Data protection report on Scientology by Hungarian government

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    A translation of this would be very useful in English and other EU languages:

    given what Chris Owen says about it:
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  2. Two paragraphs from Chris Owen's piece today sent a chill down my spine. Eurofags, please take notice and act.

    The biggest danger from the report, however, is its implications for Scientology in the rest of the EU. The NAIH has gone to considerable pains to document which specific data protection principles are violated by which specific Scientology policies. Because the same principles and policies are in force across the EU, the report effectively provides a road map to tackling data protection violations by Scientology in every EU state.

    That doesn’t mean every national data protection authority will come to the same conclusions as the NAIH, but it does suggest Scientology could be in serious trouble if complaints were to be made in other EU countries about the practices that the NAIH found to be violations. The unalterable and standardised nature of Scientology policies has always been a major long-term weakness for the organisation. What happens if changes to the law make elements of those policies legally untenable? That’s what has now happened.
  3. Quentinanon Member

    What the scientology crime syndicate will do is restrict the handling of that data to only HCO and OSA staff it has leverage over in the forms of unquestioning belief in the cult, blackmail and disconnection of friends and family. The data will get encrypted and sent to OSA Int and HCO Int for storage, possibly via INCOMM.
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