Dallas Scilon Raids

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anon998, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Anon998 Member

    That's what I'm thinking. But i'm sure there's a way the mods can override it just like they can override changing thread titles.
  2. So you /are/ asking on my behalf as well? Thanks! I hope it works.
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  3. Mantis Member

    so, not sure that this is the proper place to post this, but was there any thoughts of rules we need to abide by for handling our particular org. i think that circling the building completely was probably a bad idea that probably shouldnt be repeated, but then again, i am a newfag, so i could be completely wrong. Also it was brought up that we were 'blocking the sidewalk' that no one ever walks on, and the officer actually told everybody to move from my understanding (i left shortly before this happened). was there any thought put into where we should stand instead, or is this simply to be ignored as a temporary placation of the authorites? i mean, we could probably all stand on the grass area between the sidewalk and street with no difficulty and not be a problem, unless that grass in considered private property. though the grass will most likely be trampled down to an ugly brown.

    just something that came too mind, dont mind me
  4. Anonymous Member

    Oh Yeah! Right as rain!
  5. Anonymous Member

    does anyone know if charges were filed against the scilons who assaulted our comrade in france? or did they hide back in their church screaming sanctuary like fucking cowards?
  6. Raiding around the back of the building is fine, and a regular occurrence here, because it is possible to do so without trespassing on Scilon property. The stick issue created problems this time, but honestly had that not happened the excursion around back would have been pretty uneventful.

    The sidewalk dispute is new as of this last raid; it has never come up during protests before, so there is no concrete solution yet. While it is somewhat encouraging that we are apparently enturbulating them to the point of straw-grasping, we still need to be able to use that sidewalk, and may end up having to contact IPD to work something out. The fact that the sidewalk we were using is the only public property in the vicinity safe for pedestrians may constitute a loophole. Spreading out single-file, with ample space between individuals, could work too, but again it's something we'll have to look into.
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  7. The main assailant was arrested, and I believe one or two other Scientologists are also being investigated for possible involvement.
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  8. Mantis Member

    hmmmmmm, well that was just something of my concerns, good too know i am worrying over nothing. That officer last raid did ask for alot of our info, i know he got mine and 998s. has anyone been namefagged yet? cause a part of me is actually dreading it, lol, this being my first anon raid, though i know i have nothing to worry about. Are their any future raids past the 30th already in the works, i didnt see anything posted.

    and just a personal thought, if we got enough people together, we could probably get a raid every week with a revolving crew of anons. i am sure this has already been discussed in a different thread or something, just saying that i would be down for heading out anytime i could
  9. Mantis Member

    i thought i read that the whole thing was on video tape or something. a part of me wants to see that tape, but i know it would just make me angry.

    besides the clown noses, are we doing anything else for nono?
  10. Signs and pamphlets with relevant news and other links (english of course... no sense in using French sites) can be made by anyone... But further discussion of that should be in the appropriate Event page.

    If only... if only... I would love to see there be enough Dallas Anons to do that. That would definitely increase the lulz!!! Get to YFTCing!!! Or if you can come up with anyother discrete/ overt method for recruiting... I'm all ears. (That IS something to be discussed in this thread.)

    Adding to what Anon Female said.. the best way really to circle the ORG is to not go through any bushes... but when you come across the lot of the big 12 place either move deftly through their lot, or if you are paranoid... go down and visit the ducks, then walk along the little lake. May be useful if the pressure is mounting and you need to vacate for a bit.

    And yeah... that blocking the sidewalk bit is ridiculous. We've been out there for a while, and never had a police man write us up for that. Still, I'd say press your luck, cause I don't think the cops would really write anyone a ticket, (After all, that sidewalk dead ends at the org, and the bridge... so it's not like it's particularly busy). I think we just stay the course, and play Police Roulette, and I'm sure we'll get a policeman that won't serve tickets because it is the only public property we can stand on. And remember, Any policeman that comes out, be sure to give them a pamphlet. It annoys the Scilons to tell them that every time they call the police, they help spread Anonymous propaganda.

    Did i miss anything?
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  11. One Addendium... Walking through the lot of the big 12 might actually be encouraged... since the Scilons may call the cops that we were "Trespassing" on their lot. If the Scilons call the police about every little thing, they will start to lose credibility, and the officers will be more likely to leave us alone after the Scilons call them 6 times a day.
  12. I disagree about the police roulette strategy, and I also think it's unwise to assume they won't actually write you a ticket. We're probably better off working out exactly what we can and can't do and sticking to that. Some of the Irving police like us, and are good-natured enough to take a flier when offered one, but we shouldn't assume they all are, and definitely shouldn't be too informal with them, even when we know they're "on our side." It can only help our position to keep interactions with law-enforcement appropriate and respectful.

    EDIT: Remember, even when they're friendly, cops aren't your friend.
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  13. There is nothing planned past the 30th, but there probably will be soon. Because we're having three raids back to back this month, my guess is the first half of May will be pretty slow - especially as many of our cell members are in school and this is finals time - but within the next few weeks there will be a new event up.

    The schedule of revolving crews is an interesting idea, but in my opinion wouldn't help us much. I'm personally more in favor of monthly (or bi-monthly when we're being especially productive) raids than weekly. The increased planning and recruitment time allow us to raid effectively without really compromising on frequency (monthly raids are pretty standard among active cells.)

    JMO, of course. :D
  14. Zijaha Member

    This is an interesting discussion. Having lived in Irving all my life, I can say with certainty that the chances of getting a fagcop that writes tickets is slim to none. The IPD is very shrewd and doesn't like to give out tickets unless there is a blatant violation...

    And I like the idea of the "trespassing the Big 12 lot" idea, because I also know for a fact that the IPD doesn't like to go to the same place 50 times... They'll just ignore it after a while...
  15. What are the chances that the creepy cop was a $cilon?
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  16. Without a name there really is no way to know for sure, but his behavior was definitely suspicious. Did Anon998 happen to get the names and/or badge numbers of the two cops that got his doxx? One of them was the creeper...
  17. Anon998 Member

    Not a day goes by that I don't kick myself for turning off my damn camera before the cops showed up. Neither of us thought to check his name or ask for his info. I'm so so SO pissed at myself! ARUGH! >.<
  18. Anon998 Member

    I've got some more materials for making cards. If I decide to get busy on it, I have enough for about 1600 cards. I just wish I had something better to cut the cards with rather than scissors so I can make straighter lines.

    Also, I've been checking up on all of my card placements in Libraries...they're all still there. xD
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  19. FedEx Office table-top paper cutter. Solved.
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  20. Anon998 Member

    i feel dumb now for not thinking of that... >.> thanks
  21. I have a smaller-size version of this at home, if I can find it. I can probably get it to you when you least expect it sometime around the middle/end of May.
  22. Mantis Member

    ahh, but i do believe the police will be equally as angry at us for instigating it. obviously if werent protesting, they wouldnt be calling the cops to make us leave.
  23. Mantis Member

    well the same cop talked to everybody else, he would have been the second one to arrive, and i am pretty sure he was latino, while the other too cops were caucasian, if that helps anyone whom may choose to review their footage of the raid to find the info out. I know that i and 998 would be much appreciated to anyone whom may have unknowingly captured his name. no namefagging yet on my end, so i think we may be in the clear.
  24. Mantis Member

    especially seeing that this is going to be something you may be using alot, you can probably purchase one with the aid of your fellow anons, i know i'd throw some bucks your way to get a nice paper cutter and more paper.
  25. Mantis Member

    well i do honestly value you your opinion. in our brief interactions i have found you extremely knowledgeable.
  26. Anon998 Member

    Ok, so, who has date ideas for May? I vote for the 28th as it's my only Saturday off.
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  27. zudok Member

    i was hoping the 21st? (third saturday) but i could probably do that day as well if i leave early enough
  28. Anon998 Member

    we usually have our FOI rally on the 3rd Saturday. so that might not work

    Also, I found out that I can't go to a protest this month. My schedule just got filled up. :/
  29. zudok Member

    Foi, same bat time same bat place, or elsewhere?
  30. zudok Member

    I wasnt quite sure if they were like the same thing bit foi being a bit more set scheduled and for additional reasons but im guessing its not now lol
    <~~~~~~~~stll newfag with this

    I mean but since thats a set one why not have set scheduled dallas ones like 2nd or last saturday? Or even first which is kinds durpy durp now but i mean you know that way easier to work around work schedules or whatever
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  31. Anon998 Member

    I still love Mantis' idea for having weekly raid rotations, but that would only happen if we had a shit ton of people. Better get to recruiting! :p
  32. zudok Member

    Oh i have been. If people didnt puss out i wouldve had at least 6 ppl with me last time i went. we had an axe. Whenever i decide to go i will have 4+ me at least. Unless i try last minute and they got work or whatever. But plus its funner with people i dont know added in the mix
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  33. Mantis Member
    a similar idea is posted in this thread and i agree. sounds like a decent idea to me
    lol, i followed that up with "and once we accomplish that, we slowly work our way to 24/7 raiding, make the scilons truly run for the mothership.
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  34. Mantis Member

    so we doing them every first saturday then? cause we can go ahead and make the pages for them then, at least for the next few months
  35. Why not? Let's get those pages made!!! Do you need some help with that or can you do it, I'm bout to head out, otherwise I would do it.
  36. zudok Member

    My roommates bday is next saturday but ill get him drinks after work
  37. Anon998 Member

    First one made
  38. Anon998 Member

    And second one as well. :)

    And a third for good measure. ;)
  39. Mantis Member

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