Dani Lemberger: Ron’s Single Biggest Mistake - Hubbard did not understand democracy

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Mike: Dani Lemberger Speaks

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    The United States was not intended as a democracy. The FF understood the dangers of a democracy as we have now.
    panem et circenses
    Our current system started about 100 years ago with the direct election of senators, the income tax and the Fed, all in 1913.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Here's a fun exercise -- how many words can you find to fill in the blank:

    "Ron's single biggest mistake was that he did not understand __________."

    Dani Lemberger has started us off with "democracy". "Science" is another obvious one. Anyone else?
  4. Anonymous Member

    The Hubturd hated deomocracy because democracy (in principle) requires that equal rights under the law apply to everyone, including dissenters, and that its leaders be accountable. No organised crime syndicate has ever flourished using the democracy model.
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    Nah. Far from not understanding science, Blubbard knew his scam would be immediately exposed (as it was by the LA experiments) if it were subject to evidence based research. Same with democracy, Blubbard couldn't control the money supply if he had to prepare annual accounts. While he was quite made, Blubbard was no dummy.
  6. Hygiene
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  7. Basic Dentistry, Women, Children, Religion, Government, Science, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, English Grammar, Psychiatry, Biology, Advanced Mathematics, Leadership, Tolerance, Bigotry, Bigamy, False Impisonment, Music, Movie Production, Child Abuse, Ships, Commodores, Pinks, Grays, Rum, Vistaril, Hypocricy, Egomania, Sociopathy, Satanic Rituals, Germs, War Heroes, Medals of Honor, Courage, Humanity, Pork-Chop Sideburns, Danger of Toxic Levels of Niacin and that scheming little weasel, David Miscavige.....................
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  8. Anonymous Member

    understanding itself. The science of understanding understanding is called understandology and is the key to etc etc etc
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  9. fify
  10. amaX Member

    We're a republic.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    (One of) Ron's single biggest mistakes was his failure to understand the meaning of "intellectual honesty."

    He pretended to know what no one knows, and this is known as intellectual dishonesty.

    LRH Eyes Rolling.gif
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  12. Anonymous Member

    We're an oligarchy.
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  13. Gottabrain Member

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  14. The Internet Member

    ...that the universe isn't all about Ron.
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  15. Emotions. China. Black people. The meaning of words. The difference between himself and a ship's captain.

    Basic spousal arithmetic. Children. The Venusian transport system. Assessment. Assessment.

    Love. Loyalty. Human rights. Blackfoot kinship rituals. False Memory Syndrome.

    How not to appear mental. Nuclear Physics. The function of the brain. Assessment.

    The law. The aural capacity of ashtrays. Philosophy (not as well as Marty, anyways).

    The importance of a sympathetic tailor. Wogs. Education.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    For me, amongst the numerous annoying and sometimes infuriating defects in LRH and scientology, is the failure to understand alphabetic phonetic literacy.

    Within the ‘writings’ (and the lectures) are found patterns of assumption and gross misunderstandings about the power of the English language (and other spoken and written languages).

    The assumption is one of believing and promoting the idea that anything and everything can be codified within a written language - that anything and everything can be verbalized in writing and speech. For someone claiming familiarity with the work of Alfred Korzybski, I find this to be really astonishing.

    The assumption drives so much of what LRH created, including that which is not known, by anyone.

    In order to accommodate the unknown, lies were told and written down - huge crimes of intellectual dishonesty were committed.

    Yes, it is well known that LRH was a pathological liar, but it is how and why he lied that most interests me here.

    He completely failed to understand the functions of language, while claiming to know everything.

    I fully subscribe to Paul Virilio’s theory of the accident. It goes along these lines:
    • When the ship was invented, so was the shipwreck.
    • When the locomotive was invented, so was the train wreck.
    • When the automobile was invented, so was the car crash. And so on.
    Within every innovation and invention, including any system of writing, resides a potential accident; and by “accident,” Virilio uses Aristotle’s definition, “…that which happens.”

    Scientology is an accident in knowledge, precipitated by L. Ron Hubbard’s assumptions and complete misunderstandings about language, literacy, and alphabetic phonetic literacy in particular.

    It was McLuhan that pointed out that “… any medium has the power of imposing its own assumption on the unwary.” (Understanding Media - page #15)

    LRH was extremely unwary of the power of his chosen mediums of expression, and the result is very catastrophic, an extremely disastrous accident.
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