Dallas: April 2009

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Lord Anonymous, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Dallas: April 2009

    Alright, no time to just sit around. We've got to finish gathering the information on the new org. When they're moving in, where we can stand to protest, what kind of responses we can expect, etc.

    The new address is 451 Decker Dr., Irving, TX. I found this only by searching Google for "church of scientology dallas". Searching for the address still shows the old tenant, apparently.

    I took a look at the streetview of the new place, and it has no sidewalks. Worse, it's not on a major street, so it may not be worth standing out there anyway. However, about a five minute walk away is an access road for Carpenter Fwy. Alas, this has no sidewalks either, but I did notice some pavement on public property out by the access road.

    Let's see what we can pull off, Dallas.
  2. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I'm in.
  3. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Great. We'll probably want to go with a Saturday, so our choices are any or all of the following:
    4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

    NoScope, you seem to always have the best insight into law enforcement. Please check out the pavement there across from the entrance of Brim Dr. from the access road. What's the legality of standing there to protest?
  4. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Perhaps... it is a fucking long haul, though...
    And I know not yet which day my "job" will interfere with so I'll cast my vote later.
  5. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Ok, I keep calling the las colinas country club trying to find their property line but its getting rediculous so we may just have to show up and ask. I've already been in touch with the local sherriff and they know of our coming protests. I still don't know the move date though so anyone willing to start digging would be appreciated.
  6. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    They're not responding to phone calls? Hm. I'd ask for the number so I could call myself, but I wouldn't recognize any of the landmarks or names by which to designate the property line.

    Thanks for calling the sheriff, though. We may need to ask for some on-duty cops to come watch out for us. I hear that works pretty well in some other places.

    And I'm still trying to get my hands on a camera that isn't fail when it comes to video. And a flag pole.
  7. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    No, they answer but they either don't know, have no athority, or if they do have athority and are supposed to know they are out of the office. From what I understand from the police headquarters, five feet from the curve should be public so thats some space.
  8. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Good enough for me.

    Say, NoScope, where's that footage from the 14-15th?
  9. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I haven't been home this week and my roommate couldn't figure out how to upload it. Im going home today so I should be able to get you them sometime today or tommorrow.
  10. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I might be able to make it, not the 11th. I can bring a video camera.
    I am actually moving to Irving in June. So I might be able to come down then, because I need to look for apartments anyways.
  11. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Recommend starting flash raids sometime in the April-May timeframe.

    Also, if AnonymousTomorrow can't make it on the 11th, how about the 18th?
  12. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Austin needs you guys
    for megarAids 28th
  13. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I can probably make the 18th.
  14. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    srry guys, can't make the raid this month. Will try in May.
  15. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Can't make the 18th; would prefer the 11th.
  16. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Hmm... anyone for the 4th or 25th, then? Or maybe we should strike on both the 11th and 18th?
  17. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Would they even be moved in by the 4th?
    Or are they already?
    If so, sure, why not?
    Just as long as it's not the 18th, I'm game.
  18. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    4th is good for me if they are moved in by then
  19. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Okay, we may protest multiple weekends this month. I think we finally have enough people to pull it off. Especially if any of you have friends with nothing to do. Maybe 4th and 18th, just to put some time in between? What's the word on the official move date?
  20. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    *edit* lag. sorry for the double.
  21. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Anybody have the number for the dallas org? I will call tommorow and try to find out.
  22. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    According to Google, anyway. Have fun.
  23. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I will be back on the 11th by 1pm ish, and i live 2 hours away. so i can probably make the 11th now
  24. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Well, we're never out there till 3. If you can't be there till then, we should probably count you absent for that.
  25. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I called the org but I fucked up...

    When I asked the guy if he knew what the date they were moving was, he started asking me questions about my interest in the move, and if I was a scilon...etc. Well I have an Indiana area code on my cell, because I moved here from there recently, and I told him I came from Indianapolis since I figured he had caller id and could see it wasnt a Dallas area code, and I was from their org there. He started asking me questions about the org that I could not answer, so I had to hang up.

    I was kind of shocked they would go on the defensive like this after I asked just one question, but I guess we cant put anything past these people.
  26. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I was completely honest with them when I called three weeks ago. I said I was interested in events and wanted to know which locations they would be hosted at on different days. At the time they didn't know the move date so she couldn't help me but she did ask if I was interested in scientology. I told her i most certanly was, she then suggested I stop by and check out the org (dallas one) to which I said that I have been there on a monthly basis and she has probably seen me. She was curious and asked when. I said the past wkend, I was the one with the mask and sign, to which she abruptly hung up. I guess she figured it out. :p
  27. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    If you want to get around area code issues, etc. I recommend Skype. Tough to track, I hear.
  28. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    LMAO, that is why you are the man Scope.

    Appreciate the heads up. I will try again this weekend from a diff. phone.
  29. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Ok, feel free to worship me for my great skills in information gathering. The Dallas org is having a GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION (in caps cause the lady sounded really excited and screamed it in my ear) on the 11th at 2pm. She told me to wear a cowboy hat (idk if thats their theme or if she was just over excited) so I think thats a good theme. I know some of you said the 11th was not a good date, but this is our chance to give them a welcome to the neighborhood that they won't forget. So man up troops (unless your a femanon) and let the enturbulation planning begin. :)
  30. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I will do my best to be there by 2!!
  31. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Damn skippy. I'm gonna try to do my best recruiting for this one on the 11th. It's good that you've done this, man; it gives up a solid move date. And a hell of a time to strike.

    Behold, my Brothers, for today is the Dawn of Our Glorious Win.
  32. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Sorry I've been out for a while. I'll definitely make an effort to be there on the 11th.
  33. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Hey kids, sorry I never made it the 14th, had some logistical problems. Definitely wanna make this one, especially if its for their housewarming party. I might bring some goodies to make it extra special.

    Parking ideas are limited there for sure, but there are a few options to be explored. The grass near the fire hydrant between the Scion building and their neighbor is likely city property, as is the water meter in front (the IDEAL location)...except the no sidewalk thing does complicate the situation. Likewise, the neighbors may be cool with us standing on their grass, you can see on Google Earths street view pic where their landscaping starts, not perfect but within sight of the street and the scion building.

    My idea is this....if you look on Google Earth there is a building which neighbors the scion building that has a big curvy parking lot. On the other side of this building from Decker Dr. is a section of sidewalk along the service road to John Carpenter Freeway. Not only would this provide tons of exposure to many cars driving by, but it is well within view of the many apartments and condos of Las Colinas proper. Also, there is a ton of slow/gridlock afternoon traffic on this strip of freeway, meaning mega exposure for the occasional afternoon raid.

    There is a similar sidewalk on Decker Dr. side of the building, but as has been said, there is likely little traffic there. Also, these may be private sidewalks (even though there are hydrants by them?) so we may need to get in touch with the businesses there. I am almost certain they are public though.

    It would be great if the country club was cool with us, but something tells me that's half the reason the scilon picked that spot, and they've probably already gotten in good.

    In terms of exposure for our cause though, this location is awesome, once the logistics are set it should be much better than the Buckner location for anons.
  34. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Also, use payphones for the ultimate in anon calling, just not the one across the street from where you live. :D
  35. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    so the lady thought you were public, just innocently calling for info, and she told you to wear a cowboy hat?
  36. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Basicaly. I had to give some "info" about myself, but she seemed more than happy to spill the beans when I told her about how sad I was in missing the Bday event.

    I called them and talked with some regular employees and they didn't even know the cult was moving in. I also tried to contact the head manager to discuss property lines but have not heard back from him. If anyone lives near there it would be helpful if you could go in and personally discuss the use of their property on the street side of the fence and what limitations they would like from us.
  37. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    /r/ing a megaphone and ot3 for the 11th. what better way to welcome them than with the words of their departed leader and savior?

    also, i still need a flagpole. dammit.

    and we should have fliers and youfoundthecards this time, since there might actually be some foot traffic involved here.
  38. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Finally got the rest of the video from March 14-15 done. I'm still sad I missed the last protest at the old org :(
    Oh, well. Enjoy the vid.

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