Cyril Wecht agrees, "Autism"

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by j0eg0d, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Cyril Wecht agrees, "Autism"

    Wecht: Unanswered Questions In Travolta's Son's Death - News-

    '_ Famed pathologist Cyril Wecht spoke to Channel 4 Action News' Amber Nicotra about the case and said that questions surrounding the death of Jett Travolta could remain unanswered.

    Wecht, who was not involved in the autopsy, said the biggest question that might never be answered is how long the teen had been unconscious.

    "The absence of addressing this strongly suggests that the boy was lingering there for some time. Hours, as opposed to minutes, before he was found," said Wecht. "I don't believe this is information that will be shared with the public."

    The death certificate said that Jett Travolta died of a seizure.

    Although the couple said their son suffered from Kawasaki disease, a condition that affects the skin, mouth and lymph nodes, Wecht does not believe this was a factor in his death.

    "Jett was 16 years of age, so Kawasaki syndrome in his case is matter of clinical history and was not a matter of present concern," said Wecht.

    The funeral home said there was no sign of trauma, contradicting police reports that said the teen fell and hit his head on a bathtub.

    "There was a hematoma, a bump on the scalp, evidently where he fell and bruised his head and bled immediately form beneath the scalp. But that did not produce any intracranial damage, that is, no damage to the brain and no fracture of the skull," Wecht said.

    Wecht, however, does suspect the teen had autism -- a speculation the couple has denied.

    "There is an increased incidents of convulsive seizure disorder in people who have autism and that may have gone along with this boy's history," said Wecht.

    Wecht said there is a lesson in this for all parents with children who suffer with a seizure disorder. Wecht said those children must be closely monitored and their medications be checked so that other families can prevent a tragedy like this. _ '
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    Re: Cyril Wecht agrees, "Autism"

    Holy shit! I never expected him to fess up with these answers.
  3. Consensus Member

    Re: Cyril Wecht agrees, "Autism"

    I'd honestly never heard of the guy, but checking his Wikipedia page, it looks like win. Could lend us some credibility, and give the story some added momentum.

    (is this the dude everyone was wondering if he'd be involved in the autopsy? wiki says he was involved in the anna nicole smith thing, but I had no idea who they were talkin' about 'cause, y'know... that was a really retarded news cycle.)
  4. Mutante Member

  5. Consensus Member

    Re: Cyril Wecht agrees, "Autism"

    He did an interview earlier where he said
    It doesn't look like he intends to stand up to the cult, but he is clearing up misconceptions and calling bullshit about Kawasaki disorder, and he's speculating that the original story - that Jett was in the bathroom all night - may be true. Helpful, but not the knock-out punch we're looking for.

    edit - inaccurately reports that Wecht performed Jett's autopsy. It's a wholly irrelevant and insignificant article however.
  6. Mutante Member

    Re: Cyril Wecht agrees, "Autism"

    Unless there are two pathologists with the same name then this is the guy who said the Lisa McPherson case should be dropped.

    McPherson's death accidental, claim forensic pathologists

    Do doctors/pathologists ever make speculative public statements without access to all the documents and then retract those statements when the documents are available, undermining anyone who has relied on them to construct an argument?

    Call me suspicious but maybe although we get signal, it's possible somebody is setting us up the bomb.
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    Re: Cyril Wecht agrees, "Autism"

    Reading his wiki, three things come to mind
    1)he's old as dirt
    2) he knows his shit
    3) he's an opportunistic gun-for-hire.

    If he was hired by the cult to persuade a jury to drop the case, he'll do his damndest to find a reason to argue that point.

    But apparently he's come into a lot of fame through the Anna Nichole Smith thing, and a lot of scrutuny because he's facing criminal prosecution for using resources available to him as a county coroner (or some such) for his side-business as a gun-for-hire.

    This is probably why Travolta didn't hire him - Travolta didn't WANT the celebrity-fueled drama that surrounds Wecht. He wanted a quiet little autopy, cremation and a burial without any negative press for his family or his 'religion.'

    And since nobody's throwing wecht money to take a side on this case, his wealth of knowledge (hindered only by his age and his desire to build and protect a reputation that allows him to earn a living) trumps out.

    edit - that's not to say you aren't right to remain skeptical. But that applies to EVERY person, not just those who were involved in sweeping McPheerson's death under the rug.
  8. whoever Member

    Re: Cyril Wecht agrees, "Autism"

    ^ THIS
  9. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Cyril Wecht agrees, "Autism"

    Yes, the same Cyril Wecht. This time however cult did not pay him, but media will, so he is talking to media.

    inb4 reversal that Jett died from a blood clot linked to him banging his knee a week earlier.
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