Dallas: April 2009

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Lord Anonymous, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I'm bringing a shit ton of flyers with information of the cult on it and anonymous. Thanks to our public schools, I have had the opportunity to many copy machines free of charge.
  2. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Ah, thanks, AT. Just make sure they hit home quick with the content. No loaded words, etc., just facts. I still have the "Scientology is a Scam" sign in my possession, so I'll have that. And a flag if I can get the friggin' pole. Geeze. Who would have thought it would take this long?

    And again, does anyone have a megaphone? It could be useful here. Actually, does anyone know about the noise laws we might have to contend with?
  3. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Just to let everyone know, I'm gonna try to turn this into a megaraid if possible. You know, call for /b/lackup. After all, this is a big event.
  4. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    on noise: since the org is directly across from a golf course, common courtesy might be nice. golfers hate sudden noises when they're putting.
    better to have the country club as a friend
  5. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Ill see if I can find a megaphone. Nice vid by the way. Im going to do a date check here in a couple days to make sure that they didn't lie to me. I don't think they did but better safe than sorry.

    Very nice. They will come in handy if we spread out.
  6. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Ok so just to get this straight, we are having our raid on the 11th, and not doing anything this weekend, right?

    I will try and print and bring some flyers as well.
  7. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Yeah, the country club is a bothersome factor. Even if they're cool with us they're not going to want their members to hear anything or see anything that makes the club look bad. So probably no use of their property.

    Did anyone ever check the Google Earth situation?

    If we can't use the grass by the org I'm still thinking that shorter strip of sidewalk facing the highway will get the best exposure possible, at least to the public. Read my earlier post for more details about where I'm talking about.

    Plan on placing flyers more than handing them out, I'm not thinking theres gonna be ANY real pedestrian foot traffic there. I could be wrong, we'll see. Did someone say placing on vehicles was okay in Irving but not doorknobs? Can't remember.

    Also, being the first protest at this location I think it would behoove us to make an introduction round to all the stores/businesses in the area, both to let them know that the guys in masks are safe and approachable with any concerns they have, as well as to let them know about their new neighbors.
  8. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    tex, yes it's the 11th. We can arrange one last protest at the old org for the 4th, if people will show up, but the big one for this month is the 11th.

    8895, good thinking, all the way around. I think we should all try to get there a little early (a little before 10) and determine the best place to stand. This is assuming we know all the available places beforehand, and choose from among these options.

    AnonymousTomorrow, please post a copy of your chosen flier here so we can all take a look and maybe make suggestions before you print them all off.
  9. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I was thinking the same thing about the golf club and i keep trying to get in touch with them. The foot traffic in thats area is mainly joggers, bikers, and elderly couples walking pets so passing out fliers isn't all that available. If you plan on putting them anywhere, it is legal to place them on doors as long as they can't blow away (and litter) but you can't knock or place them on any public property. Introducing ourselves to businesses is a great idea so somebody post up a list of businesses in that area with numbers and we'll have one person call them so they don't get alot of calls from several different people.
  10. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    There aren't very many businesses nearby, but I can't check it out on the street level.

    Are the building across the street from the org AND down the street BOTH country club, or is one a shopping center? Can't tell from sky view.

    Hell, I say we go into the businesses in person, shake some hands.
    Maybe if I get a chance I'll hit them up unmasked one day, say I'm a representative of the people who will be out there or something.
  11. Nereruo Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I can make the 11th if Tex can give me a ride there.
  12. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    If you do go could you also talk to the country club and find where their property ends. We need to know what are our legal limits so we don't make a bad impression on our first day at a new community.
  13. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Hard for me to do, I live a good ways away right now, but eventually yeah, we'll want to know that. I'm pretty sure they'll be fine with walking nearby as long as its outside of the fence and not their parking lot.

    But I got a pretty sure feeling that when it comes to masked people protesting that they're going to want us fully across the street, so their clients don't think its about them in any way.

    If nothing else, we'll stay well away on the first day and I'll go find out then while I'm in town.

    Didn't someone say their mom was some rich Las Colinas gossip queen who was pissed about the cult moving in? Maybe they have friends at the country club...
  14. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    8895, Optimisticate's mom is the one who's the gossip queen you're referring to, but we also need to spread a bit on our own. I definitely think fliering the neighborhood is a good idea, but I'll leave that to one person so we don't accidentally turn them against us when they get five different fliers each. Which reminds me...

    AnonTomorrow, remember to mention that the cult is just moving into that neighborhood in the flier somewhere, and not just the reasons we protest.
  15. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I can give you a ride but I leave Denton on Friday afternoons because I have work Friday and Saturday in Dallas. If you can come with me Friday, we can definitely work it out.
  16. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Definitely, but if there IS a connection with the Country Club later it could only help. But you're right, we definitely need to make the effort ourselves.

    Good thinking about the lone flyer poster, don't wanna make ourselves a nuisance.

    Plus it's the perfect way to intro the reasons we protest...
    Something like, "Say hello to your new Neighbors, the Co$!" or "Guess who just moved into your neighborhood!!" and then following with the fucked up things these new neighbors do.

    Don't forget the "You and I pay taxes, so WHY SHOULDN'T THIS RICH CULT?" kind of angle, I have a feeling that the tax issue may hit home with the 9 to 5 yuppie crowd of Las Colinas (the majority there).
  17. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    The flyer I have a few hundred copies of is about Co$ and Anon
    but I'm making a new one in like 10 minutes that will include your suggestions. It won't be hard for me to make flyers, I just do like 25 a day for two weeks and I have enough. So I should have it up here before 2 pm today.
  18. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Ok, just got off the phone with the manager of the Las Colinas Country Club. He said he couldn't be sure but thought that his property ended at the fence. His main concern was noise due to the closeness of a tee off box and asked that we be considerate of those on the course so when there are golfers near by about to tee we should tone down (probably not a problem cause we rarely get any scilons outside to talk to). He has my # and said he would go out to the spot within the next couple days and verify what is public property. I told him if he had any questions or if on the day of the protest he had any complaints that he could call me and we can work something out.

    So the country club is compliant and doesn't seem to be an issue as long as were not loud near golfers. The manager seemed nice and didn't seem hostile to the idea of us being out there so that sovles the protesting spot problem.
  19. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    it's 1:58pm =)
  20. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Okay, a few things to pay attention to before you print these out:
    - Instead of using "fliering," which isn't technically a real word, try something like "Use of fliers and picketing", or maybe just "Picketing and fliers". Avoid words that Word doesn't like. Sounds silly, I know, but it helps it sound more authoritative if we don't use made-up words.
    - Avoid the use of the word "cult". As a loaded word, it tends to turn people away from an issue, regardless of which side uses it. I'd say it's okay as used here, but be careful.
    - On that note, I'd say don't use "rich cult". Just use "cult". Money is power, so why acknowledge theirs? The only problem with this is the spacing that provides. Maybe try "DANGEROUS CULT" instead.
    - Kaja Bollo was not the "daughter of Norwegian Parliament", but daughter of a member of the Norwegian Parliament.
    - There were a lot of issues regarding the death of Jett Travolta, and it was pretty highly televised from what I hear. I'd recommend leaving it off, since he had a lot of issues and autism does not cause seizures. Maybe replace him with another case.
    - Just below the names on the right is the best place to say something like "Read more stories at" Don't put that into the number format though.

    Also, in terms of format, can you fold these (ie. print the title on the front, then open it for more info)?

    Sorry, I know that's kinda long, but I hope it helps!
  21. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I say altogether an ok flier, but it seems like too much info and the public will just tl/dr. Try picking a single topic instead of everything bad about the cult and make a couple different single topic fliers with room for a picture to grab attention. And avoid the word "CHURCH", don't call them what their not.

    Here are the two fliers I passed out there back in Jan.

  22. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    WHOA. Those fliers are epic, NoScope. Massive win.

    *edit* I looked a little closer and found that these fliers are a little old... has been down for months. I'm not sure exactly how long, but it was down when I rejoined in November. Be careful not to use that website on current fliers.
  23. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    yeah, i had changed that on the copies I printed but these are the originals that was sent to me. Its just examples of how to make an eye catching flier with specific info.
  24. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    That + Flyers = Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After Win After.....

    Did you explain about the masks and all? Maybe we could design a classy flier that they could give to their members, or post, so they'll know we're friendly.
    Now I'm just worried about cars honking as they pass that tee, but I'm pretty sure there's almost no traffic there.
    Haha, I had that issue when I was typing something earlier! I'm a grammar nazi too, "posting" is the correct term. Hence "No Bills Posted", which by the way, for anyone who doesn't know means DON'T PUT UP ANY FLIERS if you see a sign that says it.
    I think it is very approachable and would be perfect for more suburban environments. If the headline hooks ya, you'll read it all. And that headline will hook them.

    NoScope, your fliers are absolutely brilliant.
  25. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Those fliers are epic win.

    Maybe we could use similar flyers to hand out in the neighborhood to let the people know about the co$. while on the event day, use those badass super saiyan flyers.
  26. newanon2009 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I live in a suburb of Dallas and I'm all the time getting sticky notes on my mailbox. Is that legal in that area? That would be a quick and easy way to let a lot of people know who's coming to the neighborhood....50 sheets per pad. Vista charges 12.50 for 10 pads (on sale). You can fully customize the whole piece of paper. Just a thought.

    I'm SO hoping to make this raid. We are down to 1 car, temporarily, so it all depends on if the other has to work.
  27. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Welcome to our happy little crew, newanon, and thanks for the headsup. I don't know about the legality of those, but I also think the limited space of a sticky note may not be enough to get across some vital points. In this case, the page fliers may be effective enough to offset the cost of printing, although you have a good point.
  28. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Your flier is good because it gives out alot more info than mine, just orgainize it and maybe put some of it on the back of the flier.
  29. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Nothing is legal to do to a mailbox if you aren't the letter carrier, the resident, or acting with the resident's permission.

    Never put fliers, notes, cards or anything on/in a mailbox....its a federal offense....always.

    But good brainstorming, keep it up, hope to see you the 11th!

    Also NOSCOPE, that 2nd flier with the quote about Jesus would be nice to modify slightly for a version to hand out to legit churches around the new org/Las Colinas area... :)

    I would personally just take off the WWP address on the bottom if you give it to churches, just send them to the "cleaner" sites...YFTC would be good to add.

    Also, add a "Scientology has recently moved to your area" kinda bit at the top to let them know why they should care. Also there's a grammar error in the first sentence of the Jesus quote that you should touch up for professional appearances.
  30. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    If you want I can send you a link for a copy and you can edit the hell out of it.

    It's a quote so i just left it the way it was.
  31. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Don't have any good photo editing software to work with right now, but may do it in the future.

    In all reality it's probably fine for churches as is, I'm just a terrible perfectionist... :)
  32. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Cowboy hats? Can someone sneaky get a 2nd confirm on that with the org, and will anyone else be wearing em?

    I think it'd be kinda funny, especially if we all cop some beat up ghetto thrift store cowboy hats.
  33. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    As for hats, I'll still be wearing my trademark pirate hat even if y'all wear cowboy hats.

    Also, I found a driver today! WOOHOO!!! That means I can get my crew out there with no problem (and no mass transit, thank God). So far, I've confirmed only this one, although I have two other maybes. I won't have an accurate count for a few more days.

    Head counts?
  34. newanon2009 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    There's a lot of illegal people in my area, then! ha I get stickies often - and all kinds of stuff just put in my mailbox (you know, the typical lawn care, housesitting, daycare type cards)

    If I do get to come out, where is everyone thinking is an OK place to park, safely? Or do people go to somewhere off-site and then taxi over or something like that?
  35. DukeIncognito Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Forgive me, but my time is short and I haven't been able to find the date of the protest. If it's been chosen to be either the 18th or the 25th I can and will most happily attend with another. Virtually anything inbetween is assuredly doable as well.

    Aye, and those flyers are looking good. The mentioning of their picket and flyering might best be switched out for mentioning their character assassinations instead. One, because it's easily demonstrated with the Panorama episode in which they were shown to have plastered that poor sod's background on any handy surface. Two... Aren't we more or less flyering and, if not picketing, standing about in the cause of justice which some laymen might confuse for such? Strikes an awkward note.

    I would like to point out that this is just one personal observation from a humble, unworthy, and decidedly less accomplished Anonymous.

    But, back to my original question... What was that date again?
  36. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Duke, remember that all Anonymous are equal. Some are more equal than others, but we don't have ranks. The date is the 11th. Good call about the flier/picket part of the fliers. You have a very good point.

    newanon, we generally park offsite in random places and then walk about a quarter mile or so to the protest site. At the old site, we would park in neighborhoods or parks, etc., then walk in. We don't want to be followed to our cars after all. Basically, you're responsible for looking up your own parking area. I'll be helping my crew here, but I recommend checking out the area in satellite view on Google Maps for best results.
  37. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    If anyone wants to confirm the date and attire that would be apprecciated. I was just going to get my hat from the walmart toy section.
  38. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I will be without a cowboy hat, but I will have a mask this time so at least there is that.
  39. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I will be there. I should get back from my church retreat by noon or one on that Saturday. So according to my GPS, Irving is about an hour and a half. So I'm probably getting there around 2 or 3 I might be bringing some people but there's no absolute confirmation.
    AT will be there, though.
    What times are yall being there? The Grand Opening is at 2pm ya, so I assume you'll be there by the time I show up.
  40. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Google Earth is your friend! :)
    I don't think it'll be a problem this time, the scions will be doing their own thing. But def be careful.

    Brilliant! I'll try to confirm that stuff this week.

    I'll be there, maybe +1, mayyyyybe +2...probably alone this time though.
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