Dallas January & February Raids!

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Dallas January & February Raids!

    Okay... this thread is to get the ball rolling on the new year of protesting!!!!


    We've got an excellent oppurtunity for lulz... It's the 25th death day of L. Con Hubbard!!!! Let's have a great turnout....

    Same rules as before..... Dallas Anons... I need your input... Which is a better day to protest? Before or after the death? LET your Voice be heard!!

    Also Will be including info for February Laters..... But I want to start raising awareness. Lot's of important stuff brewing in Feb... Get in on it NAO!
  2. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Are we going to do another raid on the CoS?

    If so, keep me posted. Let's show the scientologists that they're not wanted around here.

    As for the actual date of the protest, I honestly have nothing better to do, so I would say both days would be good; although the day before L. Ron's deathday would probably have more effect. Another thing is, the scientologists rented out a kiosk in the irving mall. Although a protest there may not be practical, maybe a petition to keep the scientologists out of our mall would rattle the hornet's nest a bit more.
  3. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    New DallasFag?!? Excellent! Haven't had one of those in a bit. Except for the FemAnons. Anyways, couple things about what you were saying:
    You haven't ben out this way before much have you? I'm still pretty Green, and I've been to 2 protests at this org. Of course it's private property. But your bill of Rights in the Constitution allows us to protest peacefully anywhere. (As long as we are in public property.

    Remember when you go to protest. The POSSIBILITY of fair game is there, so if you want to be extra paranoid, details on how we meet and advice for using public Transportation is in this thread:
    I strongly recommend this cause I use the public Transit to get to all my raids.

    Second, if you want some more detailed information on Actually getting there and some basic rules of protesting when you are there: see this thread:

    If you've got any additional concerns etc. Feel free to ask here or shoot me a PM

    Edit: cox for getting interupted whilst trying to reply:
  4. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Btw... other thread here detailing the Irving Mall:

    I really do appreciate your enthusiasm... I'm just sorry I beat you to it all. :)

    Don't be too discouraged. We still appreciate the offers to help.
  5. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    AS for days to protest... I'm unavailable for the first one. If I go protest on Saturday, it will be the 29th. However... I've also heard some rumblings about 1/11/11 protests. I'd be interested in doing that too just to rattle Scilons and remind them we still own this.

    Edit: Anyone oppossed to LRH Pinata Tech during a protest?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    not to pee on your parade,
    but 11/11/11 is the is.
  7. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Ah rats... oh well... I'll still do 01/11/11. And Looking forward to that november day too..
  8. WaterSwordHTX Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Hey Dallasfags...... whatcha doin?
  9. WaterSwordHTX Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    might i bother one of you for help? We might need alil help with houston's new site and id like to keep things in state for megaraids. just email me @

    everyone eles.... www[dot]wearehoustonlegion[dot]com is up and running...... and under constant concruction.... its only 2 of us doing it right now.
  10. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    01/11/11 sounds great to me.

    Just give me a time and I'll be there with signs...and more anons.

    Edit: An LRH piñata or effigy of any kind would be funny as hell. If it's a piňata, we should fill it with kool cigarettes. I heard the hubster liked those.
  11. Lord Anon Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!


    I am proud to announce my triumphant return, despite my inability to reclaim my old accounts (can't remember the passwords).

    I was talking to SocksDallas and came up with what I think would be a very lulzy protest theme: "Xenu is bad sci-fi"

    I myself have a Starfleet uniform and a Battlestar Galactica flight suit sitting in my closet, and if I were a betting man, I'd bet a few of you have costumes too.

    So let's all wear costumes from good sci-fi to protests. It'll grab more attention than standard dayclothes, and particularly to the Space Opera aspect.
  12. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    hmm Don't think the Pinata will be ready by the 11th. but I think if I did fill it... I'll probably put caek or YFTC's or Just plain ol candy... don't feel like going and getting Kool Cigarettes and Viacine or whatever was in his ass when he died. Probably will be ready for the LRH: 25 Years DEAD protest.
  13. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    I'm working on some recruitment in the dallas area. So far, I have about 5 people that are interested in joining the protest. Also, I found a bullhorn for under $ I may be bringing that with us, as long as that doesn't give anyone a reason to call the authorities.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Go Texas fags!

    From, an Oklahoma fag
  15. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Hey Bullhorn tech would be neat.. I haven't seen that [STRIKE]in a while[/STRIKE] ever! Make sure you and your guys have some catchyy signs... and know about some stuff you want to ask Scilons. Also in the past, Wikipedia Tech of article 'Xenu' has been useful. Bring out the big guns... Time to show Scilons that Dallas Is the new Enturbulation Station!
  16. SocksDallas Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    This is the most exciting thing ever.

    So which date has been decided? I'd love to finally show up again to one of these, although I cannot promise my attendance...
  17. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    well It seems there is going to be multiple raids. Guy anon is suggesting raiding the 11th on tuesday, the and the other Saturdays. I will be available for the 11th and the 29th for sure. I wouuld say starting around noon is good, and staying till about 4 or so. Unless you feel like being even better Anons and going or staying later lol. in Any case I will be showing up at the bus stop around 11:45 on the 11th for sure. I'll go ahead and tenatively say I'll do the same for the 29th
  18. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    I came up with a nifty game plan for those who choose to drive, as I will be doing, since I don't have the money to buy a bus ticket...yeah...I'm THAT fucking broke.

    Park somewhere where your car won't get towed. Note: The apartment complexes on Las Colinas Blvd WILL tow you. The closest place I'd suggest parking is Campion Trails. Make your way down toward the north end of L.C. Blvd. On either side of the street, there are stairs leading down to the canal. There are several places along the canal where you can stop and change into something a bit more...anon. After changing, walk down toward the southern end of the canal and make your way up the stairs on the left. As you go up the stairs, you'll find yourself on Riverside, which turns into Rochelle. Decker will be after 114 on the right...and I'm sure you can find the Scilon house of deceit from there. It's the big fucking building with scientology plastered all over it. You can't miss it.

    On the way back from the protest, duck back into the canal, change, and check out the pretty scenery for a bit. Wait about 10-15 min down there and make your way back to campion trails. If you still feel like you're being followed, and are up for a challenge, run through the woods in the direction opposite your car...or if you're like me, whip out the good old cell phone and give the police a buzz. They'll be there in under a minute. The police station is 5 minutes up the road.
  19. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    This thread is full of WIN!!! I can't wait for Tuesday! Also if you are New Dallas Fag, remember to check out these links for protesting and stuff:

    Bring iton!
  20. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    This all looks enormously delightful.

    I'm definitely down for any Saturday protests, and can probably drag along some friends. Tuesday the 11th is a little hairier, but maybe not entirely impossible; I'll post back with a definite answer soon.

    As for sign ideas, which someone mentioned above, I have some:

    "Scientology: No Prophets, Just Profit$"
    [I'm hoping to make an enormous canvas sign out of this one soon.]

    "$cientology Clears Bank Accounts"

    "Religion is free. $cientology is neither."

    The last two are borrowed, I think from the Chicago Anons.

    I also made a new tri-fold informational brochure; as soon as I have it in PDF form (it's Word at the moment) I'll upload it. ^.^b
  21. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Also, as far as the bullhorn goes, I would look up the city regulations about that sort of thing first. I feel like I've heard something about them not being allowed...

    I'm sure the local police would be able to tell you, and it might be a good idea to have a little chat with them anyway, since I think it's been a while since we talked to them, and it only makes things easier for us (and makes us look better) considering Co$'s slippery tactics.

    Any takers? It's probably best to arrange one person to call, so we don't accidentally flood them.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

  23. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    I will call them tomorrow... I've got to use my skype credit or it will vanish... Yeah BUllhorn Good Idea to check on that.....
    The other thing I wanted to check about was expanding.... seeing if they had any problem maybe one day setting up a banner on the Freeway. I'll ask this and post responses/ Questions for all to see
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    The tricky thing is that the police often don't know all the laws (who could, really?), but that doesn't always stop them from just plain making shit up, especially answers that will mean less work for them. If you don't believe me, try asking 3 different cops and contrast the responses you get.

    Ideally, it's best to have a legal research anon or friend do the legwork for you to find the relevant city laws, so you have a copy of what the actual rules are in black and white. You can find these with Google sometimes too, if you're good.

    I do like your idea of notifying the police and taking the time to establish good relations with them. You guys sound like you're doing excellently.
  25. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Thanks, DarkSpecter, looking forward to your report. In the meantime I'll have a look around the Googlez, see if I can scratch up some City Ordinance Tech.

    Here's the tri-fold FAQ flier, on MegaUpload, if anyone's interested. It's black and white and should be folded in a basic "Z" pattern - no fancy overlapping necessary.
  26. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Pretty nice Trifold... and I like how you worked in your constant refrain of :The Truth will stand up to scrutiny" NOICE!

    My only complaint/ suggestion would be to include some more pro and con sites. You do state that multiple sources is better than a single... so you can put, youfoundthething or maybe some other sites or things to google.

    Also might add in how our appearance makes us stand out, i.e. 'you probably looked twice right?'

    Just suggestions..... Other than that.. pretty nice. I don't think Golden Era Productions could have done any better.
  27. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    It appears that we can only legally use an amplifier (the bullhorn) if we acquire a permit from the city. (Source Link) While I doubt that acquiring the permit would be difficult, considering we have a good track record of legal, peaceful protesting, I'm fairly certain the process would necessitate at least one person giving out their real identification information, which I'm not sure any of us are willing to do.

    DarkSpecter, perhaps you could note down the relevant sections of the City Code and ask about them when you call the Police tomorrow? It might be worth asking also what their disclosure policies are, and if it would be possible for us to get some kind of anonymous permit, in light to the Co$'s policies toward detractors, which we can provide documentation of.

    Edit: Thanks for the comments/suggestions about the flier, DarkSpecter! My only concern is that it was already hard to fit so much text on a single front/back sheet, and I don't want to go beyond one page. I am working on a second flier, though, and I'll definitely take your suggestions into account there! :D
  28. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    FIrst off. Thanks for the dox on the ordinance... giving it a cursory examination with my completely non legal mind here.... It seems to indicate that Ord. No. 2009-9120, Chapter 22.3 Section A bullet 6:

    Loudspeakers, amplifiers, public address systems, and similar devices: The unreasonably loud, disturbing, and unnecessary use or operation of a loudspeaker, amplifier, public address system, or other device for producing or reproducing sound:

    a.Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. on weekdays, and 10:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. on weekends and holidays in the following areas:

    i.Within or adjacent to a residential area;

    ii.Within public space if the sound is plainly audible across the real property line of the public space from which the sound emanates, and is unreasonably loud and raucous. This shall not apply to any public performance, gathering, or parade for which a permit has been obtained from the City of Irving; or

    Considering that the protest is between noonish and around 4pm... I'd say we are within the time, also the fact that 451 Decker ST is definitely NOT zoned as residential.

    Nevertheless... I shall ask the police... and refer them to this ordinance... and ask if a bull horn would be acceptable given the above stipulations.
  29. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Ah, I see that now. When I read it the first time I assumed subsections i. and ii. were in addition to the time regulations in subsection a. If the time regulations really are the only applicable restriction, then I guess we're in the clear. :D

    I agree that you should still ask as a precaution, but if the law is on our side then let's greenlight this megaphone biz.

    Props for noticing that!
  30. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Great job finding the city of irving code, female. I know those laws can be hard to find sometimes.

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if the scientology "celebrity center" in dallas is still open? If they are, I think that we should definitely go over there and clear their thetans...if you will.
  31. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    No, apparently the Irving "Ideal Org" replaced the old Celebrity Centre. (Source Link)
  32. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    After lurking for a bit, I don't think 1/11/11 will have much of an effect. According to the scilon-dallas website, they have dianetics seminars every weekend. So I think if we can hit people before they get to the org on fridays or saturdays maybe it will turn them away. I just tried calling them to get more info, but they didn't answer...maybe because I blocked my number?
  33. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    My only suggestion for trying it anyways would be perhaps they are lying OTI. They might just say that they only have courses on Saturday to try to limit how often Anonymous goes to them. Besides... It's win either way:
    A. They are lying, and we get a good chance to protest
    B. They are telling the truth, and the only ORG that services North Texas only opens on the weekends.

    Even if they are t elling the truth... we can check it out when they least expect it... AND leave early if there is nothing going on.

    Edit: After rereading your post carefully.... Dianetics Seminars are when they invite public to come inside and watch the Dianetics film... so they will probably still be open for courses etc. on a Tuesday.
  34. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Oh...that's all that is? When I saw the movie, it was on a Wednesday.

    "You can leave here and not believe a single word I said. On the same token, you could jump off a bridge. It's your choice--a stupid choice, but your choice nonetheless."
    -Paraphrased quote from the dianetics movie.

    Honestly, after seeing that film, I don't see how that's not turning people away from scientology. Anyone with an IQ of at least 100 should see red flags popping up all over the place.
  35. Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Yeah I saw a youtube thingie about parts of the film. I remember that part well.... DEfinitely throwing up sane red flags. Maybe it's not specifically just the film it might be like, a tour of the facilities plus like a gestapo speech about DIanetics... but I'm pretty sure it's intended to sucker in the public. actuallyt I think I had a coupon to see it from the dox they dropped in November. Dunno where that nugget is but I'll bring the dox to this protest. AT any rate.... I don't think Dallas is so dead that they only open for the weekends... so I think we should be okay.

    Edit: Maybe we should post a Youtube of Some Anonymous not believing a word he said and jumping off a bridge, and landing like 3 feet down or whatever.
  36. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Re: Dallas January & February Raids!

    Yes! And we should have the camera angle be really dramatic to make it look much higher than it actually is. Then the camera can pan out to show the actual height. After the anon jumps and "dies", in large white letters, it should read "SCIENTOLOGY KILLS." and "WE DO NOT FORGIVE. WE DO NOT FORGET. WE'RE COMING SOON TO AN ORG NEAR YOU."

    EDIT: I've been lurking moar...and i think the most people will be at the org on sundays around 10:45...that's when they have their service. If anyone wants to join me, I think I might start showing up for protests 1-2 sundays per month...but we'll see.
  37. I know this is off-topic for our little thread, but have any of you heard any plans for March 13, 2011? It's L. Wrong's 100th birthday, and I don't see how Anonymous could possibly let that go unheralded. I think it would be enormously awesome to hold an international reunion/reset protest, especially since Dave and Tommy seem to think they've won this game (and let's be honest, we've lost some steam the last year and a half) .

    Any thoughts?

    I really want to suggest this, but given the nature of Anonymous I figure it's best to drum up a little support first, so the idea doesn't get drowned out or rejected out of hand.
  38. I think it's good to be thinking ahead.... though posting it here probably won't get very much exposure... now if only we still had a front page......
  39. Sorry Dallas Anons... I didn't get the chance to call the police to poon them with questions and info.... but they are not in the office on the weekends I will call again on Monday: Here is the Conversation I intend to ask:

    Questions to ask Irving Police:
    1. Establish Parameters of the Protest:
    a. Date is Tuesday January 11th, 2011 from about 12 noon to 4pm.
    b. Location is 451 Decker Dr, Irving. In the Las Colinas Business District.
    c. Also mention there will be some other protests on Saturdays.
    d. We are Anonymous, peacefully protesting Scientology.
    2. According to Ord. No. 2009-9120, Chapter 22.3 Section A; would we prohibited from using a bullhorn set loud enough to make our voices carry, mainly so we do not have to shout when we talk to the members inside. Note the bullhorn will be pointed from the Sidewalk into Scientology’s building.

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