Dallas, TX May 2009

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AnonymousTomorrow, Apr 12, 2009.


Which Saturday has moar potential for Win?

2nd 2 vote(s) 13.3%
9th 8 vote(s) 53.3%
16th 4 vote(s) 26.7%
23rd 0 vote(s) 0.0%
30th 1 vote(s) 6.7%
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  1. Dallas, TX May 2009

    We need to set this date early as possible.
    The earlier we get the date, the greater the possibility of win.

    I can't May 30th

    lets see what we can do.


    May 9th, 2009
    451 Decker Dr
    Irving, TX 75062
  2. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Well, if half of what you've said about recruiting is true, we definitely need you there, AT, so so we'll count the 30th out. Also, earlier is better, because I'll be leaving town for summer by the second week or so. For me, ideally the 2nd, maybe the 9th.

    Also, I wanna pass off my flag, at least for the summer, since I'll be unable to protest during that time frame.

    My vote: May 2.
  3. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Are any Dallasfags going to the Nash Mash thing? Because that's on May 2nd.
  4. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I'm not going to Nashville, but I wish them Xenu's blessings.
  5. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Well I'm working on it. I bet some people that are stoked on it will flake out, though. I have a few absolute confirmations.

    I will not be going to Nashville because I will probably have to work the night of the protest. And the day before maybe. but i will be at the protest, and i won't be at nashville .

    I know a lot of people. And a lot of people know me. Which might be a potential problem but I mean Sammy told me if they find out my identity they'll just send me a bs letter from a lawyer saying they'll take necessary measures for anything illegal that happens.
    illegal like yelling onto the property, because that's just rude
  6. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I couldn't decide so I called the org and asked them if they had any paticular saturday in may that stood out. She said their wasn't an event calendar so she couldn't say if anythinig was going on but she said every saturday they have a cchr seminar. So in short, I still have no idea as to a good date so ill leave it up to you fags. And AT, I got one of those letters and if you want to see it I guess I can try and scan it and pm it to you.
  7. coskilla Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I would like to go sometime in may to. i am checking with a fellow in okc anon right now. i would prefer 16th or 17th or 23 or 24th i am off the whole week. but i am down for wutever
  8. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Absolutely! PM away my friend. PM away! I'd like it to be before the 23rd so Lordanon can go. Like the 16th or earlier. Just my two cents.
    But I have confirmation on like half a dozen people right now because I've been anonymous since spring last year, so my friends know about it but ive never gone before and they want to, too.
  9. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    i could maybe make it on the 16th........if you need /b/ack up.
  10. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    We definitely want Austanon /b/ack!! They hate you! For good reason =)
  11. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    man i heard them a couple of times talking shit about me
    lol i have been nothing but nice to them lol
    why they hate AAn so much
  12. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I found out for sure, I can make it on the 2nd or the 9th, but not the 16th or later.

    I may be forced to pass on my flag this Saturday when we go down to Austin...
  13. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    No one voted the 9th but i think thats the best option.
    LA and AAn can both go.
    Lets do the 9th?
  14. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Dallas is mentioned in the LRH bday vid, and it gets me all excited about the enturbulation we get to bring to our very own Ifail org. they talk about missions and i think groups like the free stress test tables so we are going to have fun at this new place. DM gives a whole speech about the dallas scilons and the way he talks insults the texan in me so we need to deliver hard to this org and show them that texas anon don't back down.
  15. ohioanon Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    i was just going to post about that; starts in about the dallas org at the 1 hour 38 min mark

    some nice shots of sea org slaves redoing the whole thing

    get to it, dallasfags
  16. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    the time has come to start cleaning Texas from this evil cult
  17. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I can promote the shit out of the protest and start recruiting asap for it. This second strike needs to be another legendary win to show that we aren't backing down. The 9th is ideal for LA and AAn
    We just need a confirmation.

    Is everyone okay with the 9th????
  18. coskilla Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    NINETH ok for two okc anons
  19. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Im going to start looking into the board meetings and maybe make a few friends with the county board. If I can just get some info on the dangers and cult behaviour of the scilons then maybe we can get them shut down. Its a long shot but i can be very convincing sometimes.
  20. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    the 9th
  21. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    9th, confirmed.

    Damn, I watched that video just now from LRH's b-day, and I may be a passive guy, but I couldn't stop thinking of ways to defile that place the way it's defiling our beloved city and state. Needless to say, I won't be taking any action, since that would hurt our cause more than theirs, but you can't stop the thoughts. It's kinda like when a fat, ugly guy rapes your girlfriend.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    When moralfags take over chanology
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    What time should we be out there? I might have to work that evening
  24. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Usual start time is between 10 and 11. So the question is: keep the same this time or change it up?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I can do the 10 or 11 because I might work like the late afternoon/evening.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    okc fags can do more like 11
  27. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    ...11th is a Monday. We protest on Saturdays. If you want to come down here then, feel free, but I don't think any of us will be out there.
  28. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I think he meant 11:00 not the 11th.
  29. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Ah. Thanks, NoScope. As ever, catching the things I missed.

    We welcome the okcfags, and I can't wait to meet y'all.
  30. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    lulz @ LA.

    lets put our thinking [STRIKE]caps[/STRIKE] pirate hats on.

    I have one absolute confirmation. My friend with the Sumbrero will be there for absolute sure. This is basically how the conversation went,

    "Hey dude May 9th has been confirmed. 10am be there"
    "i may or may not be there"
    "why wouldnt you be there"
    "idk i'll just have to see if i have anything"
    "fuck you. its a month away, you can ask off work and its far enough away you can get out of whatever you have to do. stop making excuses and make a fucking commitment"
    "okay ill be there for sure"

    whoopie!! I have about 9 other people that want to go, but not absolutely sure on. I'm sure a few will flake out. I'm workin on it! I bet a few of those will go. I mean out of last time I had 2 out of 5 people come with me, so 4 outta 9 is a good shot!

    Also we need to come up with a better parking location since Sammy was followed. Any ideas? They can follow a taxi cab. . .
  31. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Try the DART. If you get dropped off at a DART station, then it's harder to trace, especially if you are only a minute or two early for the train/bus. I'm still trying to work on the best way to get to said station other than taxi.

    I don't think Sammy and I were followed, but I do think she parked too close to the org. We didn't notice the caddy in question until we were at a stopping point to remain unnamed. It would not be unexpected to see a car like that in that neighborhood at that time, though.

    tex, though... I thought we were in a safe place, far enough away, but apparently he was caught.

    The only real answer coming up is doing research with Google Streetview to find a parking spot.

    And remember, DO NOT discuss parking places in the forums. If you must discuss parking places, do it in PMs only.
  32. tex Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I wasn't followed, but there is no doubt in my mind that it was a scilon that found me. Small black chevy with tinted windows. Stopped on the street I was parked in someones driveway and then pulled out right as I started my car.
  33. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I have confirmed an absolute 2 more.
    one of my confirmations recruited another, who im pretty sure is coming. like cumming cumming. like b my L all over some girls Ts
    its like the PAYITFORWARD thing. . . except for no kid from the sixth sense.
    well he might be anonymous
    who knows
    hell i could be that kid
  34. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Well, I guess that guy from the Unknown Order was full of shit after all. "Look for black sudans with tented windows" and all that. For those of you who missed that, yes, those typos were in the original. Anyway, sedans? Nah, this is Texas. We all drive trucks!

    Also, AT... wow. I didn't expect you to just lay it all out there like that. And you are the man who just keeps on going. And going. And going. One's not enough for you, is it? You need two. Three. A dozen. And I'm cool with that.

    As long as I get my share of the action.
  35. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Well I know a lot of people in my city
    it's an untapped resource of people wanting to make a difference
    which i hope to inspire you guys to bring moar of your friends, too!
  36. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    LOL, that means they saw yall pull up and reported it back in to the org cause noone followed me when I took tex to his car. And plus i was parked much much closer to the org and nothing happened to me. I guess when they namefag you they no longer feel the need to follow you, a shame cause it would have been fun.
  37. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009


    For maximum win, we must move to a Sunday, if at all possible...

    Taken from Sunday Service
  38. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I need to print that email and take it with me. Maybe I can get all the way up to the door before they realize who I am and stop me.

    GUY: stop you, your trespassing.

    Me: Not me, I was invited.

    I wonder if that would work.

    Also, I think mays too long away to leave them alone so I might go solo raid or just visit the local businesses and get their opinions on the local cult. We might find that everyone hates them and we can start a petition to get there building permits revoked.
  39. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Well, it wasn't an invitation. That was posted on Craigslist.

    But I'm sure that won't stop you from trying, now will it? :D
  40. LFG Anon PST Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    count me in
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