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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Nul.nul, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Nul.nul Member

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    Mousavi's Facebook page appears to be compromised and is asking for protest photos and contact information. Attempts to post comments asking people not to post there are deleted almost automatically. Please do not post there!

    Please if you are in Iran DO NOT post any information/pictures/videos that could identify you!!! TO ANYONE!!! The government has complete access to all internet traffic going into and out of the country. They have to ability to intercept packets, alter them in anyway they want and then send these packets on there way. This means you could post the location of a protest and the government can intercept it, alter the location and time to where a trap may be set then let it continue to twitter/facebook/whatever. It will then look like you have posted this "trap rally"

  2. are you sure? seems like he's just asking for pictures of balloons in the sky :/
  3. skollie-IRAN Member

    Have you contacted Facebook?
    I'll try as well after I've checked it out. If true, asking for contact info is very scary.

    It is very strange that the note does ask for email addresses to be sent along with the pictures.
  4. spam time

    Well if it is may we post millions of pictures of Ackmadina handjob?
  5. Wait...the contact info is strange but why would they still be promoting his peaceful protests? Why wouldn't they say the event had been canceled?
  6. Because they don't just want to stop the protests. They want to punish anyone involved.
  7. skollie-IRAN Member

    To make people feel comfortable with divulging their contact info? Who knows, but something is wrong on that page. I cannot imagine that Mousavi would ask people to give that info.
  8. I can not imagine he would entitle himself as "president" on the site either, and I don't think he would use as official email address. That site looks more than fishy.
  9. skollie-IRAN Member

    Fox news has just confirmed that his facebook page has been hacked.
  10. Faux News? Right, because they are bastions of integrity.
    Moussavi's page has read "President" since the post-election riots.
    I don't see anything that would suggest the site is controlled by all.
  11. Godspeed! Member


    His page has uploaded pictures of people releasing the balloons with their faces blurred. I would say that the request for 'contact' was a poor choice of words, but nothing more.
  12. Time to go to ground, my friends.

    Time to go to ground, my friends. ORGANIZE. Return as the underground.
  13. skollie-IRAN Member

    There are many, many pictures without blurred faces. The blurred pictures were probably done by the people submitting them.
  14. Angelraven Member

    Correct, so, what can we do, people are still using his FB page and saying it is legitimate He would never ask for email addresses and show people's face when we know that the Gov has a web site posting people's pictures and asking for their names if you know them! It is on اغتشاشگران را شناسایی کنید

    If we write that this is a hacked page on his site they will just delete it, so, what can we do???
  15. skollie-IRAN Member

    It's very important to send out tweets telling people not to send pictures of contact info.

    Report the page to Facebook indicating that you believe it has been hacked and the dangers of people supplying identifying information. - include a link to that page.
    I sent one a few days ago - but they've not done anything about it. I will keep trying.
  16. The solution is simple, if everyone takes their copies of videos showing the dead, saves the individual frames and crop them so that it only shows the dead person, and sends those cropped photos via a bogus email addy in no time at all that mailbox will be over run...

    Thereby sending a sobering message at the same time.

    < shrugs >
  17. Tripcode Omega Dawn

    The green opposition is not Mousavi's force, it is clearly the people's. they chose mousavi's Mousavi with their usurped vote. Mousavi had already bowed out of the Twittolution by the time fckthskllof Achmedinejad Pwnd his facebook.

    So what are we going to do with this fool ?

  18. mousavi's facebook page DOES NOT appear to have been compromised. the recent posts all follow the same motif of encouraging non-violence and civil disobedience. the names requested are names that apparently are to be added to the fabric scroll petition started across the world and to be combined together in france and sent out as the longest petition written and signed. keep an eye on the contents and be careful of what is posted and what isn't. i encourage and support everyone's concern, however would side with caution before presuming the worse.
  19. Uhh, please post links to stories by western news media, don't just repeat it, it sounds like rumours.

    Whatever your problems with Fox news (I hate them too), I don't think they're on Ahmadinejad's side here. They swing right. They have right wing commentators who lie like crazy. But their news bulletins are just news like everyone else.
  20. this is looking alot like there's someone from IRI trying to argue the falsehood here, but I can't figure out which one it is.
  21. Isn't presuming the worst usually on the same side with caution?
  22. which page exactly? there's a few of them.
  23. It's about one week that when I want to post smthing of Mousavi's facebook , it aks me to verify my contact info. Today I just noticed that even, when I want to comment a post it asks me the same question. Does anybody else have the same problem?
  24. Jakomeyu Member

    the moussavi page i'm a fan of looks fine to me
  25. It's not all the time. For example, yesterday, I couldn't post or even comment on any post. Today I can't post!!! But I can put comments.
  26. Topastro Member

    moussavi on facebook

    Yesterday videos where down for about two or some more hours.
    There was the new clip about how they rigged the Elections.

    Just be careful. Nobody knows, who belongs to whom and if ppl are as strong, as we would want them to be.


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