Current US Narconon Centers ~ Let's Help Shut Them ALL Down!

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Apr 20, 2012.

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    will be working on Destin FLA a bit.
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    First complaint
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    It is like David Love's case all over again!

    From first complaint: Scientology language found in hand written Knowledge Reports (KR)
    Ethics Officer KR D-GA-1202
    come to Course D-GA-1205 &1198
    made comm D-GA-1191
    KR D-GA-1200 &1201
    Ethics Officer (KR) D-GA-1203

    From Amended complaint: Page 8 #40 As a result, NNG conducted an internal
    investigation, called a Board of Inquiry

    Amended complaint list these issues:

    Page 3
    10. States and around the world. NNI is a subsidiary of the Association of Better Living and
    Education ("ABLE"), an umbrella group that oversees the drug rehabilitation, education,
    and criminal justice activities of the Church of Scientology.

    11. Both NNG and NNI (collectively Narconon) rely exclusively on the written
    "technology" (writings) of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology, to
    address the drug and alcohol rehabilitation needs of students enrolled in Narconon
    programs, even though Hubbard had no training or education in drug and alcohol

    Page 4
    12. Subsidiary programs like NNG are forbidden from deviating from the precise
    texts of the Hubbard technology in order to avoid improper and unsanctioned "verbal
    tech." In other words, L. Ron Hubbard forbade intelligent debate about the Scientology
    doctrine and required all studying the doctrine to do so directly from his writings. Any
    discussion outside his writings is considered unsanctioned "verbal tech."

    16. Narconon students receive no counseling or education in drug and alcohol
    rehabilitation per se and the therapeutic discussion of drugs and their effects among
    students and staff is actually discouraged. Instead, Narconon's proponents believe that
    strict adherence to the "technology" will address the rehabilitation needs of its students.
    NNI routinely audited NNG to insure that this "technology" was being zealously

    Page 6
    23. Since 2002, NNG has been authorized by DHR only as an outpatient drug and
    alcohol treatment facility. It has never been authorized to operate any form of residential

    30. NNG wanted to be able to charge higher rates for drug and alcohol addicts who
    needed the higher level of care offered by an inpatient facility even though NNG was
    only allowed to operate a facility for outpatients.

    31. To avoid detection by licensing authorities, Rieser induced other Scientologists to
    incorporate various housing facilities, rent locations and house NNG students. These
    facilities were under the direct operational control of NNG and in violation of DHR

    Page 7
    34. Rieser and Don Delgado, a senior member of the NNG staff and co-owner of
    Delgado Development, both attended SeaOrg, a Scientology program for the most
    zealous of Scientologists, which requires participants to evidence their loyalty by signing
    "a Billion Year Contract."

    Page 8&9
    41. NNG determined that housing was fraught with "service issues." There had been
    physical assaults requiring police intervention, students were using drugs and alcohol in
    the housing, monitors in charge of supervising the students were insufficient in number
    and often failed entirely to show up for work, students were permitted to leave the
    facility, and housing conditions were unsanitary.

    Page 11
    54. The decision to send Patrick to the facility, as well as the Drug Court's approval
    of the program, was based on the express and false representations made by agents of
    NNG. Both the Desmonds and the Brevard County Drug Court personnel have testified
    that they would not have approved Patrick's participation in the Narconon program had
    they known these statements were untrue.

    61. On the evening of June 10, 2008, despite being in a Court ordered drug and
    alcohol treatment program, Patrick was allowed to drink beer and vodka with NNG's
    employees and staff members in a staff member's apartment at One Sovereign Place.

    Page 13
    70. Although the sauna is an integral component of Narconon program, NNG did not
    have a license for an ambulatory detoxification facility and fraudulently concealed The
    Sauna Program from DHR in its 2003 license renewal for an outpatient treatment facility.
    DHR conducted an unannounced re-licensure survey, discovered the concealed sauna program, and cited NNG for failing to identify what treatment and services were provided
    in the form of vitamin and sauna therapy.

    Page 14
    71. While NNG's main goal was to ensure strict compliance with the "technology" of
    L. Ron Hubbard, NNG purposefully and fraudulently misrepresented it was creating
    individualized treatment plans, was carefully and attentively updating patient files with
    progress notes, and was creating discharge and aftercare plans for the patient as required
    by the DHR Rules for outpatient and ambulatory treatment programs. Ga. Comp. R. &
    Regs. 290-4-2-.09(4). 290-4-.14(e), 290-4-2-. 14(c), 290-4-2-. 17(a), 290-4-2.17(b).

    Pages 15 on are just full of win!
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    Ref Objections:


    Defendant Narconon International may call Reverend Jerry James McLaughlin to testify

    on its behalf at trial. Defendant Narconon International anticipates that Rev. McLaughlin w i l l

    testify that the course materials used by Narconon of Georgia embody principles and techniques

    found in writings by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology. However, those

    principles and techniques do not rely upon or require a belief in Scientology and are effective in

    educating and rehabilitating people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, regardless of their

    religious beliefs or spiritual background.

    Rev. McLaughlin has a Masters Degree in Theological Studies from Southern Methodist

    University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration/Economics from

    Philander Smith College and an Associate of Science Degree from Shorter College in North

    Reverend Jerry James McLaughlin

    Little Rock, Arkansas. Rev. McLaughlin is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor by the

    Texas and Oklahoma Boards of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors; a Diplomat of the Board

    of Addictions Examiners; a Master Addiction Counselor; and a Certified Pastoral Addiction


    Rev. McLaughlin's opinions are based on his experience, training and review of the

    following materials:

    So a Rev will testify to the non religious nature of a cult practice?
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    Reverend James J. McLaughlin

    Rev. James Jerry McLaughlin 64y (Wayman Chapel AME Church, Narconon First Step center, James J. McLaughlin Ministries & Associates), steering committee for Houston Freedom Fest '07) c: James McLaughlin Jr lives in Spring
    (w:Cleo Desser (Glenn) Johnson 61y, m:7-31-98, '08 Senior VP, Narconon-OK, Black United Fund of Texas, Inc., Pres.
    (ex-h:Larry Don Johnson 65y (?OT 6 '83) m:3-30-69))
    GOLD: Gift of Life Drug rehabilitation Program (goes by different names: Community Outreach '07, Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Dept. of Church Growth and Development)
    Houston, Texas 77004 (Brazoria, TX, AR)

    Recently, in 2007 Associated Press and CNN interviewed him on his “Field Ministry” work in the subject of substance abuse and a better way to address an issue that needs a serious solution. His concept of a Field Ministry is to hat new ministers with an outreach product to add arms and legs to their area of interest. He had received many awards for his work in substance abuse and counseling and more recently the Friends of Mankind Award given by Ebony Awakening out of Clearwater, Fl.

    He is an Interventionist and serves as a Field Representative and Chaplain for Narconon Arrowhead of Oklahoma. In 1996, CBS nationally recognized the work Rev. McLaughlin had accomplished at St. James Temple AME Church in Dallas, Texas, is a special entitled “Healthy Children, A National Priority” that centered on how his church was working with “community youth” in the areas of Drug Education and Prevention.
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    The COS tentacles are far reaching. Article from 2007

    "In neighboring St. Petersburg, Imam Wilmore Sadiki’s mosque has participated in a human rights campaign sponsored by Scientologists and makes use of one of Hubbard’s texts. At Wayman Chapel in Houston, the Rev. James McLaughlin’s drug treatment center is built on Scientology principles and refers addicts to Narconon, its rehabilitation program. And at Word Evangelism Ministry in Washington, the Rev. Catherine Bego has helped distribute thousands of booklets spreading Scientologists’ messages against drugs and for moral living."
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    2006 article

    "Other honorees are Dr. Johnny Ray Youngblood, leader of the 10,000-member St. Paul Community Baptist Church in Brooklyn, and Houston-based Rev. James McLaughlin, senior pastor of the Wayman Chapel African Methodist Episcopal church, and his wife Cleo Johnson-McLaughlin.

    The McLaughlins founded the Gift of Life Drug Free program in Houston. It is a Narconon facility, meaning it utilizes Hubbard's controversial detoxification program which purports to remove harmful toxins through vigorous exercise followed by several hours in a sauna, then a regimen of vitamins, minerals and oils.

    Johnson, 43, who has promoted Scientology's literacy efforts for 14 years and was honored by Ebony Awakening in 2003, said he recently started a Narconon program as part of his California ministry, based at the True Faith Christian Center in Compton. Like Hubbard education programs, he found it to be "extremely effective."

    McLaughlin also attended the grand opening of the Dallas Org too.
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    Good Find!

    McLaughlin said he was searching for a drug program that had more staying power than the one his African Methodist Episcopal Church was running. He heard about the Scientologists’ efforts and established a new outpatient center after training from Narconon.
    He says he’s seen nothing but good come of it:(EXCEPT THE DEATHS AND OTHER ABUSES) a higher success rate,(PROVEN A LIE)O saved lives (EXCEPT THE DEAD ONES)and his own strengthened faith. (LRH SAID CHRIST WAS MADE UP)
    “I went in a Christian, I came out a Christian(DUMB ASS),” he said.
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    The Other person being called by the cult:

    Louis Adolph Casal, MD Medical Director of Psychiatry

    An esteemed Atlanta native and community leader with an unselfish dedication to serve.

    Louis Adolph Casal, MD is an Atlanta native and holds degrees from Emory University and the Medical College of Georgia. He began his medical career in 1991 as resident at the Medical College of Georgia and was selected as Chief Resident in 1995. He was invited to serve on the faculty of the Cornell Medical Center in New York in 1996. Adolph distinguished himself there in the treatment of children suffering mental and emotional disorders, educating medical students, and serving as acting unit director for the Adolescent Services Department. He was admitted as a diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in 1996 and was accepted as a board examiner the following year. He continued his teaching interests on the faculty of Emory University School of Medicine when he accepted the position of Medical Director of Psychiatry at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in 1998. In addition to his Emory and Children’s positions, he also serves as Director of Child and Adolescent Services at Peachford Hospital in Atlanta.
    Adolph is a member of the Cathedral of Christ the King and spends most of his leisure time traveling with his wife Dede and playing with his four young children.
    << Back to Board of Directors
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    Examiner wants deeper look at 2 who died at Oklahoma Narconon clinic in last 6 1/2 months
    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The state medical examiner's office wants to take a deeper look at the deaths of 2 people at a drug rehabilitation center that uses saunas and vitamins as part of an intensive cleansing regimen.

    Newson6 Oklahoma
    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The state medical examiner's office wants to take a deeper look at the deaths of 2 people at a drug rehabilitation center that uses saunas and vitamins as part of an intensive cleansing regimen.

    Tulsa KTUL Channel 8
    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The state medical examiner's office wants to take a deeper look at the deaths of 2 people at a drug rehabilitation center that uses saunas and vitamins as part of an intensive cleansing regimen.

    The Lawton Constitution:
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    "The state medical examiner's office wants to take a deeper look "

    yes!! yes!! go deeper! deeper! DEEPER!
    errrm..... sorry... that line got me a bit excited.
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    ^ subconscious channeling of Anonlover's obsession with Tony O
  20. whitesand Member

    Is the referral rate still 15% (of $30,000 fee) = $4,500. Follow the money.
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    The Oklahoman Newspaper might like to be informed:
    Church’s history key to future
    BY CARLA HINTON | Published: April 10, 2010
    ScientologistRev. James McLaughlin on right (He is no longer with this church)

    A northeast Oklahoma City church is celebrating its 121st anniversary with a week of activities designed to commemorate its historic past and launch bold plans for the future.
    Among the activities planned by Avery Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Churchis a congregational walk from the church’s former site at NW 1 and Stiles to its present location at 1425 N Kelham Ave.
    The Rev. James McLaughlin, senior pastor, said the April 17 walk of about three miles is symbolic of the faith church leaders showed when they made the move from the Deep Deuce in 1959.

    He said he was working on his doctorate degree during a sabbatical from his Houston church when his wife, Cleo, was hired as senior vice president of Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma
    Carla Hinton
    Religion Editor (405) 475-3480
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    :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: :rolleyes:NN Arrowhead Staff-------Second Row far right.
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    Black United Fund of Texas, Inc. 5407 Chenevert Street
    Houston, Texas 77004
    Ms. Cleo Glenn Johnson-McLaughlin, President
    (713) 524-5767
    (800) 443-2838
    FAX (713) 524-5769
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    Opperman, Kipp A (applied:04/16/10)
    City: McAlester
    County: Pittsburg
    Phone: (918) 302-0909

    Employer: Hartsell Psychological Services, 721 S. George Nigh Expwy, McAlester, OK 74501
    Supervisor: William McGregor
    Self-Employed: No

    DUI/ADSAC Instructor: No
    Board Approved Supervisor: No

    License Number:
    Type: LADC under supervision

    Status: Active
    Date First Licensed:
    Expiration Date:

    Disciplinary History: No Disciplinary Actions

    McGregor, William K.
    County: Pittsburg
    Phone: (918) 423-2105

    Employer: PITA GROUP
    Self-Employed: No

    DUI/ADSAC Instructor: No
    Board Approved Supervisor: Yes

    License Number: 274
    Type: LADC

    Status: Active
    Date First Licensed: 11/01/2005
    Expiration Date: 06/30/2012

    Disciplinary History: No Disciplinary Actions
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  26. I'm on board in MO...I also want to put an end to the Narconon Centers. I can be a shit disturber if need me but I have little time. Let me know what I can do...I am in.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Why not sign up for membership @ WWP? That way, making contact will be easier and simpler.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I am very interested in this! I think all first responders (fire depts, ambulance services, etc) should have info from step 1 to assist when they do need to respond. May be life saving!
  29. AnonMishka Member

    I'm in Oklahoma & would love to help in any small way I can.
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    I just got the word from the FOX 25 Oklahoma City Primetime Investigative Reporter that they are airing part 1 tonight during the 9pm CST and the second part will air same time tomorrow. I have had to stay quite about this one, but the Reporter ask for help on getting the word out. Part 1 sounds like it will consist of the recent deaths at NN AH with interviews from the families and myself. Part 2 will be, well lets just say, focused on ODMHSAS and ODMH.

    Here are the links to FOX 25 OKC:
    Home Page
    Primetime News at 9 Top Stories
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  32. patriot75 Member

    from reporter: after the show. We also stream the newscast live in smartphones.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Apologies for disturbing the slumber of this fine thread, but I've been wondering if calls for online enturbulation can be placed here?

    There is this new "rehab" site. Some of it appears to promote narconon. It needs an email address in order to post comments but I think that you may find it to be worth the trouble.

    The narconon promoters will be seen as active on the comment thread.

    I think a few of them need some more bitch slaps upside the cognitive dissonance. A four to five minute read of the thread will reveal what is going on. Thanks for reading.
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    this might be worthy of a new thread
  35. anon walker Moderator

    Is anyone else on this? I hate to duplicate effort.
  36. patriot75 Member

    not I, working on NNAH.
  37. Anonymous Member

    An online comment raid by a few literate anons onto the thread should be sufficient. I'm working on trying to find out if there are direct connections between the site and narconon.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    I think this comment was in regards to creating an e booklet.
  39. Anonymous Member

    I left a comment.

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