Discussion in 'Media' started by nano_plus, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. nano_plus Member


    I passed in front of Düsseldorf demonstration about an hour ago. About 20 people there, I would say, including at least one child distributing flyers. I could see only one sign held prominently, saying "$cientology = Au$beutung" ($cientology = Exploitation). The demonstration is not taking place in front of the center, but across a neighbouring street: While I walked in front of the Scientology Center , which had its doors open as usual and none to be seen as usual too, as their offices are on the upper floors, a police car stopped right in front of it, and both policemen walked up the center stairs.
  2. anon902503 Member

    Glad to know shit is going down.
  3. Heyanonnyno Member

    Great! Good work, guys!
  4. Go Düsseldorf Anons! Let us know what is happening, our thoughts are with you all. We already heard a little from Berlin, it sounds like things are going well.
  5. Malle Member

    We had two children who really enjoyed distributing flyers, and a second sign. I'm sure there will be a video soon on youtube. :D
  6. nirv117 Member

    Can't wait to see the videos and pics.

    Good work.
  7. lawls Member

    Next time the protest should be done on a weekday, when there's more foot traffic going on. And West LB is a XBOX HUEG bank, so there would also be lots of bank workings passing by.

    But all in all, not bad. At least we scraped 30 people together, lol New Zealand
  8. Scruffy Member

    Not just 30 people but we also entered the Scientology building (although we were stopped at the stairs so we didn't actually get into the place)
    They asked what we wanted and we politely asked for some information on their fine organization. >_>

    We were denied that and even asking for some flyers or similar was met with. "We don't have any." while mere inches to our side was a table loaded with stuff.
    They were pretty nervous about having maybe 6 or 7 people in the narrow entrance area with that one guy blocking the stais and one other filming us from behind us.

    But the best part was when we asked the Sci-Puppet send to talk to if his freedom of speech was being cut down by Scientology and he said yes. In front of two of our running cameras. :D
    Hopefully those videos will be up soon.
  9. Duesseldorf_X Member

    I missed it :(
    I was damn near to the raid but did not know it...
    The next time i will be there! I know the location and have some ideas!
    A german board said the next action will start 15th march! (true?)
    It would be cool if you sent me an message if you are one of the guys of today or you are interested in my ideas.
    Thx guys
  10. Scruffy Member

    Just hang around here and #xenu-ger
    And I think March 15th is more or less "confirmed" as the next date as far as I know but we'll see about that in the weeks leading up to that.
  11. lawls Member

    goddamn it I can't join because I have been z-lined for whatever reason. Can your IRC people migrate to or something?
  12. Duesseldorf_X Member

  13. I can't get on any irc could someone help me. I know i will probably get flamed for asking but i am not good with computers.
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