Dallas: April 2009

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Lord Anonymous, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I am an independent contractor who has worked on the Church. I am also ANONYMOUS.

    I have been on site for roughly three weeks. My part is almost finished, and I will likely be there only another day or two. I cannot, for obvious reasons, be at the protest on the day of the opening. However, I would like to help if I can.
  2. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Actually, you can be there if you want. Just wear a mask like we do, and some clothes that don't line up with what you normally wear.
  3. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    You could confirm the move in date. Since you worked on the place you culd tell us when you'll finish and if you know the property line that would be very helpful.

    And welcome to anonymous
  4. kumorigoe Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

  5. DukeIncognito Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Agh... Can't be done! I can't attend on the 11th... So close, yet so far. My next work schedule doesn't even allow me any weekends off so all the time I have off remains from the 18th to the 25th.

    Once again I must hang back and cheer on at a distance. I wish you all the absolute very best and hope to hear that some scilon days have been ruined by inconvenient reality.
  6. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009


    Here is conformation
  7. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Has anyone called the police department or the city council to let them know about the protest?

    The Irving Police Department is (972) 721-2600

    Homer Garza
    Senior Geographic Information Systems Coordinator
    Telephone: 972.721.2108

    maybe if we call Homer Garza we can ask for his suggestion to the protesters location for the protest?

    The contact number for the City of Irving website, I googled irving city council and this is the number at the contact info at the bottom of the page.
    (972) 721-2600

    I would call but I don't have time to right now. I'm in class, actually. And I have to work today in about an hour =/. can someone get on this? i might be able to wednesday after class before work. .
  8. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Don't worry, ive already called the secretary of irving, the local pd, the country club and 8895 is trying to go and visit the local businesses personally. Every one but the scilons know of our protest and I plan on calling them on friday to confirm our "appointment" with them.
  9. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I'm gonna call the police either in a couple hours, or tomorrow. Especially effective given the recent warning from that Unknown Order fella. I'll try to make sure we get some protection. If anyone else wants to call, too, feel free. For extra effectiveness, reference the threat.

    And make sure you're calling the Irving police, not the Dallas police.
  10. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Epic win - well done chaps :)
  11. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Yeah, that UO threat sounds like total BS to me. But just in case, lets not forget to look out for the black "sudans". Hahaha! So much of that UO threat letter is just not credible sounding...its unrea... I could spend days picking it apart. Tinfoil out the @$$!

    I'm more worried some scion would pull some stupid shit in the hopes of blaming it on that letter...but I doubt it.

    We need to notify the Las Colinas Patrol, they're like an uber rent-a-cop service that patrols the central Las Colinas area with yellow lights on their cars...but they look like know the type. And they act like cops to, and work closely with the police, so much better to have them in the know about our plans.
  12. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    And for those of you looking for confirmation, I just got this in an email. It's supposedly a forwarded email originally from the office of the org pres. Contains date, time, address, and everything but the original pics. Enjoy the CONFIRMATION.

    Also, feel free to RSVP... :D
  13. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Ok, update on who's going, what will be brought, and what time to be there.
  14. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I'm starting to wonder about my new driver... I haven't heard from him in a while. Getting on Facebook to pester him now. Also, my group turnout for this one is looking abysmal, especially since I'm spending the day before protest out of town. Geeze. Sorry guys, I dropped the ball this time.

    And if worse comes to worst, I may need a ride.
  15. quiet one Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I'll be there but I'm unclear on the time. The org opens at 2 but earlier posts suggest getting there at 10. That's four hours before the opening.
  16. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Ok, last check on whos going. I haven't bought a megaphone yet but will try tonight. If anyone else brings one remember that we can't just go screaming constantly at the cult, even if we want to. There is a golf course near by and we have an agreement with the owner that aslong as were quit when there are golfers near then he doens't have a problem. I plan on being there at 9:00 and getting a tour of the org and will try to get photos but doubt they'll let me. Remeber your signs and if you didn't have time to make one just get a poster board and some markers and we will help you make it on site. As for parking, thats your own responsibility as to where you think it is safe to park as we don't want osa to read your spot here.

    Just called the org and reserved 10-12 seats for the party Dalanon ( he actualy asked me to spell it out so he could write it down) so they can't say we didn't warn them. Also found out that the orgs not open to the public before the event, which sucks cause I wanted a tour, so I guess one of you other faggots will have to brave the hornets nest and try to get some pics of their crappy decor.
  17. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

  18. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    The org is open before ten and they will be setting up. The event is what starts at two and thats when we need to enturbulate the most. Sadly I can't stay that long and will have to leave by 1:00 : (
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    That is great. What did they say ?
  20. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I'll be there by 2, if not before. Lord Anonymous I can give a ride if you meet me on time. :)
  21. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I need an estimation of how many are showing up so i can give the local pd and the golf course a heads up. Oh, and 8895, were you able to go there and visit the local businesses?
  22. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I will be there, hopefully on time assuming I can get out of bed tommorow morning.

    LA, if you are in need of a ride, let me know and we can try to work something out.
  23. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Good to hear from you tex, was worried you couldn't make it.
  24. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Assuming I can find the place and my car can make it all the way there, I will be there. It will be good to be out there with you again Scope.
  25. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    i will be there around noon
  26. Re: Dallas: April 2009 D...DKDA&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1
    410 Decker Dr, Irving, TX,
    that little but of side walk looks to be the closes sidewalk near there parking lot of the cult so i think maybe we should set up camp there
    also i was looking around on the map and i cant find a place to park.
    some one pm me if you now of a place around there?
    also cant we walk up and down in front of the cult on the side of the road?
    i really don't think they own the grass in front all the way up to the road....we need to find out
  27. 423 Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    25 foot easement to the City of Irving in front of the org-- public property. (which is overtop of a 15' utility easement.) Thank you, City of Irving!


    Courthouse records room is too crowded to get an official copy-- so this must due.


    If I can make it, I shall bring copies for the police or for whomever.
  28. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    that's great so we can be in front on the grass but no more then 25ft?
    we need a tape measure
    ok printed two copy's out as well
  29. Re: Dallas: April 2009


    My driver... I got a hold of him at about 4pm, but he asked if he could call me back later. He hasn't. I can only assume that he isn't going, and I was a little... distracted for the last few hours.

    I still need a driver, so let's make this simple. Sammy, tex, I'm not sure which of you will get this, if either, so first to post a reply, come get me. Send me a PM after that to tell me when, and I'll tell you where to get me. Thanks in advance.

    Also, bonus points if you can fit an 8' pole in your car.
  30. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    check your pms
  31. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    i seem to have missed the window for a ride from austinanon. anyone else?
  32. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    ok will im checking this for the last time
    im on my way to Dallas hope to see everyone there
    and good lucky to all the protest out there today all over.
    also if some one can remember to call the cops and tell them we are protesting Scientology /this is a must/
    also get some news station #'s so we can call and hopeful get on t.v tonight.
    i have some bottles of water,cam,signs and ipod /radio.........i might get some caek on the way up there maybe
    see you real soon
  33. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    I can give you a ride. Check your pms.
  34. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Well I've been driving by and they actually have all of Decker Dr blocked off. And from what I could see there is a LOT of people, I'm not sure where they all came from. They've got a shuttle bus and everything. I'll wait around and try to see if any anons made it through.
  35. tex Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    There was like 6 of us at noon. The cops will let you in, they just tell you where you can and cannot go. It was fun. Go in and enturbulate.
  36. quiet one Member

    Re: Dallas: April 2009

    that was fun! I'm going to try and make Austin next week.
  37. Re: Dallas: April 2009

    Epic Win! Or was it Legendary Win?

    Had a lot of fun today, hope to see some of these fresh faces more often.
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