    Armond Md, John
    Armour, Philip
    Armstead, Paul
    Arnon, Eldad
    Arreola, Danielle
    Arrieta, Ernesto
    Ataya, Charles
    Atchison\Victory, Rebel
    Atencio, Moses
    Auten, Frances
    Auten, Osborne Floyde
    Auten, Scott
    Aznaran, Vickie

    Baars, Keli
    Baaska, Don
    Backus, John
    Backus, John Phillip P*
    Backus, Lucy
    Badia, Maria Eva
    Baer, Chris
    Baer, Debra
    Baker, Mark A.
    Baker, Sam
    Baklanova, Tatiana
    Banks, Jeanette
    Bankston, Peggy
    Barakat, Terry Quilter?
    Barclay, Jason Matthew
    Bardwell, James
    Bardwell, Jim
    Barnes, Debra S.
    Barnes, Gary
    Barnes, Sales
    Barton, Alan
    Barton, Allen
    Basendreier, Robert
    Baugh, Webb
    Baumgartner, Wayne
    Bayle, Liana
    Becker, Brian
    Becker, Carol Ann
    Becker, Greg
    Belcher, Joseph
    Bell, Candace Devoe
    Bell, Dave
    Ben-Nissan, Amir
    Ben-Nissan, Amir [sic]
    Benard, Robert
    Berg, Barb A.
    Berg, Kyle
    Berger, Beatrice
    Bertarelli, Gilberto
    Bertolina, Agnese De*
    Bertolina, Agnese De* [sic]
    Bezeau, Judi
    Bezek, Leann
    Beziaian [sic], Tory
    Binda, Anne
    Birchall, Dennis
    Bishop, Bonnie
    Blair, Mary
    Blake, Bambi
    Blakely, Roger
    Blessman, Dennis
    Bloch, Derek
    Block, Chris
    Bogatch, Richard
    Boggs, Jeanette
    Bohannon, Wanda
    Bolton, Len
    Bond, Jack
    Bonfante, Anthony
    Book, Doug
    Boone, Jill
    Booth, William
    Bosnos, Marry Ann M.
    Boss, Richard D.
    Boss, Rick
    Bowden, Jeff
    Bowden, Jeffrey Lynn
    Bowden, Todd
    Braceland, Kathy Jo
    Bracelli, Alessandro
    Bradham, Bill
    Brand, Carla
    Brandenburg, Jeff
    Brandes, Cindy Claire
    Brekke, Ron L.
    Brendel, Peter
    Brennan, Joseph
    Brisk Zizic, Barbara
    Broadbent, Peter
    Brockert, Tina
    Broglie, James
    Broglie, Jim
    Broken, Leslie
    Brown, John S.
    Brown, Mary
    Brown, Robert M.
    Bryan, Desmond
    Bryant, Kelly L.
    Buchanan, Becky Briscoe
    Bugallo, Celia
    Buikstra, Leah
    Bullock, Jim
    Bullock, Mary
    Burke, Malachy
    Burkhart, Sally M.
    Burkstaller, Steve
    Burwell, Deanna
    Burwell, Lyle P.
    Bush, Marti
    Buxton, Diane
    Byrne, Chris
    Byrne, Gary

    Calderon, Marco A.
    Caldwell, Bruce
    Caligiuri, Cristina
    Campbell, Muriel
    Campoccio, James
    Campos, Fernando
    Caplin, David M.
    Cardenal, Terry
    Carey-Backus, Lucy
    Carraher, Ruthie
    Carrarra, Robert
    Carringer, Debbie
    Casey, Doreen F.
    Cason, Kyle
    Cassidy, Mark
    Caulfield, joe
    Caza, Yvon
    Ceballos, Gustavo
    Chambers, Brett
    Chambers, Ken
    Chambers, Kenneth W*
    Chatterly, Tim
    Chauvin, Jean-Guy
    Chavarria, Jose Salv*
    Chernis, Jay
    Chervin, Marc
    Chervin, Mark S.
    Chrissinger, Edson
    Chrissinger, Sharon
    Christensen, Gary
    Chutskoff, Larry
    Cicenes, Krystal K.
    Cirillo, Halina
    Clark, Frankie Mae
    Clark, Jason
    Clark, Justin
    Clarke, Victoria E.
    Clarke, Weldon
    Clarkson, Jan
    Coan, Steve
    Coanda, Dick
    Coba, Mina
    Coe, Gurry [sic]
    Cohen, Louis
    Cohen, Virginia
    Colombano, Louette
    Colosimo, Pat
    Colson, Gary
    Connor, Bruce J.
    Connor, Bruce
    Connor, Bruce [sic]
    Cook, Evelyn
    Cook, Greg James
    Cook, Joanna
    Cordes, Chris
    Cordoba, Carlos
    Corey, Angela
    Coriou?, Philippe
    Coughlin, James P.
    Coulombe, Etienne
    Coulombe, Glenda
    Cox, Satya
    Coy, Dennis W. [should be Cox]
    Cozzens, Kathryna
    Crawley, Christine
    Creech, Kevin
    Creech, Kevin [sic]
    Cronar, Jane
    Crosby, Victoria
    Crosman, Bill
    Cruz, Linda
    Cser, Steve
    Cuervo, Maria
    Cunningham, Beth
    Cunningham, Elizabeth
    Curl, Gerrie

    D'Aiello, Lisa
    D'Aigle, Karen
    D'Amico, Tony R.
    Daigle, Kathy
    Daigle, Tim
    Daldoggetto, Elisa
    Damroth, Peter
    Danna, John
    Dans, Patti
    Davidson, Jay
    Davies, Christopher
    Davies, Martin
    Davis, Jody
    Davis, Maureen
    Davis, Patricia
    De Coursey, Mark
    De France, Mark
    De George, Phil
    De Shaw, Frank
    De Van Harasz, Victoria
    Deacon, Gail
    Deemer, Pamela Lynn
    Deering, Jeremiah
    Defan, Craig
    Delia, Mike L.
    Dell, Ronald
    Deluz, Pat
    Deporter, Denny
    Deporter, Vonne
    Depping, Klaus
    Devlin, Muffin
    Devorschak, Doris
    Dewaal, Naas
    Diaz, Roberto
    Diaz Gonzalez, Rebe*
    Dibazar, Arash
    Dilgard, Jamie B.
    Dilley, Joe
    Dillon, S. Richard
    Ditta, Robert
    Dixon, Donald
    Dixon, Michael
    Dominguez, Lourdes
    Donnevant, David
    Donshik, Adam
    Dossett, Beverly
    Dossett, Dr. K. Mike
    Dossett, K. Mike
    Downes, Krystal
    Downesbrough, Tom
    Downs, Brenda
    Dries, John
    Drinkhouse, Lisa
    Drulias, Steve
    Dufour, Tom
    Dufresne, Kathleen Ann
    Dugan, Beckey
    Dunbar, Elton
    Duncan, Sandra L.
    Duncker, Michael
    Dupont, Linda
    Dupuy, Mary Jane
    Duran, Esteban

    Earle, Robert
    Earle, Robert [sic]
    Earle, Robert [sic]
    Eckfeld, Fred
    Eckmans, Betsy
    Eckstein, Udo
    Effland, Dusti
    Efier, Bob
    Eggers, Thomas
    Elarie, Sylvain
    Eldridge, Bill
    Ellenberg, Martin
    Ellis, Noreen
    Ellis, Vicki
    Ellsworth, Sharlen*
    Engelhart, Susan
    Engle, Howie
    Englert, Richard
    Ethier, Pierre
    Ethridge, Charlie
    Eubank, Dillard
    Eveland, Joe Martin
    Everett, John
    Everett, Murray R.

    Falletti, Anthony
    Fandino, Alfonso
    Fandino, Alfonso [sic]
    Farr, Alfred J.
    Farr, Alfred J. [sic]
    Farr, Alfred J. [sic]
    Feldsman, Bradley
    Feldt, Jamie
    Felipe, Helier
    Ferrara, Austin
    Ferras, John
    Ferreira, Tammy
    Field, Rory
    Fielder, Bob
    Fielder, Thomas
    Finder, Christine
    Fine, George
    Fingers, Dave
    Fishman, Steve
    Fisk, Brian
    Fitch, Ronald A.
    Fleisher, Andrew
    Fletcher, Charles
    Flickinger, Don J.
    Fontenay, Phil De
    Ford, Forrest
    Ford, George A.
    Fosdick, Bill
    Fosdick, Deborah
    Foster, Martin
    Franklin, Tom B.
    Franks, Bill
    Franks, Vernice
    Freyr, Suzanne
    Friedman, Marsha
    Friedman, Marsha [sic]
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Only if you have total recall ... err, wait!
  30. TrevAnon Member

    Backup of Pauls work on sp4

    Here's all of sp4:

    Jackson, Kyle
    Jackson, Melanie
    Jackson, Skip
    Jacobs, Richard T.
    Jacobs, Richard T. [sic]
    Jacobsen, Jane
    Jacobson, Jana
    Jacobson, Jane
    Jaconello, Giles
    Jacques, Catherine
    Jacquess [sic], Virgie Fluffy
    Jadali, Nader
    Jaillet, Ron
    James, Haydn
    James, Katrina
    James, Lucy Mary
    Jamin, Emmanuel
    Jangers, Frank
    Janney, Mike E.
    Janzen, Marie-Christine
    Jaramillo, Duane
    Jarchow, Joe
    Jaron, Thomas
    Jason, Don
    Jasso, Kelly
    Jellison, Charlotte
    Jellison, Don
    Jenkins, Elaine
    Jenkins, Karen J.
    Jenkins, Maury
    Jennings, Leslie
    Jennings, Rosalind
    Jensen, Doreen
    Jensen, Dylan
    Jensen, Henry
    Jenson, Angelina
    Jepson, Gary
    Jerling, Francesca
    Jessup, Amos
    Jessup, Daly
    Jessup, Jan
    Jobs, Chuck
    Johansen, Michael
    Johns, Carlos
    Johnson, Barry
    Johnson, Barry [sic]
    Johnson, Georgann
    Johnson, Julie
    Johnson, Julie Marie
    Johnson, Lamont
    Johnson, Laure
    Johnson, Richard H.
    Johnson, Susan
    Johnson, Susie
    Jondle, Paul
    Jones, Bob O.
    Jones, Carleen
    Jones, Debbie L.
    Jones, Diana
    Jones, Diane Debs
    Jones, Elisa A.
    Jones, Hardy
    Jones, Lana L.
    Jones, Marilyn
    Jones, Robert
    Jones, Robert C.
    Jones, Rory
    Jones, Ruth
    Jones, Ruth [sic]
    Jones, Sandra Dezelle
    Jones, Sandy
    Jonke, William L.
    Joost, Blaine R.
    Jordan, David
    Jorgensen, Genevieve
    Jorgensen, Janet
    Jory, Steve
    Joseph, John L.
    Josselyn, Barbara
    Joyce, Tom
    Juarez, Francis
    Juarez Soto, Francis
    Jung, KarlHeinz
    Juniper, Mike
    Jusino, Tom
    Justice, Karen H.
    Justice, Karen

    Kaa, Erin
    Kaep, Thomas
    Kaeser, Hans
    Kahn, Mitchell
    Kalapus, Larry
    Kalugin, Marina
    Kalwitz, Barbara
    Kamph, Brad
    Kamsa, John
    Kanes, Linda Teston
    Kao, Theresa
    Kaplan, Steve
    Karas, David
    Karner Jnr., Geprge H.
    Kathary, Dale
    Katke Ii (li? maybe typo for II), Thomas R.
    Katz, De De
    Katz, Sherry
    Katzenberg, Dave
    Kaufman, Diane
    Kaufman, Stuart
    Kaufman, Virginia
    Kawaller, Ken
    Kawaller, Paul
    Kay, Rowe [sic]
    Kayser, Joe
    Keating, Sandra
    Keefer, Mark
    Keegan, Shawn
    Keeler, Don
    Keeler, Don [sic]
    Keeney, Michael
    Keirns, Ann
    Keldani, Joe
    Keldani, Joe [sic]
    Kelders, Andre
    Keller, David W.
    Keller, Volker
    Keller, Wolfgang D.
    Kelly, Darrin Andrew
    Kelly, George Lee
    Kelly, John M.
    Kelly, Loiuse
    Kelsey, Adrian R.
    Kemp, Pamela
    Kemp, Ray
    Kemp, Sara
    Kemp, Steve
    Kempf, Kathy
    Kennelly, Barbara
    Kepner, Terry
    Kerr, Chris
    Kershaw, Doris
    Kershaw, John
    Kessler, Ron
    Kesslering, Ralph Nicholas
    Ketcham, Richard
    Khoo, Gina
    Kiefer, Dorte
    Kilkenny, Barbara
    Kilkenny, Barbara A.
    Kilmartin, Wendy
    Kimball, Lauren
    Kimball, Shauna
    Kimbro, Patsy
    Kimmel, Pat
    Kimnach, Don
    Kimoto, Hiro
    Kimoto, Shannon
    Kimrey, Michael
    Kin, Lorrie
    Kincaid, Bonnie
    Kindermann, Rupert
    King, Joe
    King, Karl
    King, Marilyn A.
    King, Michelle
    King, Noel
    King, Ralph
    King, Tom H.
    King, Waring
    Kingenberg, Jerry
    Kipperman, Richard
    Kipperman, Richard [sic]
    Kipping, Patricia
    Kirchbach, J. Yolande
    Kirchenriter, Ken
    Kirkland, Dan
    Kirkland, David
    Kirkland, Dwaine
    Kirn, Herbie
    Kirn, Larry
    Kirn, Lorrie
    Kirol, Dave
    Kirudja, Charles
    Kisling, Greg
    Kissel, Joseph
    Kistner, Gary
    Kitchens, Bobbie
    Kitzmiller, Jim William
    Klaiman, Nina
    Klampert, Dave
    Klapp, Dan
    Klassy, Tom
    Klaudt, Fred J.
    Klaver, Nick
    Kleeschulte, Tike
    Klein, George
    Kleitman, Joseph
    Kline, Arlene
    Klinghoffer, Judith A.
    Kloos, Garret
    Kloss, David
    Klouda, Chris
    Knapmeyer, Jason
    Knapmeyer, Jason [sic]
    Knauerhase, Annie
    Knight, Joe
    Knight, Norman
    Knight, Robert
    Knight Jr., William
    Knoblock, David A.
    Knowles, Gilbert
    Knox, Martin
    Knudsen, Torben
    Knutson, Eric
    Knutson, Lesley
    Koch, Gunther
    Koch, Jane G.
    Kofoed, Pam
    Koftinov, Elsa
    Koftinow, Elsa
    Kolodinski, Wally
    Kolosow, Alex
    Kolosow, Pamela
    Koltai, Bernadette
    Koltinski, Carol
    Komaki, Keith
    Konigsberg, Gary
    Konigsberg, Gary [sic]
    Konneus, Leif
    Koon, Dan
    Kopec, Cheryl D.
    Korb, Kathy
    Koret, Barbara
    Kornish, Lois
    Kornish, Wilbur
    Korringa, Derk Jan
    Korringa, Olivia
    Kortuese, Susan
    Kovach, Jeff
    Kowalski, Jean
    Kowarik, Ron [no tags by his name unlike everyone else, so he may or may not belong on this list]
    Kozak, Thomas
    Kraemer-Demos, Felicia
    Krahenbuehl, Peter
    Kramer, Bernd
    Kramer, Carol
    Kramer, Carolyn Lee
    Kramer, David
    Kramer, Gerri
    Kramer, John
    Kramer, Kenneth L.
    Kraus, Sharon Veronica
    Krawez, Max
    Kreiner, Roy
    Krenik Jr., Raymond J.
    Kreyling, Evelyn
    Krieger, Penny
    Krieger, Penny [sic]
    Krier, Anat
    Krier, George
    Krier, George [sic]
    Kroft, Drew
    Krog, Bodil
    Kroll, Barney M.
    Krossner, Howard
    Kruchko, Cece
    Krupper, Gloria J.
    Krusell, Marie Louise
    Kryda, James
    Kubat, Lubos
    Kubica, Gary
    Kuckelkorn, Eddie
    Kuechle, Jill
    Kuehne, Tim J.
    Kule, Carmel
    Kump, Crista
    Kurland, Harriet
    Kusada, Silvia Z.
    Kusada, Sylvia
    Kusada, Sylvia [sic]
    Kuttner, Herbert
    Kuyper, Katherine Faye

    La Casse, Jody
    La Porte, Karen
    Lacayo, Roberto
    Lacroix, David K.
    Ladewig, Glenn


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  31. Yes, some of them think there are still more people here than there.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Right at this moment:
    - ESMB 34 members and total 299 users online
    - WWP 68 members and total 429 users online
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Rough estimation from about 100 names: 15% of individuals from the big list are in the SP list as well. This is 322 out of 2151, resulting in 2151 + 4762 - 322 - 322 = 6269 ex-$ci in total. Biggest uncertainty here: We don't know the regional basis of the 4762.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Wait, stupid me: +322 of course ... = 6591
  35. TrevAnon Member

    SP16, done by myself

    Underwood, Tim
    Undy, David J
    Unger, Bob
    Uriz, Renee
    Urquhart, Ken
    Ursa, Dan
    Vachon, Jean-Claude
    Vaillancourt, Sylvie
    Vajnik, Philip
    Valdez, Loren
    Valeiras, Luis M
    Valueres, Ingrid
    Van Amstel, Ann
    Van Booven, Robert
    Van Booven, Robert
    Van den Berg, Harold
    Van der Merwe, Robert
    Van Dyke, Red
    VanRemortel, Michel
    Van Booven, Bob [prolly same as Robert]
    Vance, Clark J
    Vance, Steve P
    Vandenberghe, Marilyn
    Vanderbellen, Nancy
    Vandyk, Gary
    Vannier, Merr*
    Vannier, Merril G
    Vannier, Merril G
    Varga, Gay
    Varona (Peeler) De*
    Vasilik, Bob
    Vavrus, Mark
    Vedsman, Elizabeth
    Veilleux, Roger
    Veilleux, Roger
    Velasco, Cesar
    Velasco, Barsena *
    Velke, Tom
    Verbeek, Monica
    Verde, Marie
    Vernon, Julia
    Vibert, Catherine
    Vickers, Sharon
    Victor, Leonard
    Voort, Ricardo
    Vigil, Shannin
    Villa, Fabian [this is so fabian]
    Villado Sanchez *
    Vincent, Bert
    Vinson, Ed
    Vireilla, Nilda
    Virgile, Robert
    Virgile, Robert
    Visalli, Anna
    Visk, Bob
    Visk, Bob
    Visk, Lynn Moore
    Visti, Soren
    Vives, Nester
    Vives, Nestor L
    Vlieg, Julij
    Voegeding, Diana
    Voelz, Wayne
    Vogan, Colleen F
    Vogel, Beat
    Vogel, Guy
    Vogel, Jeff R
    Vogel, William
    Vogelbach, Christi*
    Vogelbach, Notta
    Vogt, Peter
    Volkman, Marian K
    Voltz, Tom
    Von Ach, Catherine
    Von Himmel, Anita
    Von Himmel, Anita
    Von Himmel, Charles
    Von Himmel, Erik
    Vos, Wim
    Vranha, Beverly
    Wachter, Kris
    Wade, James
    Waecott, Nancy
    Wagner, Curtis
    Wakeem, David
    Waki*, Victoria
    Walden, Ed
    Waldin, Ed
    Walet, Felicia
    Walker, Fred
    Walker, Fred T
    Walker, Ora
    Walker, Peter
    Walker, Seth W
    Walker, Sylvia
    Wall, Pamela
    Walle, Lillyean Osilla
    Wallis, Doris
    Walsh, Celia
    Walsh, Katherine
    Walter, Alan
    Walter, Eddie
    Walters, Ed
    Wargniez, Jean-*
    Warhock, Susan
    Warndok, Don
    Warne, Elizabeth
    Warnock, Don
    Warnock, Marg*
    Warnock, Susan
    Warren, Anita
    Warren, Les
    Warter, Carlos
    Wasan, Chris
    Wason, Chris
    Watchter, Kristi [sic]
    Waters, Don
    Watkins, E*
    Watkins, Gisela
    Watson, Joe
    Watson, Malcolm
    Watson, Margaret
    Watts, Steve
    Waxler, Ian Robert
    Waxler, Robert E
    Waxman, Henry
    Weaks, Ron
    Weaver, Debra
    Webb, Eva
    Webb, Mike
    Webb, Ray
    Weber, Gary Bernard
    Webster, Janela
    Webster, Jenela
    Webster, Tom
    Weeks, Lynn
    Weible, Scott
    Weible, Scott
    Weideman, Chris
    Weihe, Ruth C
    Weir, Kathleen
    Weir, Kathy
    Weiss, Valerie
    Welch, Denise
    Welch, Reina
    Welch, Simone,
    Welsh, John
    Wemlinger, Thomas
    Wenger, Marcel
    Wentling, Dean
    Wentling, Stacey Miche*
    Wenzel, Hope
    Wenze, Jesse Cha*
    Werner, Mari Kay
    Wescoat, Chad
    Wesley, Ellen
    West, David
    West, Kay
    West, Lawrence
    West, Nadja
    Westa, David
    Wester, Dave
    Wester, David
    Westerman, Rhett
    Westphall, Kurt
    Wethington, Pat
    Wetzel, Fred
    Wheelis, Eric
    Whipple, Mike
    White, Alexander
    White, Dallas
    White, Kevin
    White, Marcus
    Whitehead, Allen
    Whitehead, Carol
    Whitehead, Russ
    Whitehouse, *
    Whitfield, Jerry
    Whitlock, Betty
    Whitlock, Con
    Whitney, Donald
    Whitney, Helen
    Whitney, Larry
    Whitson, Bob
    Whittaker, *
    Whittaker, Keri
    Whitten, Alann
    Whytock, Lisa Mich*
    Wichersham, John
    Wickersham, John
    Wickland, Stephen
    Wicks, Lynn
    Wiebe, Al
    Wieneke, Monika
    Wike, Victoria Ann
    Wikoff, Cheryl
    Wikoff, Christy
    Wikoff, Gerret
    Wikoff, Pieter
    Wikoff, Pieter A.
    Wilber, Larry
    Wilber, Larry
    Wilcock, Donna-Gail
    Wildbank, Charles
    Wilde, Mark Randall
    Wilde, Mark Randall
    Wilfert, Jim
    Wilfert, Judith
    Willet, Lee
    Williams, Ardith
    Williams, Dick
    Williams, Greg
    Williams, John Aaron
    Williams, Leticia
    Williams, Leticia
    Williams, Louis
    Williams, Marty
    Williams, Peter
    Williamson, John
    Willis, Maggie
    Wilson, Larry A
    Wilson, Marta Telles
    Wilson, L
    Wilson, L A
    Wilson, Laura Ann
    Wilson, Laura A [LOL! Probably four entries for the same person. The stupidity, it hurts.]
    Wilson, Michael H
    Wimberly, Phil S
    Wimbush, Bernie
    Wimbush, Beverly
    Wimbush, Eileen
    Wimbush, Kingsley
    Winn, Troy
    Winter, Gil
    Winters, John H
    Wise, Thomas
    Witkowski, Dan
    Wold, Donna
    Wolf, Lynn
    Wolf, John H
    Wolfe, Marlene
    Wolfersbergen, *
    Wol*, Jackie
    Wollersheim, Larry
    Wood, Judy
    Woodcraft, L*
    Woodfill, Larry
    Woodfill, Sharon
    Woods, Sherry
    Worden, Bill
    Worden, William
    Wright, Allan
    Wright, Cheri
    Wright, Warren
    Wright, Frank
    Wynns, George
    Wyss, Albert
    Yacuk, Anastasia
    Yager, Ted
    Yanoff, Esq. Michael
    Yarbrough, Doug
    Yarbrough, Kit
    Yared, Richard
    Yarrow, Andrew
    Yates, Brenda
    Yates, Michael
    Yates, Tim
    Yawney, Robert
    Yeldham, Perry Fawcett
    Yett, Adreina
    Yonts, Tony
    Yonts, Tony
    York, Daniel
    Youmans, Ed
    Young, Holly
    Young, Louis
    Young, Patricia
    Young, William T
    Yurkowski, Allan
    Yurkutat, Mary
    Yuster, Syldie
    Yvonne, Nelly
    Zahoul, Alberto
    Zachrowsky, Robert
    Zais, Martin H
    Zamit, Norma
    Zamor, John W
    Zamudio, Darla
    Zamudio, Karla
    Zappa, Jefrrey A.
    Zarro, Ron
    Zbitnoff, Sasha
    Zeches, Zana
    Zegel, Jon
    Zehner, Joyce
    Ziegler, Amy
    Ziegler, Richard
    Zielke, Gunther
    Ziff, Judy
    Zile, Tony
    Zimmer, Eugene T
    Zimmerman, Kath*
    Zinner, Bob
    Zoccali, Caroline
    Zuiker, Hugh
    Zulluaga, Eduardo
    Zylker, Midge
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  36. TrevAnon Member

    sp 14

    Talent, Kathy
    Talmodge, Bob
    Tarani, Steve
    Tarbet, Jim
    Tarrago, Angelica
    Tashima, Eugene
    Taylor, Carla Sanabria
    Taylor, Carla
    Taylor, Clifford
    Taylor, David Lee
    Taylor, Robert E
    Taylor, Robert
    Taylor, Rosemary
    Taylor, Spanky
    Taylor, Yury
    Teague, Allison
    Teaney, Charles
    Teasley, Mary
    Teliczan, Stan John
    Telles, Marta
    Tennant, David E
    Tennyson, Bruce M
    Teo, Grace
    Terbush, Thomas
    Terrell, William C
    Terrell, Willie
    Terris, Ray
    Thabor, Naomi
    Tacher, Phillip
    Thant, Kyaw
    Thiel, Lucille
    Thielen, Phil
    Thomas, Aida
    Thomas, Bob
    Thomas, David W
    Thomas, Dean
    Thomas, John
    Thomas, Reed C.
    Thomas, Rene R.
    Thomas, Rob
    Thomas, Tammy
    Thompson, Anne
    Thompson, Desmond
    Thompson, Pat
    Thompson, Robert
    Thompson, Robert N
    Thompson, Shirley
    Thoren, Torsten
    Thorne, Lois
    Thumas, Jose Pedrosa
    Tielmann, Pax
    Tighe, Brendan
    Tighe, Kevin
    Tighe, Lisa
    Tilles, Kim
    Tilles, Ron
    Tilley, Joe
    Tilse, Michael L
    Timberg, Lars
    Titterington, Jeff
    Titus, Jay
    Titus, JE
    Tobey, Gail (Folsom)
    Tobin, George
    Tocker, Brad
    Todd, Laura
    Todorovits, Yolanda
    Toftness, Bonnie
    Tola, Tonny
    Tolan, Dan
    Tolan, Don
    Tolan, Maureen
    Tolenting, Errol
    Tolentino, Errol
    Tolosi, Vinnie
    Tolosi, Wendy
    Tomasi, Jorge
    Tomassi, Jorge Pedrosa
    Tomisch, Roland L
    Tomlinson, Craig
    Tommassi, Pedraza Jose
    Tompkins, Jefrey W
    Tongas, Frank
    Tonon, Edda
    Toole, Marlene
    Torain, Edna
    Tornovist, Camilla
    Torrealba, Rommel
    Torrence, Mercy
    Torres, Phillip
    Torres, Ramiro
    Tortolini, John
    Tougas, Frank
    Towery, Brian
    Towne, Nei*
    Towne, Neil A.
    Townes, Stacey
    Tov, Jean
    Trahan, Lucille
    Trahan, Lucille
    Trahan, Tonny
    Trahore, Souleymane
    Trauberman, Thomas
    Travers, Brian
    Travers, John
    Tremblay, Chantal
    Tremblay, Harold
    Treto, Aligi
    Trimble, David
    Tripke, Robert
    Tripool, Maureen
    Tripodi, William J
    Troop, Doug
    Troup, Doug
    Trozzi, Josh
    Truax, Jane
    Truelove, Thomas
    Trumps, Huey
    Trupold, Rory
    Tschudin, Andreas
    Tsien, Marshall
    Tucker, Sherwood S
    Tucker, Sherwood
    Tucker, Tommy
    Tulipano, John S
    Tunon, Rene
    Turner, Debbie
    Turner, Maureen
    Turov, Matthew
    Tutellier, Sara
    Tweddell, Aaron
    Tweedy, David
    Twose, Mike
    Tyndall, Glenn
    Ubaghs, Bryan
    Ubaghs, Ron
    Ubaghs, Ron U
    Uhova, Olga Borisovna
    Ulan, Marsha
    Ulloa, Orlando
    Ulrich, Ruedi [probably transcription for RĂ¼di]
    Umphey, Ryan
    Underkofler, Lee M
    Underwood, Tim
    Undy, David J
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  37. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I'll do SP11.
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  38. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Taams, Elly
    Tabayoyon, Andre and Mary
    Taft, Bob b.
    Takriti, Suheil
    Talamas, John
    Talmodge, Bob
    Tarani, Steve
    Tarbet, Jim
    Tarpo, Jim
    Tarrago, Angelica
    Tashima, Eugene
    Taylor, Carla
    Taylor, Carla Sanabria
    Taylor, Clifford
    Taylor, David Lee
    Taylor, Robert
    Taylor, Rosemary
    Taylor, Spanky
    Taylor, Yury
    Teague, Allison
    Teaney, Charles
    Teasley, Mary
    Teliczan, Stan John
    Telles, Marta
    Tennant, David E.
    Tennyson, Bruce M.
    Teo, Grace
    Tearbush, Thomas
    Terrell, William C.
    Terrell, Willie
    Terris, Ray
    Thabor, Naomi
    Thacher, Phillip
    Thani, Kyaw
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  39. TrevAnon Member


    Shive, Linda
    Shively, Jack
    Shektik, Svetlana
    Shlomo, Vinnie
    Shneider, Randy
    Shoop, Linda
    Shoopman, Ray
    Shooter, Francesc*
    Shorkey, Kathy
    Shorthouse, Sherry
    Shrayer, Michael
    Shreffler, Jane
    Shreffler, Jane
    Shreffler, Mark
    Shrewsbury, Carol *
    Shrewsbury, Val
    Shultz, Carl
    Shwilka, Voytek
    Sibersky, Alex
    Siddali, Silvana R
    Sieckmann, Michael W
    Siegel, Peggi
    Siegel, Larry
    Siegel, Peggi
    Siegel, Stuart
    Siess, Marie-France
    Sigala, Gilbert
    Sigmond, Sharon
    Sikes, Jaye D
    Silva, Steve
    Silver, Harry
    Silverberg, Stuart
    Silverman, Magic Mick
    Silverman, Mike
    Silverstein, Larry
    Simmons, Barbara G
    Simmons, Jerry
    Simmons, Jerry
    Simmons, Nola Ann
    Simon, Bernard
    Simon, Shelly
    Simone, Debbie Rosema
    Simpson, Kathleen J
    Sims, Brent
    Sincheck, Teresa
    Sinha, Sanjay
    Sironen, Nathan Dou*
    Sismanides, Theo
    Sisson, Howard J
    Skelton, Andrew
    Skiens, Sasha
    Skiles, Adrian
    Skiles, Sabrina
    Skinner, Bob
    Skinner, Shawn
    Skoglund, Dale
    Skuhersky, Vera Shar*
    Slate, Bill
    Slatkin, Mary Jo
    Slatkin, Reed
    Slaugher, Mary Lee
    Slaugher, Mary Lee
    Slavine, Donald
    Slegle, Michael
    Suogeris, John
    Slocum, Kris
    Slocum, Patricia
    Sloggett, Vernard
    Sloggett, Vernard
    Small, Heidi
    Small, Shelley
    Smallery, Kathryn
    Smith, Andrew & Pam
    Smith, Angela M
    Smith, Charity
    Smith, Christopher D
    Smith, Curt
    Smith, Curt
    Smith, Curt
    Smith, Dian B
    Smith, Denise
    Smith, Diane L
    Smith, Floy
    Smith, Gayle Rae
    Smith, Homer
    Smith, Ingrid
    Smith, Ingrid
    Smith, John
    Smith, Kaly
    Smith, Maureen
    Smith, Penelope
    Smith, Randy K.
    Smith, Richard
    Smith, Sandy
    Smith, Sheila
    Smith, Stu
    Smith, Thomas
    Smith, Victor E
    Smith-Davis, Leticia
    Smith-Levin, Collin
    Smithe, Michael
    Smoak, Glenn
    Smyth, Thomas J
    Smyth, Tom
    Sneed, Aaron
    Snopkowski, Peter J
    Snow, Elliott
    Snyder, Barbara
    Snyder, Brian
    Snyder, James E.
    Snyder, Tom P.
    Soggs, Nancy
    Soggs, Tim
    Sola, Cheryl
    Solis, Daniel
    Soloman, Rosa
    Solon, Sara
    Sommer, Mike
    Sommers, Mike "Mickey"
    Sommerstedt, Reinh*
    Sonnenberg, Shai Adam
    Sorensen, Lars
    Sorkin, Roger
    Soroka, Alex
    Soroka, Beverly
    Sorrentini, James
    Soussan, Rita
    Soyp, Tim
    Sporks, Eugene
    Spector, Don
    Speer, Barbara
    Speer, Dennis
    Spencer, Lawrence A.
    Spencer, Muffin
    Spencer, Susan
    Spencer, Tom
    Spencer-Devlin, Muffin
    Spick, Annette
    Spickler, Phil
    Spickler, Phillip
    Spighl, Libby Nessa
    Spilker, Star
    Spiller, Pam
    Spinak, Rebecca
    Spivak, Rebecca Azar*
    Springl, Birgit
    Spritka, James
    Spritka, Jim
    Spritka, Joan
    StLawrence, David Sa*
    StLawrence, Gretchen
    St Pierre, Cecile
    St Amand, Rose-Anne
    St Amand Huet, Rose-Anne
    St Georges, Anne
    St Pierre, Cecile
    St Georges, Aimes
    Stacy, Ronnie L
    Stalker, Steve
    Stansfeild, Valeska E.
    Stansfeilds, Alan
    Stansfield, Manfred
    Stanzak, David
    Starck, George
    Stark, Norma
    Starnes, Carl
    Starnes, Kevin
    Stasi, Terry Joe
    Steckler, Michael
    Steele, Kris
    Steele, Vanessa L
    Stefani, Ana Belen
    Stegmaier, Dave N.
    Stegmaier, David
    Steigelman, Maggie
    Stein, Jim
    Stein, Pam
    Steinberg, Leon
    Steinberger, Lynette
    Steiner, Don
    Steiner, Liz
    Steinhardt, Jeff
    Steinke, Dale
    Steinke, Debbie
    Steinke, Ed J.
    Steinman, Vivian
    Stellato, Alejandro
    Stephens, Alice G.
    Stephenson, Joyce
    Sterling, Robert William
    Stevens, John C.
    Stevens, Mac
    Stevens, Paul H.
    Stevens, Peter
    Stevens, Verna
    Stevenson, Dennis
    Stevenson, Michael
    Stevenson, Mike
    Steward, Bob
    Stewart, Cassandra
    Stewart, Gary
    Stewart, Merlita
    Stewart, Michael
    Stewart, Rita
    Stewart, Tommy
    Stiefel, Thomas
    Stiegelman, Maggie
    Stiles, Cheryl
    Stilwater, Mary Jo
    Stockdale, Richard
    Stockham, Coline
    Stockham, Colleen
    Stokes, David A.
    Stokes, Dean
    Stokes, Melanie
    Stone, Jeff
    Stone, Sherill
    Stone-Martinez, Jan*
    Stoner, Fred
    Stoughton, Ray W.
    Stovall, Marion*
    Straass, William E.
    Strachan, Patrick
    Stratmann, Dr. Richard
    Stratton, Edwin
    Strecker, Dori
    Strey, Barbara
    Strickland, Gene
    Stromfield, Stan
    Stroud, Raymond
    Strudwick, Bernadette
    Strudwick, Eric
    Struwick, Bernadette
    Stuckey Graham
    Studwick, Bernadette
    Stultz, G.
    Stump, Rocky
    Suao, Adriana
    Subbaraman, Chan*
    Sucanne, Seagrave
    Succi, Davide
    Suchor, Leo
    Sudz, Brad
    Sugmad, Israel
    Sullivan, Maureen E.
    Sullivan, Maureen
    Summers, Teresa
    Surrey, Barbara
    Suter, Andreas
    Sutohn, Arthur
    Suzuki, Amy Misko
    Svased, Honzo
    Swank, Russ
    Swann, Ingo
    Swanson, Candy
    Swanson, Tim
    Swanson, Virginia
    Swartz, David
    Swartz, John
    Swazey, Claire
    Swazey, John J
    Sweaberg, Erika
    Sweeney, Todd
    Sweerry, Charlie
    Sweerry, Charly
    Sweet, Howard
    Sweetland Jr., David
    Sweetland, Sue Ann
    Swemmer, John
    Swenson, Andy
    Swisko, Renee
    Symonds, Deanne
    Syvertsen, Nancy
    Taams, Elly C.
    Tabayoyon, Andre
    Taft, Bob
    Takriti, Suheil
    Talamas, John
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  40. Anonymous Member

    So many SPs, so little time. I'm sorry, but this whole thing cracks me up. A list of SPs. Doesn't the fact that this exists make the clams do a double take? It's so Orwellian. Is their world really like this? "Shrreeek! An SP!!11!!" or, "I know, let's make a list."

    I have always been a person who'd rather hook up with a renegade than a follower, but for fuck's sake, these people are dumb-ass-dumb.

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