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Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Sep 16, 2013.

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  3. This image reminds me of this common depiction and explanation for the Scientologists' "dynamics,[Definition: Dynamics]" which probably contributes to the generation of the Scientologists' narcissistic worldview.

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    I don't understand what all this narcissistic stuff has to do with this thread. Are you calling Leah a Narcissist??
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  7. Yes, Thank you Caroline Letkeman.
    It is spot on.

    I have never seen such extreme cases of malignant narcissism demonstrated behavior and conduct wise as much as I have seen with Scientologists. And yes, even after they have made a "dramatic escape".
    For the most part, and with two exceptions that I will not name here, most of the fame and money hungry who got into this MLM scheme are sort of the same way, characteristically, even after they have left a group. It is almost like they want to be with the big wolves, and they would stay indefinitely for the benefits that the ones at the top enjoy, but as soon as that particular clique or group is taken down a notch in the public eye, we see crocodile tears and hawking some cheezy ass book or something - AND NO SUBSTANTIAL OR REAL HELP FOR OTHER SURVIVORS OF THIS HORRIFIC THOUGHT REFORM AND CULT INDOCTRINATION WHICH HAS ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED SO MANY LIVES OF A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT HERE.

    fags, i grew up with celebrity kids.
    i don't get a wet spot just because someone wants to be a celebretard on television.
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