Dallas, TX - March

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by shawnonymous, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Don't give them a car was then try to sell them a Dianetics book.
  2. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Yup, that's why it's a terrible idea. The idea needs refinement and application in other causes.

    Getting back to the subject, though.
    It looks like we're in general agreement: hit Buckner org on the 14th, and Las Colinas whenever Optimisticate can gather the masses. I assume that will be on the 21st (if she's here for the whole week. still not clear on that one.) or else between those dates.

    Any disagreement or other thoughts?
  3. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Finally got some video up from 2/21. Thanks to NoScope for a lot of the footage (my camera failed). Here's a little update on what we're up against, and what we can do about it.
    [ame=]YouTube - Dallas Handling? 02/21/09[/ame]
  4. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Yeah, the video is realy shakey cause my hands were cold (plus it was my first protest and I was all giddy in my whitey tighties). I'll try to film better on the 14th. We also need to inform the police about the protest again, maybe we can find out about that off duty cop.
  5. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I thought we didn't have to inform the police of protests in Dallas? Maybe it's just that we don't need a permit... Oh well, I don't know.

    I'm sure you'll do better on the 14th, since it'll most likely be warmer, although still windy.
  6. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    We don't need a permit to protest, (actualy they weren't sure but said they would allow it if we didn't harrass people), but I still like to inform the police cause it puts them on our side. Contacting them and letting them know what were doing before the protest will help us when they get called by the scilons. I also put the sherriffs number in my phone so that I can call him quickly if any of the patrol units needs info.

    Note: if anyone has a megaphone that would be great. Its wierd trying to talk to someone who's at the top of a hill. Plus we can play the OTlll incident with Hub's voice and see if any heads explode. lol
  7. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ah, now I understand. Thanks. And yeah, I've been wanting a megaphone for a while, but I didn't think it would do us a whole lot of good at a protest. You might check out a sporting goods store to find one. That's the best place I can think of to find one. (And while you're there would you pick up a collapsible 6' flagpole for me? hahaha.....)

    Me want see head 'splodes. "I accidentally my whole head."
  8. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this, but it deserves a new post anyway.

    We finally have a hard date for the move to Las Colinas, for those of you just reading this thread and not writing anything. They plan to move by the 13th. I don't think they're gonna make that, but they'll be close, so our current plan should stand firm.

    Here's a thread with more information on the move:
  9. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    We need a cake that says Welcom To The Neighborhood with a guy fawks mask pic on it. It will be lulzy and then we could eat the cake, a double win.
  10. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Yes, but what is the omnipresent house-warming gift? Jell-O molds! We need at least one jello mold to welcome them properly. Cake and jello?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Im sure you guys have it under control but don't forget new org is in a different city with different rules. also I think it is in a different county so it might be a different sheriff's office.

    Going into the precinct with [STRIKE]donuts[/STRIKE] cupcakes and some of your info and explain that world wide there has been no violence etc... even give them the sci propaganda video and say "we don't do that" might not be a bad idea.
  12. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Yeah, i have already learned the rules for Las Colinas, they have the same rules as Dallas (even the part about not being sure if a permit is needed). I called the golf course next to the new org in order to try and find the end of their property and where public property starts. I'm still working on getting the info but it hard over the phone. Anyone who could drop by there before the protest this wkend will be a life saver. We also need property line info on the hotel next door so anyone up to doing some research get to it.
  13. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    From my understanding, the Las Colinas ORG won't be moved into "for a while" after the 14th, so I think enturbulating there may be fruitless, except for Public Awareness...
    But I hear of some going away party THIS Saturday at the Buckner location, so I say let's raid that in full force!
  14. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    ^^^OOH me likey. Ok, get some info on this party and can we have a quick count off on who is coming.
  15. tex Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    <<<<< Will be there!
  16. Nereruo Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    ^ ^
    perfect cause i need a ride.
  17. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Im coming and am bringing a friend. (he won't be a protestor but will instead be filming us for a doc in his film class)
  18. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I don't know if I can be there or not, but I'll try to at least get one of my buddies out there since he'll be in town. Actually, I probably won't be there, but that won't stop me from trying.
  19. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ok i fail at being anonymous. My mom just called telling me how a person hand delivered the C&D letter and dvd to her. The letter says they saw protestors (odd cause I remember just me) leaving a blue dodge and they researched the license plate. I had told her about this but she was a little shaken up cause she home alone right now. All well, I guess this means I dont have to wear the mask the whole time, which is good cuase it leaves a red mark on my forehead. I'm suprised that they drove an hour to deliver it though, thats dedication to a lost cause. lol
  20. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    With any luck, my new video will be propagated a little bit, and they'll be distracted. Lord knows they only have two brains among the lot of 'em here in Dallas.

    This is interesting, though. That means they are finally getting around to following us. They really are starting to take us seriously around here. Maybe Jim Johnson really was promoted (haha, yeah right).

    All the same, I've never read one of those fancy C&D letters. Whatsit say? And what are the consequences for not C&D'ing?
  21. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Hey kids, hoping to make it to Dallas for Sat, wondering if anyone can fill me in on the best bet for safe parking. From what I remember from when I lived very close to there, Casa Linda seems a bit far to walk from. PM me any suggestions or ideas so the scions don't read them (sorry, bit paranoid there).

    My B.F.A. Minor was in Cinematography if he needs any help or anything.

    I agree, but having studied the situation I think that Saturday's group may wanna plan some small mini raids in Las Colinas soon, just for the public awareness factor. Maybe an uber flyer bombing campaign around the area or something, as much as is legal. With a headstart and them entering the conservative, business based area (Las Colinas) it may be possible to antagonize a local response in the community before they can get under it's skin and get comfortable.

    Frightening thought though...
    Las Colinas IS inhabited mostly by the more conservative office workers (read: yuppie) crowd of Dallas, which very much seems like the type that the cult tries to appeal to. Visions of Las Colinas becoming a miniature Scion city in a post-apocalyptic world swirl through my brain...

    ALSO...POSSIBLY IMPORTANT for those who don't know....
    Las Colinas is not a city, it is a planned community. There are no Las Colinas Police officers, only what is called the Las Colinas Patrol (if I remember correctly). They have police like cars but their lights are yellow. Las Colinas is actually served by the IRVING Police dept., who has official legal jurisdiction there (with the Sheriff I'm sure), but private property issues may be a bit squirly due to the whole "planned community" thing. As far as I know a sidewalk along a named road is always 'public' (civic) property due to the water lines/fire extinguishers, etc).

    But just as final confirmation, it's at Buckner this time, right?
    (Sorry for the tangent)
  22. tex Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I will need to know about safe parking as well, I mean, as safe as it can get I guess since this group is starting to get C&D letters...Never been before so if someone can give me some pointers it would be appreciated..
  23. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    IDK, my mom has it now but I hope to get it next week and i'll put it up then.

    I've been working on this. I've talked to the irving city secretary, the irving sherriff, and a lady at the local police department and informed them about the soon to be protests. I also am trying to find the public property limit next to the new org and am trying to get in contact with the manager of the gof club in order to set up an agreement on the use of their property on that side of the fence.
  24. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Thanks for all the info, it's always good to have more. As for the flier bombing, I'd say it's a great idea. Honestly, my first thought after reading your warning on that was "Who cares if it's illegal? We're masked!" But then I realized they could buy off the police into arresting all protesters after that. Hell, we know they have some in Dallas who'd like to. We need to find out how much flier bombing makes it illegal, then do everything up to that point, trading carefully below that line.

    As for LC becoming a mini Scientology world, they have a word for people like that: "ZOMBIE". And you know what happens to zombies right? They eat people, then get shot in the head. Methinks we'd have some police support there, too :D
  25. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I've already been fliering there. Its ok to leave fliers on doors (like placed in there, not taped) but you can't knock. There is some foot traffic but most people are jogging or walking the dog and don't want to take a flier. You can't place the fliers on anything other than sticking them in doors as it is considered littering.
  26. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Hey, NoScope, do you think your car was spotted when you were out fliering? I mean, we're all safe at the protests, but if you weren't wearing a mask or if you weren't as careful about where you parked your car, that would make it a lot easier to track. I dunno, just curious.
  27. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I won't be making it till the end of the semester. Spring break is filled with fun at work and a term paper due the first day back from break. Mid-May is looking good, but it's down the road a bit.

    Will continue to poke at Mom until then if I can get her to stop talking long enough :) Hope all goes well and bring win pls!
  28. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    No, I had shown up around ten at the protest, but didn't see anyone so was just sitting in the neighborhood behind the org. I was talking to the local police trying to find out about permits when I saw you and your friends walk past the light. I left my truck too close to the org and some neighbor prob just called it in. Its been almost two months isnce i fliered so I don't think it happened because of that.
  29. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Well, Opty, we'll miss ya, but we won't hold the lulz for ya. I just heard from an Anon in Ok City who wants to join us soon (prob this summer), so we are still growing. Just do what you can from where you are.

    NoScope, that's good to know. I was worried we might all start getting C&Ds while out fliering.
  30. 8895 Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    You should check on the rules for sign posting (location and time limit)...most places have standard rules for political signs and the like. One of those people should know.

    Always stay on the good side of the law and respect any cops who show up. I know that's hard to do sometimes in everyday life but during protests you should always regard them as allies and guardians. They'll respect you for it. Also, don't look like a screaming loon when officers are around, save it for when they leave if you must... :)

    Haha, yeah I just got done watching Land of the Dead before I posted that and the city in the movie is exactly what I was picturing...someone should make a spoof video of mindless scientologists invading Las Colinas based on that film.

    C&D letters really mean nothing as long as you know that what you're doing isn't illegal. That includes Slander laws and Defamation of Character laws too though, so make sure you know what you're doing/saying out there. But otherwise I personally don't worry about it. If they send me one I'll send one back asking them to cease and desist sending the C&D letters, and insist that I don't go wearing masks around places I don't live. They won't be able to do anything about it. But that's just me, don't go doing that unless you really know where you stand.
  31. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    A little off-topic, but as long as we're talking about zombies, my friend has me reading this book called World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks (who also wrote "The Zombie Survival Guide"). It's fuckin' AMAZING. You should go read it. All of you.

    As for the video spoof, I don't know your location, but if you're in the Dallas area, count me in. We should try to get that up and running.

    And now to make this post legitimate for this thread...
    Everyone should know that this month's Dallas protest will be on the 14th!
  32. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Is the time the same as last time. I like ten as the start time.
  33. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ten sounds good to meh
  34. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I have confirmed that I will not be there on Saturday. Most of my friends will be absent as well. However, I have been in contact with a concerned citizen in the realms near the new org, and it is likely this person will join you on Saturday. I'm still giving him a run-down on the rules though, so help him out, and make sure he doesn't get himself namefagged. It looks like they're starting to push that now, what with NoScope getting a C&D and Kevin getting her plates run.
  35. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ok, tommorrow is the day. If u can bring signs that would help alot. I still have one of my signs and plan on bringing it. I will bring the markers too just in case their needed.
  36. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ok, so it looks like it will be raining and cold tommorrow. I say we have two choices.

    1. Move the protest to sunday when it not supposed to rain and be a little warmer.

    2. Have the protest on saturday and bring parkas and umbrellas.

    And to celebrate the birth of our enemy i will try and bring hats and caek.
  37. tex Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Any righteous churches around the Org on Buckner? We could have alot of traffic through there from 10-12 if we do it Sunday. And the weather would be alot better...
  38. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    So is it sunday
  39. tex Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    My vote is for Sunday because I have to work at 2 tommorow so I would be rushing to get everywhere I needed to be. Plus and extra day would give me time to make a sign, etc.

    But of course this isn't just about me, so..
  40. shawnonymous Member

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