Daily Newbies and the Tragic Thread Plague. Ideas?

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Robocat, May 24, 2011.

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  1. Robocat Member

    I have noticed an almost daily arrival of new members. Most of them are posting poorly conceived threads quickly. With the arrival of Wikileaks issues, the floodgates seemed to open to ... well, everything. I don't suggest here we get focused. Someone else can :)

    As much as some of us enjoy trolling and crapping up failthreads (I know I do) as a gesture of rejection, I am here to bring the cult down, so it is not ultimately satisfying. I have an idea, and I'd like to hear what people think about it.

    What if new members got a notice when accepted? It would inform them about some basics, and within that, would state that if they posted certain kinds of things, their account would be closed. In addition to Domeable and in-place bannable offenses, would be the addition of plain old stupid threads.

    Maybe a "fast track" to the Dome, Drama, of Garbage destinations would be the easiest to manage. Does anyone see a way to resolve forum pollution, or does anyone else care?

    Discuss, please.
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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member


    Protest site is about cult.

    Crapping up the threads with a bunch of crap is cult-ish, sure they are happy when fucking things up, after all, it's what Ron would do.

    I once again propose that a person's first number of posts (XXX) be done under their user name, and yeh, I know it has been thrashed already
    The aspect I looked at it was is that it'll make people think twice about posting utter crap/diversional stuff.
    And, just as an after-thought, though there is a space for Iran etc. Why cannot the mod there just keep all the stuff under a couple of titles?
    I mean, fuck, there's a fucked up cult to enturbulate!

  3. Robocat Member

    As always, brother, your rage is easily understood.

    Thanks for bringing up the art of crapping up threads. I do crap up failthreads - as I said - as a gesture of rejecting the thread. But this is not a resolution anymore. In the old days this worked fairly quickly at enturb because they were a little more trigger happy about doming crap threads. That was then and this is now, and in a very different forum. So, therein lies the dilemma.

    Sure, if my dreams came true, I'd wake up tomorrow and there would be nothing but bringing the cult down. However, this is not the present status of WWP. The diversity is not fun for me, and I was wondering what others thought.

    I like the idea of anon posting being available only after a set probationary period. I know what you mean about Iran. This is something I wish would just go away. Anyway, thanks much for your thoughts and ideas. Keep 'em coming.
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  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    TL;DR Iran is OK; scientology is bad ?
  5. Robocat Member

    That was too long? Your question was too short; didn't answer.

    EDIT: You're a mod now? Please set a good example.
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  6. Robocat Member

    Yep. Iran is not my affair, as I do not subscribe to the world police model. Yes, I do outside activism from Chanology, but why fuck up a perfectly good forum with literally every topic in the world? Do you often dilute your most important priorities in your life, in your home?


    Scientology is indeed bad. Got it?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The real flood came in at the end of last year when the number of registered users nearly doubled over a month+ period.
  8. Robocat Member

    Yeah, things got crazy. It seemed to me to be mostly when the forum changed, but that is a casual observation.
  9. Anonymous Member

    I think that's just a coincidence ... but you never know!
  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Partially. If you want to focus on scientology, nobody will blame you. Pick your own and let others do the same. "Every topic in the world" is slightly over the top.
  11. Robocat Member

    To support claims, I now request that people comment with their nyms shown.

    So, please tell about the coincidence you perceive.
  12. Robocat Member

    Thanks for not blaming me for what I came here for 3 years ago.

    Not really over the top. This forum has changed from Chanology to fuck all. You've been in the fight for 3 years, right? What do you embrace? Fucking every fight or to bring the cult down?
  13. Robocat Member

    Ann, I have to say - I am not impressed with you.
  14. Anonymous Member

    This is quickly becoming a tragic thread.
  15. Robocat Member

    I'm asking for feedback. What's tragic about that?
  16. Anonymous Member

    No-one gives a shit about your stupid problems.
  17. Anonymous Member

    You: quit posting in all forums except AvS. Recruit your fellow Chanfag purists to do the same.

    Or you could just build your own forum.
  18. Anonymous Member

    to be blunt, you're kind of a jerk. i've seen you make some asshole replies, yourself, not knowing who you were talking to. lmao
    such is anonymous.
  19. Anonymous Member

    my "asshole tolerance" level is very very low today.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Collective mood reading: bad. Upside: maybe this will provide some much needed fuel for the drama thread.
  21. Anonymous Member

    show some love, people.
  22. Anonymous Member

    if you cannot find a way to do that, you can seriously forget about any type of "protest" initiatives altogether because they will fall.
  23. Ersatz Global Moderator

    See OP, I think this is a poorly conceived thread and yet, like the others it too shall remain.

    Wikileaks and some of the other anon activities would have brought the onslaught of new members even if we hadn't added the new forums. Nothing will change that.

    Newbs post stupid shit. That is because they are newbs. If you don't like a thread by a newbie, don't read it. Ignoring the fail threads will greatly diminish their impact on this forum.

    No one is stopping you from protesting the cult or in any way impeding you in discussing, planning or using the resources on the forum.

    So basically the problem is you don't want to share your treehouse, is that it?
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  24. Interrobanger Member

  25. Robocat Member

    That to me, is an asshole reply ... and I don't know who I'm talking to, which is fine.
  26. Robocat Member

    That is good, I don't have stupid problems, unless you'd like to illuminate for us your interesting post.
  27. anonymous612 Member

    At first I was like :D

    But then I was like :(

    Way to become an egotistical faggot in eleven posts.

    EDIT: If you'd like, I can go back and post this anonymously just to fuck with your mind.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    hmmm what if..... we TAKE all the FOI / Wikileaks stuff.... and PUSH it somewhere else. Problem solved.
  29. anonymous612 Member the Wikileaks/FOI subforum? YOU GENIUS.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    that was just Herro making new sock accounts.
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    You wish =p
  34. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    It also doubled (IMO) when the Sony Nigger BAWWtards came on here to failtroll about their precious PSN being hacked.
  35. lulzgasm Member

    Face it. Anonymous has gotten popular. Deal with it. :p
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  36. Zak McKracken Member

    I have a better idea.
    Let's go back to Chanology 1.0.

    vbulletin, infractions, >9000 global monthlies, and kick everything else to the curb.

    oic, uranoob2?

  37. Anonymous Member

    This. It won't happen but this.

    The fascination with the fleeting, intangible "cause-of-the-day" bullshit has suffocated what was left of Chanology. It's pretty sad, but it's what the people who run this site wanted.

    You can't really replicate Chanology. I honestly shouldn't be complaining, since I didn't think it would last a month back in 08 much less the three and change years plus. The problem with FOI is that unlike Chanology, there is no solid cause and no goal to rally around. There's all-around agreeable feel-good agenda which inarguably attracts a lot of people. But there is no drive. There is no central operation. The whole movement is fragmented into individual one-day do-it-yourself "operations" that usually involve nothing more than a DDoS or maybe an attempt at holding an IRL rally. It's wishy-washy shit that doesn't have a solid leg to stand on, but plenty of starry-eyed newfags get attracted by the idea of being armchair freedom fighters for good and justice.

    Nah, fuck it. FOI is unfit to scrub Chanology's aging ballsack. One cause, one target, one goal. Take down the Scientology cult. Monthly protests all over the world, right on their doorstep. We said we would not forgive and we would not forget until the job is done. Should have also said we would not get distracted.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Fuckin'... THIS^^^
  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. Zak McKracken Member

    The thing is.
    For all the damage and aids and paralytic, crippling deformity that WWP has picked up since the "jump start" this year, its helpful to keep in mind that the patient wasn't getting better, and the benefits of the past several months of life will never be clearly understood or appreciated. They won't, because we don't now and probably won't ever know the severity of risk of WWP just up and dying this Spring (and not coming back) from unchecked damage, aids, paralysis, deformity that was throttling the life out of Chanology since ~ April 08.

    Like a super-zombie, even as WWP drops body parts, there's still enough rage and mayhem left to kick some major ass. But you have to do some refurb and maintenance now and then to keep the un-life from getting boring, because when terminally bored zombies lie down there's always the chance they won't get back up again.

    Choices. Faggoty-assed and plagued WWP 2.0,
    or we could burrow into pleasant nostalgia over Enturb/WWP 1.0 and stay oblivious to the world moving on,
    or maybe you guys in NYC would have come up with a brilliant plan that was totally different

    under the circumstances
    we have what we have
    you take your chances
    remember when they ddosed us twice?
    still doing science and still we're alive
    its been shockingly nice :3
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