Dallas, TX May 2009

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AnonymousTomorrow, Apr 12, 2009.


Which Saturday has moar potential for Win?

2nd 2 vote(s) 13.3%
9th 8 vote(s) 53.3%
16th 4 vote(s) 26.7%
23rd 0 vote(s) 0.0%
30th 1 vote(s) 6.7%
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  1. BROtest Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    AT you know im down for the 9th and so is the other person you asked me to talk to about it. we are both super stoked!
  2. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Okay, so it looks like everyone is set for the 9th. What about the 3rd/10th? Anyone able to raid on those days? Possibly transfer from 9th to 3rd/10th to hit service times?
  3. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    im already set on the 9th i cant change
  4. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I don't think sunday's will be any different from saturdays. Anyone up to a sunday raid feel free to but i think saturdays should still be our megaraids.
  5. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Okay, I'll stick with the 9th as well. I definitely don't wanna be out there alone under any circumstances, for security reasons. I won't rule Sundays out for the future, though, since they do have those nice Sunday morning services.
  6. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I need help with dox. I dont really have time to lurk for it so could someone find some dox relevant to the businesses in Las Colinas and send me a link. I need something to print out and show to the managers at the local shops when i go there this friday. Any thing relevant will be helpful and add some basic stuff too in order to introduce them to the cult's tactics.
  7. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    It was that car that we waited to pass us as I dropped you off. Don't know if he got much on you because he got right back on my tail as soon as I drove off. He also had really dark tinted windows. He stayed on me for many miles and I had to use my maneuvering skillz to get rid of him. But like I said I got his plate.

    Edit: Also, I'll be there on the 9th (pretty sure).
  8. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Ah, my bad. I didn't realize he continued to follow you after I left.
  9. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I might be down for a mini-raid. I almost went yesterday with sumbreroanon but I had to cover someone's shift at work.

    I have a lot of people down for the 9th. Just hit me up in a pm about the miniraid.

    btw, brotest is one of my recruits! welcome her with love and warm, moist, delcious cake.
  10. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Ah AT, I can always count on you, man. PM coming shortly.

    As for BROtest, I kinda figured :p
  11. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    welcome to the jungle
  12. chuckbeatty77 Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I saw that you guys got a visit from one of OSA's top Private Eye handlers, Charlie Earl, this video.

    See my comments on that video.

    Charlie's there in Dallas for a reason, and he stays right on top of the top PI crap that Scientology pulls on their "enemies."

    The biggest cheeze "enemy" to Scientology in Texas is Marty Rathbun, who's out in Corpus Christi area.

    Believe me, something's up in Texas and my guess is it's Charlie's there to vet the Texas PIs he's getting to monitor Marty Rathbun, and thus Charlie just happened to be there in Dallas at the same moment you guys were protesting, this is my educated guess.

    Charlie next week was back in LA,
    [ame=]YouTube - Los Angeles Raid, Part 4[/ame] 04:43 might be the same blue shirt, even, at the building where the got bucks Scientologists come for the cheezy Hubbard pulp fiction readings, the Author Services Inc building, as I saw Charlie caught on camera there, along with another high up "Intelligence Chief" big cheeze from OSA, Kirsten Caetano.
    [ame=]YouTube - Los Angeles Raid, Part 4[/ame] 03:58 is Kirsten.

    But if you Dallas guys get Charlie Earl, I sure wish you'd call, I'll give you some questions to ask Charlie on the phone, while you're talking to him!

    I'd ask him:

    a) Why are you in Dallas Charlie? Are you here getting debriefed by the PIs you hired to keep tabs on Marty Rathbun?

    b) Why did Mike Rinder quit?
    c) Why did Ben Shaw quit?
    d) Is Heber still getting "cleaned up" at Int?
    e) Did you read the Oxford University Press 2009 book on "Scientology" edited by James R Lewis Charlie? Did you read the chapter on Xenu in the book? What'd you think?

    anyone can call me anytime for advice.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Scientology staffer (1975-2003)
    412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me after 9pm east coast time)
    Chuck Beatty: Internet Posts
    Flickr Photo Download: ITO 1981
    From the outside, looking in
    YouTube - Buffalo Picket - Chuck Beatty Talks to Press
    GlossLip GLOSSLIP RADIO: April 13, 9:00-11:00PM EST, Operation Reconnect - Guests Ex-Scientologists Michael Pattinson, Chuck Beatty
  13. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    That's good info.
    Maybe he was in Dallas because the dwarf was in the house.
  14. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

  15. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Ok, its been all fun and caek for the past few months, but now its time for some srse business. I demand a stream of Harpoons that will make our representatives shit themselves and beg for forgiveness for this. We also need some srs action in the community so that its not just anon who wants them out, but every person in that area. We need in touch with the PTA, the board of supervisors, the local businesses, the local churchs (real ones), and any group that is present and active in that area. Once in contact we can make fliers and presentations that appeal to that particular group. The time of letting them stay for the lulz is past, I want them out of my fucking state.
  16. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I am irate.

    MINI-RAID planned PM me and ill send you the det's
    MAY 9th is the DAY OF RECKONING for Dallas Scientologist
  17. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

  18. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I have BroTest, Sombraranon, and two others coming with me fo show. Get that fo show. I'm just going to wear an eye-patch I don't have any pirate costumes . . . any ideas fellow Texapiranon? Lord Anon this is like your dream raid. . .
  19. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    This raid is getting better by the day. I would bring some pirate stuff but sadly i threw it away in december.
  20. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    we will remember
  21. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Still trying to figure out if I can make it on the 9th... I'm juggling like 4 things that day. I will try my best, even if I'm only there for half an hour.
  22. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    This will be my I'll definitely be there on the 9th.
  23. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    fawkesinthesnow, make sure you park way away. Don't tell anyone where you park, but park a few miles away and walk to the org. It will be a long walk but rest assure that people will be there. And if you show up alone, just wait and some other people will come shortly. I recommend you don't come alone, bring a friend along just for safety. They don't even have to be protesting, they can just chill without a mask and not do anything. . that's what I did my first raid last month. look up 451 decker, irving, tx

    There's a map of the streets, we stand on the sidewalk right in front of the centre. I can't wait to see you there, buddy!!
  24. NoScope Member

  25. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    It doesn't have to be mileS, but it does need to be more than half a mile, or at least close to a mile. Just hide it well, and don't tell anyone where you parked.

    Also, since it's getting close to time, is anyone available to give me a ride on the 9th?
  26. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Unless ure already doxed, then you get to park however close you want. 8)
  27. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Dude NoScope, I'd park right at the hotel across from the CoS. That's freaking win!
    LA, I might have one. I'll pm your black ass about it
  28. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Wait so the think tank says Sea ARRRRGH II is next month
    so is dallanon doing piracy this month or next?
  29. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Eithah way, I'm doin' piracy. S'wut I do, yo.
    Wait, I'm doin' it wrong. I was still bein' black. My bad.

    Yarr! I'm prroud to be a pirate! And if those landlubbers in that church o'theirs think they can make me walk the plank, the poor bastards'll find out Davey Jones ain't so scary as Lord Anonymous!
  30. LFG Anon PST Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I could probably arrange you a ride Lord Anon. Would be better than the both of us showing up on our own.
  31. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I was thinking about it so I can wathc my truck and be sure they don't mess with it.
  32. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    so where you parking lol j/k
    but is the parking lot cross from the cult owned park the cult or was it only on that day?
  33. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    its owned by a hotel chain, which was explecit in saying that they are only neighbors to the cult and nothing more.
  34. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    LFG Anon PST, I may need a ride from you. It looks like AnonymousTomorrow may be able to fill his car, so I told him if he can he should. Anyone else going from the N Dallas area? Or maybe from the other side of it (relative to the church)?
  35. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I talked to brotest and her and a fellow anonymous are driving separately.
    So I am right now taking 3 people confirmed. And one person a maybe. which means I have one seat for someone if no one can find a ride. LA, I'd recommend finding a comfortable ride first before we stuff 3 people in my backseat. It's whatever.

    Also, park across the street. The hotel is really nice they always wave at us whenever they're leaving n junk.
  36. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    im bring the copper
    do you think its ok to park cross the street from the cult
  37. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    Now thats an entrance.

    Its ok to park across the street if you have no fear of being found out. I have already heard them use my name in one of the vids so I don't really care if they see my truck, and I want to be able to watch it so they don't try and mess with it.

    Quick poll, how many people are showing up? I was thinking of bringing chalk in order to decorate our new sidewalk and need to know how much to bring.

    Oh, and AT please bring your stereo again cause the dalanon have been lacking in music for a very long time.
  38. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    [ame=]YouTube - helicopter crash new student with no instructor[/ame]
  39. Re: Dallas, TX May 2009

    I'm going to try to. See I borrowed it from my friend who was so desparate to have it back after not having it for a weekend lol. he said i could borrow it the ninth though. so good deal!!

    i also am putting on it some Anon stuff, like the sf speech made awesome (youtube that bitch), and of course the new you're a pirate song. does anyone know where i can download some lrh quotes n junk?
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