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Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by SocksDallas2.0, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Mantis Member

    dont we all? i am tired of hanging with dumb chicks, but that seems to be the only kinda girl i know right now. it sucks.
  2. Anonymous Member

    [this is kind of fun to read]

    And with that, I believe we should end this talk of dating and nerdy girls and whatnot. Tis a silly subject.
  3. zudok Member

    LOLOLOL just got done with my final exam which was a powerpoint..i decided to inform my class about these matters at hand. I wish there was a way to upload it here... it includes: showing were not the nad guys, scifags compared to boner-fied religions, project chanology, foi, egypt, lisa mcpherson, shawn lonsdale, srs business, and over 9000. If you guys wouldve been there youd be thinking: YEEESSSS!!! YEESSS!!! haahah. Only problem? Had to be under 4 minutes.
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  4. zudok Member

    *bad guise
  5. zudok Member

    You gotta see this pic i took of something really funny i did involving flyers. Must edit first
  6. zudok Member

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  7. zudok Member

    i was trying to put it near church posts but thought it would make more sense there amirite?
  8. zudok Member

  9. zudok Member

    i didnt make that. it was on some site with a lot of other flyers that have been made
  10. zudok Member

    i think the website it had at the bottom was
  11. zudok Member

    wait wait wait....has anybody seen this shit yet? im sure you have

    "The Church of Scientology of Dallas recently opened its new home to parishioners, dignitaries and their guests with Texas cowboy fanfare and with an invitation to all to find out for themselves the answer to the often asked question, “What is Scientology?”
    The new Church of Scientology of Dallas is a reflection of the world scope of Scientology today, which comprises nearly 8,000 churches, missions and groups across 164 nations. Each is dedicated to achieving the Aims of Scientology – including a world without war, without insanity and without criminality, where the able may prosper and all are free to rise to greater heights." -http://www dot

    i love the picture on there the caption reads: Tour our new Church and see our multimedia displays. Find out about our social betterment programs.

    a:lolwut?ooohhhhh sweet flat screens and interactivity. thats what i look for when i want religion. you guys know what the oaks is? that place is cult too.
    and b: what social betterment programs
  12. They haven't. They weren't even at the Super Bowl. All sorts of Bible thumpers where there preaching about Jesus, but no Scilons in sight.

    Of course they pretend to say all that. and BTW If you are going to Scilon sites, proxy up and break the links in your post.... Scilons have been known to try to track IPs

    and yes. I haven't seen any social Betterment programs in Dallas yet. Their pamphlet we have ABOUT the Dallas ORG doesn't list any social work they do in Dallas. I'll have to try to upload all the pics to my Photobucket sometime.
  13. zudok Member guys missed it today. Postgame before the nights end
  14. Zudok, post links.
  15. zudok Member

  16. zudok Member

    I just remembered...we were at the finntroll/ensiferum show earlier this year and there was a scifag flyer. I snatched it before anyone anybody else saw it and thought it interesting
  17. Man I'm sorry it looks like you are the only one doing anything at the moment. Hopefully people will get back in the swing of things in June etc.
    Dallas has it rough cause we don't have to many critics or OG peeps to back up the Anons... Oh well. Keep pushing ahead rihgt?
  18. zudok Member

    Indeed good sir. Recruiting and info shared is going well for me. Maybe this week sometime ill drop by ye olde mr jims and hand out some flyers to passers by. I mean pizzas not too bad but id rather not use my jewgold to have one cent of it possibly going to them
  19. zudok Member

    Besides keeping the dalorg's presence down one way or another is about the best we can do right now. The primary main objective cant be completed short term amirite? So thats why first saturdays are good because not that many people in this area give a shit about scifags as far as i know so background shadowlurking isnt a bad idea. But protest lulz are protest lulz though, they cant be beat haha.
  20. zudok Member

    pix are up people. need a video editor for my lulzy vids
  21. Zudok, you're the best. If we had 10 more newfags like you, the Dallas Org would have packed up by now!
  22. zudok Member

    ^__^ i triez. hey i mentioned this to my manager when i inquired if i could do .....something with the mask on (for the lulz) and he said "idgaf" and i told him what they were all about when another co worker comes around and goes "oh man you dont know about scientology? their shits all fucked up" and went on about lisa mcpherson and irs stuff and tax exempt. looks like i may have a couple more next time
  23. ^^ Raids need more Managers in Guy Fawkes masks
  24. zudok Member

  25. Anon998 Member

    hmm, seems I've been missing out on things.
  26. Mantis Member

    me as well, lol
  27. Mantis Member

    is there no post game report for may 14th?
  28. Anon998 Member

    Yeah there is. look at the second post
  29. Who wants to know who the prominent business owners are in Dallas, who are staunch Scientologists? :)
  30. Byrd Jessup: Atlantis Trading Corp. OT 7

    Hildegarde Jessup: Headmistress, Oak Crest Private School

    Jim Johnson: Owner/Founder Mr. Jim's Pizza

    Larry(Lawrence) Johannesen: Owner/founder IMS, Interior Maintencance Specialists

    Dr. Kelli Slate DDS: Owner if dental practice in Lakewood

    Maurie Karger: Owner of prominent vet emergency clinic in Arlington TX.

    Ken Karger: Maurie's husband

    G Force Chamberlain: Works on various projects, owned an independent management company for a number of years.
  31. This woman was also involved in Lisa McPherson's trial. LMP (if you didn't know) was a native of Dallas.

    Paging AnonymousFemale about the details.... She's the one who mentioned it.

    Also great job getting these names. Where did you find this stuff out?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Force Chamberlain was high up at the dallas celebrity center on buckner, from when it first opened. he wrote several KRs on Lisa McPherson and oversaw her transfer to Fla.
    he was big in Dallas Sci as far back as 82 I know for sure, when they were operating a mission/bookstore thingy near central expressway and walnut hill. back then he wore a priest's collar. and he was a large man
  33. Mantis Member

  34. People on the inside, who want out, love to talk. :)
  35. Dox are here re: Jessup and McPherson; just search for "Jessup."
  36. Zijaha Member

    Hello everyone, I'm back! I didn't mean to ditch, but school overwhelmed me. But it's SUMMER! So I'm back. Are we planning another raid? I believe that sometime we should have a MegaRaid downtown, to get the word out...
  37. zudok Member

    cant believe i missed for as long as i did. been kind of busy. especially trying to stabilize myself financially for babonymous next year lol. you guys have checked it out right?
  38. zudok Member

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