Data intelligence firms proposed a systematic attack against WikiLeaks

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Sorry, is he using "Daniel Domscheit-Berg's revelations" as any kind of trusted source for information?
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    The timeline is very telling, IMHO.
  11. Anonymous Member

    quite an education we're getting here.
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    thanks, ann.
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    I do not want to wash my face in your sink. That would be weird.
  21. the glennzilla is soooooo sexy.
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    Holy Shit.
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    Yeah...I worked for a veterinarian. I'd like to see Assange grab a tomcat by the throat. I'm not buying that story for a second. Cats have the unnerving ability to transform into chain saws in a heartbeat. Pix of Assange's forearms or gtfo!
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  25. Ann O'Nymous Member

    I tend to agree, but slightly out target.
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    I thought I knew what was going on. I stay informed and figured these guys were nasty bizness. But the depth of the damn rabbit hole and the stink of the cesspit lurking at the bottom is something I honestly was unprepared for.

    Education, indeed. Thanks wikileaks, thanks anonymous. You are going to be remembered as the game-changers.
  28. Anonymous Member

    LULZ are to be had by commenting this guy

  29. Anonymous Member

    Nowhere near the bottom yet.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Hunton & Williams

    I was hoping that was already a done deal.
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