Dallas - September 2010

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  1. Anon998 Member

    Dallas - September 2010

    [SIZE="7"][COLOR="Red"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Dallas Anonymous[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]This month I think we should try something a little different. Instead of just doing a protest outside Scientology, we should also try a flyer raid in downtown Dallas. There's plenty of foot traffic around the train stations to pass out.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="6"][COLOR="Navy"]WWP Wiki: Dallas page:[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]First off, I'd like to address the Dallas wiki page. It was recently created and it feels like it's lacking in info. It would be cool to flood this thing with loads of info on our protests. If you can help out by updating protest pages with your stories or any info you can find on the net, it would be very helpful.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="6"][COLOR="Navy"]Friday, September 17, 2010:[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Purple"]Protest[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]10:30am:[/COLOR] We will start out at North O'Connor Blvd and West John Carpenter Freeway.
    [COLOR="SeaGreen"]11:45am:[/COLOR] We will officially begin our move to The Cult of Scientology, where we will continue our protests till about 3:00pm[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="6"][COLOR="navy"]Saturday, September 25, 2010:[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Purple"]Flyer Raid[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]==We are still discussing this, all input is welcome==[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]I've got a ton of these made and I need to get rid of them so I would like anyone who shows up to help us out by taking a nice pile of cards to leave around in local Libraries/Bookstores/Parking-lots.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]I will be bringing my boombox so bring an iPod or some sort of mp3 player with good, upbeat music. I will also be bringing umbrellas incase of rain or needed shade. Make sure you bring plenty of water and some lunch.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]To all the new protesters, please know that this is Srs Biz. We try to have fun while doing it so it doesn't become dull to us, but also keep in mind that these people we are protesting are dangerous and will do what they can to find out who you are. It cannot be stressed enough to make sure you keep your identities hid. Where a mask and don't drive if you don't have to. Our primary protesting spot is near a few bus stops linked to trains all over the metroplex. If you can use public transit, please do so. (But also, pay for your ticket. A $8 ticket doesn't seem bad compared to a $100+ fine)[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]We all look forward to seeing you and can hardly wait to bring the pressure on Scientology.[/SIZE]
  2. Re: Dallas - September 2010

    Fridays are really bad for me (classes all day) but I love protesting at the Org itself. Is there any way the protest could be on Saturday instead? We're all pretty young; I bet I'm not the only one who has school conflicts on the week-days...

    Also, I know it's ridiculously short notice, but have you considered flyering on Labor Day? Seems to me like there'd be more business/foot-traffic just about everywhere that day, what with people being off of work and school for the holiday.

    Just my thoughts. Thanks so much for getting this rolling. ^.^b
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas - September 2010


    I am an old guy who has been disagreeing with the cult for many, many years. I just want to thank you and the Dallas anon organizers who came before you. I wait for and watch each of your raids with great interest. I have never raided and probably never will due to the sensitive nature of my position.

    Dallas is a tough place to raid because of the two crappy locations they've recently had since they left the cheap shopping center near Central Expressway (80s). Neither the Buckner nor the Decker location have any decent foot traffic. Also, Dallas is not an "activist type" city.

    Keep concentrating on the org itself all the while remembering that Lisa McPherson was in Dallas before she was moved to Florida. Maybe a raid way back then would have helped loosen the cults grip on her mind...and maybe she wouldn't be the poster-person for victims of evil.

    I just want to say thanks to you, and everybody that drags themselves up to that shitty business park in Las Colinas to yell at that building and the sad cowardly people within.
    Don't forget to let them know you're doing because you care about them.

    There was a great "wall of anon" for the very first raid in 2008, on Buckner at the failed celebrity center. You should add that to your wiki page. You can probably find the vid on youtube.

    Y'all are greatly appreciated.
  4. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - September 2010

    It's really hard to pick the dates. Fridays are good because there's so many cars out, but a lot of our protesters are in school, and Saturdays are the total opposite. We tried double days for a while but that didn't work too well because of people who were there on Friday would be too tired to go Saturday.

    However, we can have 2 protests here, one on Saturday the following week of the first one or something.

    As for the flyer raid, I want to make sure we have a route planed out for the flyer raid and that we would for sure have a group.

    Glad to have your support man. Makes me happy all over. =)
  5. Re: Dallas - September 2010

    I will unfortunately be out of town the weekend of the 17th. But could possibly do a flyer raid the next weekend.

    I gonna throw my vote out again to protest the Org on a sunday morning during their service. It allows us to maximize exposure to ORG traffic/seriously piss them off while at the same time avoiding the School/work issue many people have.
  6. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - September 2010

    I think there was a post in an earlier Dallas thread that said something against protesting during service times. However, I will talk to the Irving Police department and find out if it is allowed. I'm pretty sure it would be fine but better safe then sorry.
  7. Re: Dallas - September 2010

    I really like this idea.
  8. JustMissedMe Member

    Re: Dallas - September 2010

    Sorry it took me a while to chime in, I had personal calendar confusion to sort out. Chalk me up as definite show on the 17th. (Well, assuming a lack of random space meteors, or that sort of thing.) Hopefully, I won't get too comically lost finding the place. I'm an Austinfag, and this will mark only the second time I've been to Dallas, and the first that didn't involve a Rangers game. ;)

    I was originally thinking of bringing one of my dogs, as I'd seen pictures/video from other protests with such. Corgis, after all, are really well shaped for carrying signs of their own, and they are masters of the Cute Tech, which has proven useful at political events I've attended in the past. But from what I gather the protest spot for the 17th is low on foot traffic, yes? Cute Tech seems more effective with pedestrians, convincing people to slow down to pet the puppy/read the puppy's sign/maybe take a leaflet. I don't know if it would be particularly useful in this instance. Any opinions?
  9. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - September 2010

    Yeah, it wouldn't be useful on the 17th. however, at the flyer raid, it would be perfect since we plan on a good number of foot traffic there.

    Sadly, I just found out that I might be busy on the 17th, but I don't know for sure...
  10. anon9823475 Member

    Re: Dallas - September 2010

    willing to help, let me know if i can be usefull.

    "Small Cell, Will Travel"
  11. SocksDallas Member

    Re: Dallas - September 2010

    Good luck this month, anons. Don't forget to be awesome.
  12. Re: Dallas - September 2010

    Last minute to be asking, but I'll definitely be there with a friend, and I wanted to make sure there'll still be people around even if we get there late (like around 1 or 2)?
  13. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - September 2010

    As far as I can see, there will be 1 person there. I won't be able to make it since i'm leaving town in the morning, and my friend won't be there either.

    I'm sorry to miss this, I really hate bailing on anything. Good luck though, I look forward to seeing the post game if you do it. =)

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