Dallas Rocked!

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by agent156, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. agent156 Member

    I counted 30 unique people. So that or better.

    We could have had more flyers, and been more on point when people asked us what we were there for. But it was still a good showing.

    I got a fair bit of video. I'll put raw files somewhere and smack some on the tubes later tonight.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Very nice.
    I look forward to the vids.
  3. Awesome!!! It was great! I've never protested like that before. Look out Dallas, Anonmous is in full force!!
  4. I counted 30 also. Wonderful turnout. ^.^b
  5. Charlieray Member

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  6. welder Member

    had fun :)

    hope people on the street went away more informed

    Vote Ron Paul!
  7. agent156 Member

    Here is a taste of raw vid

    3:50 and on show the spirit of the rally.

    I shot this as a safety video, on a flip cam.
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  8. Charlieray Member

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  9. Hahaha nice UTD write up.... Still nice... I didn't realise you guys spray painted on the rock lols!
  10. agent156 Member

    Moar pics! I kinda need them for good propaganda to goes with the video.


    Oh I'm old and know not of UT tell me about these rocks.
  11. They're a cluster of three giant limestone rocks, set on a short dais in central campus. They were painted to promote the Freedom of Information rally.
  12. Charlieray Member

  13. agent156 Member

    I really want to get something out tonight so... last call for pics. I need even your B and C grade if you have it. All my video is 4:3 720x480 so it opens up what "looks good"
  14. I liked spreading out to the different little parks.... Maybe plan out an impromtu parade route through Downtown.
    The 5th might be a little early for me... I would prefer the 12th, yeah not as much impact but we'll be raiding Scilons the weekend before the 5th.
    Need some better pamphlets though... seemed to be lacking in that department...

    Other than that... It was pretty neat in D-town!
  15. agent156 Member

    sorry about the wait ;P
  16. Charlieray Member

    Are you showing up to the Scientology protest on the 29th?
    We could use some more video like that.

    EDIT: Also, you should upload the tape of the security guards that harrasses us.
  17. agent156 Member

  18. Charlieray Member

    Are you sure its the official wikileaks?
  19. Le Revisor Member

    Ok,guys and girls, jolly good!Xenu is great!By the name of xenu we tell them: the day of judgement is near.We had a bloody party in paris too! we'll send you the pics soon(zorro, vicieux etc).XENU ALWAYS PREVAILS! Salut et fraternité, anonymes-france.
  20. Anonymous Member

    What is the latest on Assange?
  21. Assange's U.K. extradition hearing is coming up in the first week of February. Until then, per the terms of his bail, he remains under house-arrest at the home of a fellow journalist in England.

    Bradley Manning is being held in solitary confinement at a military prison in Quantico, Virginia.
  22. Anonymous Member

    He isn't considered a flight risk?
  23. He was initially; if he currently is I'm sure that's the reason for the house-arrest stipulation in his bail agreement.

    Additionally, though this is pure speculation, he may be at some risk of interception by the U.S., Sweden, or another country more willing to extradite, if he travels internationally. If that is the case, it would hardly take incarceration to keep him in a country that is at least somewhat friendly to his predicament.
  24. TinyDancer Member

  25. Zak McKracken Member

    Do birds fly?
    (Thank you.)
  26. TinyDancer Member

    You know when you're making Scientology tech jokes that you're in a really bad way.
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  27. Charlieray Member

    Thank you :3
  28. More importantly... Do fish swim? >.>
  29. Wait I dreamed in a past life I was A non sparrow. Why can I be a clam but not a bird?
  30. welder Member

  31. jeez, I guess I missed it...Im pretty sad... :< Next time, i suppose.

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