Dallas, TX 5/11/09

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  1. Dallas, TX 5/11/09

    Total of 5 people there. It was definitely a Win. When I showed up with sumbreranon, NoScope ran over to the sidewalk that was their property, only we didn't know that. So two police officers showed up and gave us all (4) criminal trespassing warnings. The coppers were really cool though and even joked that they had burgers waiting for them and they could be out stopping "real crime."

    Dallanon and Michael Jackson go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly.

    The rest of the day was pretty casual. enturbulating, and dancing. The usual. We had one handler come out and talk to us, but he was quickly hushed back inside by their bossman. On our way to where we parked we stoppe dand talked to three ladies and definitely told them whats up with the cult. Videos coming . . .

    Slightly Long Dog is Slightly Long.
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    y'all r heros and a credit to the greater DFW area, and Texas.

    keep going
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    Re: Dallas, TX 5/11/09

    Aw, no pics/vid of AT dancin like a sexy fool?
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    Sorry I missed all the fun guys. Looks like y'all did pretty well without me though.
  8. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX 5/11/09

    Oh yes there is, and once I get them uploaded everyone will get to see his dancing skills.
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    You guise. . .stop. You're making me blush!

    Also this is my favorite

    you can see us in the reflection too

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