Dallas Activism Thread

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by SocksDallas2.0, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Make it so, Number 1.
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  2. lokimotion Member

    Done and done.
  3. lol TNG Marathon on BBCA is that every saturday?
  4. Zijaha Member

    Thank you for this, this was very helpful. Since I reside a mere stone's throw away, I believe that I will make it to future rallies...
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  5. Don't forget, everyone! Next protest is April 30th- that's next Saturday!
  6. The guys in the dorm next to mine are practicing a 4-page script for their Spanish class proclaiming how Scientology is the one true religion. They can't stop laughing. It's awesome.
  7. sizzledick304 Member

    trying to find info on if we have a houston chapter
  8. Mantis Member

    we do to my knowledge, but i dont yet have the links for it
  9. sizzledick304 Member

    ok ty if you happen to remember send them my way
  10. Didn't I already send you the link to their thread?
  11. Anonymous Member

    so, next rallys should probably be may 14th and 28th for scilon bothering and the 21st for freedom of info, am i right?
  12. Mantis Member

    sounds good to me, but then again, i'm still a newfag, so i guess its not up to me, lol
  13. Just curious- why the 14th?
  14. Anonymous Member

    eh, just like the idea of going twice a month but not going two saturdays in a row, and since the freedom of information thing is every third saturday, i figured we could just plan on trying to go every second and fourth saturday. that way everyone can ask off for the days ahead of time if they can so that we can become a happy little cell family, but i understand keeping it random too.
  15. Mantis Member

    ok, correct me if i am wrong...... but does every month have a fourth saturday? this is coming from the guy that can never remember which months have 31 days and which ones have 30.

    ......... though in typing this i realize that 28 is 7 times four, and seeing that a week has 7 days and the shortest month still has at least 28 days, that means every month must have at least 4 weeks.......

    instead of just deleting my earlier query i am going to leave this on here so everyone else knows when i came to this realization, a realization that i have probably come too before but forgot about it.
  16. Anonymous Member

    its ok buddy. we know you're a little special
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  17. zudok Member

    Workz at 5, so i gotz time. Hey it cant just be me, but these new lifelock commercials seem like sony vs anon amirite? Lifelock of course being sony with 1 million dollars (over 9000) in protection and matrix goth type hackerz being anon? Plox tell me im not the only one who sees that
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  18. Mantis Member

    you are not the only one my friend, lol, in fact, i think they may be referencing the event because the hackers that got sony did steal alot of personel info that sony kept on file about their customers, like bank accounts to bill and IP addresses
  19. zudok Member

    *totally NOT whats gunna happen*: 1 mil from sony us 1 mil lifelock= a couple very ballzy and happy anons. I mean..when you uh.... think about some *dumb* possibities floating around and all....just saying.
  20. zudok Member

    Im on the airship of world 7 right now. I wish some of this anon shit would send txt to my phone so i dont have to keep hitting pa7e and opening internet and or refreshing the page on my phone
  21. zudok Member

    PAUSE. DURP but its cool just beat it. Ivan von koopas a fag
    I kidnapped the princess while you
    were running around.
    She's here in my
    castle, if you dare
    to try and rescue

    Ha ha ha...
    King of the Koopa
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  22. Mantis Member

    i am so lost
  23. zudok Member

    i was on my phone reading this shit last night and i was saying i was playing smb3 at the same time. got tired of hitting pause and having to click internet and click here and there when itd be easier if i could link threads to my phone via text
  24. lol... SMB3 fucking awesome.... but more on target...

    I personally like the idea of planning the raid to be a certain saturday...

    Maybe we can try setting the first saturday for Chanology and third for FOI? Or maybe back to back 2nd and 3rd? I really don't have to much of a say, my Saturday's are open.
  25. Mantis Member

    hmmmmmmmmmm, well not all of us go to the FOIs, i myself dont really go, so i neglected to take into account that attempting to have chanology twice a month would make those that attend both have to give up three saturdays a month. first saturday of the month sounds great to me, we probably need to get a vote started up or something to decide which saturday it will be.

    When we get more members, increasing the number of saturdays we go out for both would definately be more prudent.
  26. Anonymous Member

    And implementing you shifts idea.... Personally I think it would be hilarious to evolve to the point where there are so many Anons we can afford to wait outside the ORG at closing to see the Lower conditions people leave.
  27. Mantis Member

    lol, stay so late that they have to sneak past us on a daily basis, that would be sweet
  28. How many days would that have to happen before the Lower conditions peeps realize this is the exact opposite of freedom?
  29. I used the picard quote on another thread. It's just funny to see a girl know it and use it.
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  30. Mantis Member

    well thats depends on the individual of course, i imagine that a few will jump ship right away, which would make the remaining ones attempt to be even more stalwart scilons. so i imagine it would probably go in waves, the first one starting nearly immediately. but thats just my opinion
  31. zudok Member

    this month shouldnt count though cuz its been past the 1st because of protest exhaustion (lol) or whatever so, this saturday: yes. next month's first saturday:yes

    scheduled. although you may come in on your days off if you would like but you only get overtime if you produce enough lulz. plus, getting others is all on your own.

    that sounds good to me haha
  32. Overtime is derived proportionally to the amount of lulz you capture. Also you have to upload it to Youtube, so the Marcabians can see it and pay you for your protest.
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  33. zudok Member

  34. You're just not hanging out with the right girls. I think most of my friends are familiar with it. :p

    Alright, hooligans. Make a protest event page and add the link here!
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  35. I need moar nerdy girls.... :(
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  36. zudok Member

    Lol wut about a july 4 raid? Thatd be lulzy
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  37. zudok Member

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