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  1. xenu55 Member


    Thank you for coming here, but this thread is so enormous that it is now closed. The fact-checking that was initiated here moved to a more practical place:

    Please go there and help us check Scientology documents (videos, brochures) and figure out who gave it their support, and how it was done and why they thought at the time that it was a good idea.


    Don't click this link so quick - the article is in French.....and the author claims that manu of the people in the videos are not who they say they are!!!! or that Scilons claim that this person or that person in the Govt....but these govt officials do not exist!!!!! THIS IS HUGE!!!!

    But here is the "google translation" text|en&hl=en&ie=UTF8
  2. JaneDoe Member

    I read the translated text to the best of my ability, and I LOL'd. Not at the translation, but at the basics of what the article was talking about. Seariously Scientology, WTF?

    I've lost count of how many times I've said that...
  3. xenu55 Member

    A whole new website from COS and some of the videos are just STRAIGHT LIES!!!! This is news media worthy!!!
  4. PDXAnon Member

    That doesn't surprise me at all. A lot of the CofS videos make a lot of claims, just made to control the mindless masses within. Brainwashed clam is brainwashed.

    Funny, the DPRK does the same thing with its internal propaganda, lists people and groups recognizing and supporting them in other countries (like ...Pres. Muhammed Al Kuffani, Kuwaiti National Front for Peaceful Democratic Korean Reunification, wtf?).
  5. xenu55 Member

    can anyone save the videos in question before they get taken down by the Scilons?
  6. Oh Lawd! Is this some faked people!?
  7. N. Ron Rubber Member

    EPIC FAIL IS EPIC! :rofl:

    "Scientology is brought you by Smith & Smith Footbullets Corp..."
  8. Any French speakers willing to give this a proper, non-migraine inducing translation?
  9. Ha!

    "The case is heard. This video is a huge manipulation. A bobard brazen. But why pure hearts of Scientology they resorted to such methods? Would they have a forked tongue? We are disappointed. Really. But not too surprised "
  10. xenu55 Member

    I was able to capture the vids in question - Are there copyright concerns on reposting videos from the Scilon website.....?????
  11. LRonAnon Member

    creative commons and criticism. I'd go with criticism.

    Lies are lies, making the point using the videos, legal. ...carefullly give em hell
  12. xenu55 Member

    Ok - go to the scilons website CO$.org - you know the site...then on the new video front page - click on the "Hewman Rightz" link - then clikc on the "In support of Hewman Rightzzz" link - the fraud is in there......CAN SOMEONE GET THE AUDIO? I have the video, but could not capture the audio....I can sync them very easily......

    ARRRRRRGGHHHHH!!!!! CO$ drives me crazy!!!!
  13. albinocat Member

    Merci France. CĀ“est magnifique.
  14. Yes and no. For the purpose of education or analysis it should fall under fair use but they would still have their lawyers screech about it.
  15. Anyone know how to rip these vids off

    We need to:

    (1) Rip, screen capture and factcheck any that contain "claims" or individuals that may also turn out to be fictional.

    (2) Compile, contact French publication to find out what's happened with the ones they were waiting on, Forward shiny new Press Release to English-speaking media.

    (3) ??????

    (4) Profit
  16. Isn't the CoS so very nice to keep helping us out like this?
  17. xenu55 Member

    so much so!!!! lulz!! (thats the first time I have ever typed the word "lulz" too)
  18. exOT8Michael Member

    This gigantic public relations fakery is so typical of Scientology. Lulz were had at the enormity of the screw-up! I read french so could get the whole article and it is a fantastic report on a huge fraudulent scam by Scientology. Glowing videos by "V.I.Ps" that do not exist !!!

    No, a French revolution sized foot-cannonball for the cult.
    Yes, heads will roll under DMs guillotine for this...
  19. xenu55 Member

    I have ripped the video, but couldnt get the audio.....can someone just put a mic up to their speaker and get the audio....???
  20. exOT8Michael Member

    They are quite simply evidence of fraud. Collecting evidence should be protected by the law.
  21. Not sure where the law stands on this one to be fair Michael. Personally I'm willing to chance it though, as this sounds as though it may be a criminal offense of some description.

    What did you use to rip?
  22. xenu55 Member

    Is there a thread anywhere for the French Anon....they could roll with this better than anyone!!!
  23. xenu55 Member

    What I used to rip shouldnt matter.....No offense......but really it doesnt matter......I have the AVI with no audio........willing to post it after I know that it doesnt matter....
  24. There's a translation thread on enturb I've already posted this in, and am in the process of posting here:

    Any other sites ppl are aware of?

    Also has anyone successfully ripped audio and video yet? Would be good to know what you used if "yes" so more of us can get copies for safety.
  25. LRonAnon Member

  26. argh Member

    there are several countries represented in that video.. not just france.

    I'm so pisssed at this.
  27. Plups Member

    Had to laugh at this on the google translation page:


    Tell one enemy?
  28. I don't really follow the secrecy, to me it makes more sense for more of us to have it, but I'm easy. We really need to get this with the video and the audio though.

    I've got four saved with audio as well, though these are ones that have previously been posted to youtube. [EDIT: The following sentence may in fact false. I assumed (silly boy) that the original Bakchich article was accurate. However, based on subsequent research by Anon, it appears that Bakchich is incorrect in at least some of it's claims.] The first one definitely uses fake individuals, not certain about the last 3 though.
  29. xenu55 Member

    I have ripped both audio and vid...

    awaiting instructions on posting it....I wanted to do it only in case COS pulled for the time being I will do nothing....
  30. Ivlesin Member

    I'm not sure why you're so defensive.

    Edit: Beaten to it.
  31. argh Member

    several of the faces are talking about "Youth for Human Rights".. One Ive seen so far mantiones Scientology. I'm wondering if they or some of them, are genuine but didn't know what they were putting their titles to.

    anyway, I'll see if I can inform Swedish local govt in the Huddinge area, unless there is a native swede who might do a better job? I'm guessing they might not know about this.. if they do, good (sorta) but if they don't, they sure should.

    after that I'll see about some of the other departments mentiones... hell of a job with no name to report, heh, but screencaps will have to do i guess.. "do you recognise this person?" lol.
  32. Dubber Member

    I imagine people working double-time at Golden Era to produce this video while Yakkety Sax plays over the public address speakers.
  33. FrenchAnon Member

    The text is amusing, but it rambles. The important parts:

    They noticed the video doesn't give any names, only impressive titles. They tried to find some of the people in the video, and found out at least three of them were fake people. In one case, they were told there might be some action taken. They didn't get answers for the other people yet, but they urge readers to look at the video and try to identify other fakes.
  34. xenu55 Member

    sometimes - I just wonder who is asking tthe may me a true Anon.....but the "rip software" should not matter ......

    Let us not fight amongst ourselves!!!!!

    There are hundreds of "video rip" programs out there........
  35. rawrz Member

    All right guys. How to use this best for our advantage?
  36. I can't really see how this could be used against you even if you've got the most creative imagination going.

    The benefit of us knowing, is that it stops us wasting time using one that doesn't record the audio from whilst we're working through the different programs to find one that will.

    Don't worry about it though, it's not a biggy.
  37. Anonypeg Member

    I didn't think anyone meant to offend you. I think that they wanted to help, in that if you told them the program you used to rip the video, they can possibly figure out what you did wrong, or recommend better software. That's why it would matter, I hope you understand.

    Now that I said that ... back to staying on target.
  38. Right now, we must tipoff any news outlet that ran the story about Scientology starting the new video website. We need to get this to the Frenchanons for a better translation too.
  39. xenu55 Member

    I have the whole video/audio now ... all good.....I am keeping safe...what we need to do now is have the French Anon contact the Mayor's office in Marseille, and see if this guy exist....same with ehe Belguim peeps.....

    I am going to post the Scilon vid soon......
  40. xenu55 Member

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