Dallas January & February Raids!

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    So we're still on for tomorrow? Darkspecter, did you get a chance to talk to the police today? Just out of curiosity, how do we address one another at the protest? Do we make up fake names or do we pull of some kind of marklar from planet marklar thing?
  2. I'm still on. I'll be sticking to the plan in battle gear....
    I didnot get the chance to speak to Irving Police yet.... I haven't been home all day... just got back infront of my computer.
  3. My rule of thumb is, if you have a fairly common first name just go by that, as long as your face is covered it doesn't seem very risky to me.

    If you have an uncommon name or you're worried, you can just go by your WWP handle. I don't know DarkSpecter's name, so I usually call him either DarkSpecter or just Anonymous, and he seems to answer to both.
  4. Also, I'm still not sure if I'll be there tomorrow. I really want to come, but my public transportation pass expired when the year changed so the ride situation isn't looking optimal.

    If I do come it'll probably be quite a bit after noon.
  5. Just give a whistle .... Usually that will do it
  6. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Awesome. I will be there as soon as I's looking to be around 11:45 or 12:30ish
  7. So for whatever reason... I can't start a post game thread so here it is:

    Story: I got there first and started enturbulating solo. About 20 minutes in... Guy Fawkes showed up., with some back up. WE didn't get to actually speak to anyone... but we got quite a few waves and even 1 honk from a driver by. The Omni Parking lot was nice and full.... so it seems we got a bit of public to drive by.

    Seems to me that there is more traffic during the week, compared to Saturdays.

    In short..... YFTC tech needs to happen NAO!!!!
  8. new guy Member

    So for whatever reason... I can't start a post game thread so here it is:

    Story: I got there first and started enturbulating solo. About 20 minutes in... Guy Fawkes showed up., with some back up. WE didn't get to actually speak to anyone... but we got quite a few waves and even 1 honk from a driver by. The Omni Parking lot was nice and full.... so it seems we got a bit of public to drive by.

    Seems to me that there is more traffic during the week, compared to Saturdays.

    In short..... YFTC tech needs to happen NAO!!!!

    Well done.
  9. new guy Member

    Well done.
  10. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    OK dallasfags, i think it's time to step up our game since the dallanon scene is pretty dead. Is anyone else up for passing out flyers at random events in the dallas area(EDIT: in full protest gear)?

    BTW, fun protest. I think we made some progress.
  11. Well since we know that Scilons Hand out flyers at the AAC... perhaps we should do the same? Anyone want to commit to that?
  12. I posted a post-game thread with your recap, DarkSpecter.
  13. Also, so sorry I wasn't there today - the public transport situation, plus prior commitments just made it impossible.

    I'm totally coming the 22nd and 29th, though, and bringing at least one other Anon.

    When were you thinking of flier-ing? I'm free this Saturday, and so is my Anony-friend. :D
  14. well there is a stars game at the AAC if you want to try to meet up there to flyer. Find your local IAS guy maybe? Otherwise FLyering College Campuses is probably the best thing we can do. Maybe we can meet up to flyer the University of Dallas thats right by the ORG? I'm open to suggestions

    EDIT: Oh btw.... GuyFawkes is NOT OSA. He definitely exists in real time (or whatever Scilonese denotes the present)
  15. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    The question is how will we produce over 9000 flyers for recruitment/informational purposes? As far as passing out flyers at AAC, I can get some info about that tomorrow. I have some contacts in that area. Other good places that may be willing to donate to our cause (just for supplies and operational costs...not asking for much) are churches, canvassing residential neighbourhoods in the D/FW area, there are always events going on around dallas...we just need to find out when they are...What else?

    Oh would be nice to have a website...just a little sector of the interwebs that we can call our own. I know I keep bitching and moaning about this, but I do think that this is an important step in really spreading our message of freedom to the metroplex. Not to mention, we can have our protests planned and displayed on the site...even if it's just one of those dinky little free sites, as long as we can put it on our flyers, it will be sufficient.

    BTW: Guy Fawkes IS OSA...Opposing Scientology Anonymously.

    Don't judge's late, I just had finals, and I'm a little drunk.
  16. I'm not really into the asking-for-money thing, but I definitely agree that we need to flier and raise awareness about our local cell. I had asked about this Saturday as a potential flier-ing date, but didn't realize the global Wikileaks protest is that day. Scientology is my main focus, but I do support WL, so I want to at least check that out once.

    As far as a website, we do have a local Dallas one but it's pretty abandoned at the moment. For a while now I've been meaning to ask the original owner if I could have the info to get it off the ground again, since they apparently don't have time anymore, but now I guess I really will. It would be a lot more effective to put a "local" website on promotional materials, I think - not as overwhelming as WWP and less potentially alarming association with Anonymous.
  17. Speaking of the 15th, if I made an event thread for Dallas, would any Dallas Anons show up to protest? And if so, what would you want the protest to be about, specifically, and where?

    A few cities are still doing anti-Scientology protests that day as part of the global; we could do that, but make free speech the theme/emphasis of the raid if no one wants to do a protest focusing solely on Wikileaks.

    Even if you don't love Wikileaks or Julian Assange, freedom of information is essential to our battle against Scientology
  18. I wouldn't mind doing a protest to show support for Wikileaks.... THough I don't know what the Target to hit In Dallas is...ANyone know anything about what goes on with the Wikileaks stuff? Might be nice for the Scilons to see that we can do more than one thing/ we support our friends.
  19. If we were protesting in support of Wikileaks it would make the most sense to me to protest in front of a government facility, but it would have to be federal government, not state or local, as the feds are responsible not just for the international policy Wikileaks is reporting on, but also for any efforts to bring criminal charges against WL or Julian Assange.

    From my research this building and the one adjoining it are the largest federal government presence in Dallas, so I would say we should do it there.


    EDIT: I made an event page for a Dallas Freedom of Information protest. RSVP if you plan to come, and all suggestions are welcome. :D

    Also, it appears that this federal building is in the heart of downtown Dallas, so there will probably be a lot of traffic/exposure there. The address is 1100 Commerce Street.
  20. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Any info from the dallas police about protesting? I'm not familiar with city of dallas laws.
  21. I'll call them and report back. It may be tomorrow, though, because I'm not going to call without reading up on the city code first.
  22. Charlieray Member

    Reporting for duty
  23. Charlieray Member

    I think its best to do it after death,
    It will give us more time to prepare, and more time t assemble the troops.

    We need to get a RSVP page started ASAP,
    Not so last minute like last time,
    So we can gather larger numbers.

    (Also an idea, is make facebook events, they're a good way of informing friends)
  24. RSVP-able event page is up for January 29th.

    The problem with a Facebook page, as far as I can see, is name association.
  25. Charlieray Member

    Well if its people already on your facebook, they already know your name :p

    OR maybe a better idea

    Is make a Dallas Fan Page, where you can post updates on.
  26. Good idea; I'll put together a general Dallas Anon page.

    I'm also looking into either resurrecting Dallas Anons' old website or making a new one, which may allow us to promo more effectively - directing people to a single, concise site first instead of throwing them straight into WWP.
  27. Also lest I forget: [which i kinda did. :( ] Here's the promotional material they handed out at the Stars game:
    SCAN0067.jpg SCAN0068.jpg
    Also note these are older cause the Copyright hasn't been changed... I'm curious to see how far into the new year it takes to blow through old promos.

    Anyways... if some ambition Anons want to take a crack at protesting on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month at 1pm.... I think it would be particularly lulzy. And since it's a set time they hand out to try to get public. (Remind me again how selling a cure for a toxic body is in anyway religious and not obviously a sale?) See it's diabolical because you don't expect Scientology and they only mention it at the very bottom.

  28. Seems we'll have to resort to Sock puppet Facebook account Tech!
  29. Also one more thing... How familiar is everyone with TS? I'm in a gaming clan and we recently moved to another clan's TS. It has 40 slots and it only costs 11.50 a month. If people want to use it I can keep it up, otherwise I'll just cancel the service. Let me know by the end of January

    Edit: Might help if you knew what TS was..... Team Speak, it's a voice Server program. I rent a server from a company... and then use a client program to talk to people, over voice, text, and file uploads too. I'm not sure how viable communication this may be for use people... but I thought I'd offer it up anyways. If you are interested... I'll post the connection info.
  30. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    DarkSpecter, If you can tell me how it works, I'd be down to join.

    You download the client... then get the connection info to the Server: Port: 9991

    The Teamspeak uses a microphone and broadcasts it to everyone in that channel on the Team Speak. You can set it up to be private so only people with the pw are in it. I'll be logged into the one I have.... send me a PM if you want the password to it.
  32. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    I apologize in advance for having just discovered technolgy (i.e. computers, the internet, the wheel, fire, etc.) but do I want to go for the 32 or 64 bit client?
  33. I don't know if you still need this help... but whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit is based on your computer
  34. Anonymous Member

    32 bit should work on most anything.

    If you have a super-modern computer, 64 bit will not only work, but better.
    but 32 bit should be safe (for now...)
  35. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Looks pretty cool dude. I'll definitely be in there often.
  36. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    My fellow Dallanons, lend me your ears!

    The teamspeak channel is pretty cool. Me and DarkSpecter are gonna be on tomorrow around 6pm for some kind of meet n' greet . So if anyone would like to join us, send a PM for the password. I hope to see you all there.

  37. Thanks for the post... but I think to ease things a bit.... I'm going to remove the password and let anyone in tomorrow at 6pm. Or to be precise: 2011-01-24 18:00:00

    oh and if you are OSA lurker.... Feel free to come join us. We'll have entheta cookies!
  38. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Sorry I haven't made it to the protests lately. I have reason to believe I'm being watched...and not to mention, the weird shit that's been going on inside/around my house is weird. I'll try to make it out to the next one if I can manage to cut off my tail. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll see you eventually.


    P.S. Could be fair game, could be coincidence. I haven't received any mail techs or neighbourhood boycotts yet, but I'm staying on my toes.

    P.P.S. The events occurring inside/around my house are unrelated...and possibly even more bizarre.
  39. Sounds.... Interesting? does one of those events include internet disruption? At any rate.... Try to get yo shit taken care of. I hope it's not Fair Game.... I wonder how they would have done that?

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