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    From another thread:

    This is certainly interesting, given the number of people who got sucked into scientology through someone they dated, I wonder how much this is really a tactic.

    IF scientologists are really diving into dating sites to recruit, that certainly would be an interesting bit of news for at least the dating website bloggers to alert people to.

    So do we have any verification of these dating site tactics?
  2. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    This is relevant to my interests.
  3. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    OT Tits?

    It's moar likely than you think!
  4. basil Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Question is, do they audit on a first date?
  5. FUCK Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    ^^^ this. anyone with an eharmony account, search now
  6. Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Date-Rape-a-Scilon! :D
  7. TheBitch Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to compare the EHarmony responses of $cilons!!! Are they behind Prolexic?
  8. j0eg0d Member

  9. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    The main Cult platforms are on Prolexic, but individual Scicunts use normal ISPs to connect.
  10. Anon-007 Member

  11. Re: Date-a-Scilon

    MATCH.COM profile for Adptold aka Mike Edward Teifke, D.C. Cincinnati, Ohio, Scientology OT V

    Friends first......... keeping it real.......yet looking for love......
    Active within 24 hours
    • 45-year-old man
    • Mason, Ohio, United States
    • seeking women 31-50
    • within 50 miles of Mason, Ohio, United States
    Relationships: Never Married
    Have kids: None
    Want kids: Not sure
    • White / Caucasian
    Body type: About average (FAT)
    Height: 6'3" (190cms)
    Religion: No Answer WHY NOT MIKEY do you think telling them you are a Scientologist will run off the chicks willing to buttfuck you?
    Smoke: No Answer (like a FIEND)
    Drink: Social drinker, maybe one or two
    About my life and what I'm looking for
    I believe 2 people need to learn about one another and first like each other, become friends, compare values and interests before they can truly act on chemistry that is present...with that said I think chemistry needs to be there but must be coupled with other factors...looking for love, looking for commitment, looking for real...looking for integrity...I believe in the age old virtues manking has espoused through the ages...and seek a woman who wants to create something very very mutually healthy for her and I and all of life...Let's chat, get to know one another , share...then talk on the phone...and if there's a click...let's go out and meet and go from there...and if you will buy a big giant dildo and fuck me up the ass with it I will love you forever.
    About me
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Best Feature: No Answer
    Body Art: No Answer
    Sports and exercise: No Answer
    Exercise habits: Exercise 3-4 times per week (LIE unless you call lifting the cans exercise)
    Daily diet:
    • Keep it healthy
    • Meat and potatoes
    Interests: No Answer
    Education: Graduate degree
    Medical / Dental / Veterinary You're a fucking Chiropractor
    Income: No Answer (HA, no money since you spend it all on $cientology)
    • English
    • French
    Politics: Some other viewpoint
    Sign: Don't display my sign
    My Place:
    • Live alone (in a shitty condo since I had to sell my house to pay for Scientology courses)
    Pets I have: No Answer
    Pets I like:
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Fish
    About my date
    Hair: No Answer
    Eyes: No Answer
    Height: 5'0" (152cms) to 5'10" (177cms)
    Body type:
    • A few extra pounds (AKA FAT)
    • About average
    • Athletic and toned
    • Slender (since when does FAT=SLENDER?)
    Dick size:
    • 3 1/2 inches
    Languages: No Answer
    Ethnicity: No Answer
    Faith: No Answer WHY NOT MIKEY are you ashamed???
    Education: No Answer
    Job: No Answer
    Income: No Answer
    Smoke: No Answer
    • I don't drink alcohol
    • Social drinker, maybe one or two (Isn't that against the rules of $cientology?)
    • Never Married
    • Widowed
    • Divorced
    Have kids: No Answer
    Want kids:
    • Not sure

    • Boldness / Assertiveness
    • Brainiacs
    • Erotica (AKA being fucked up the ass with a big dildo)
    • Long hair
    • Money
    • Power


    he had to sell his motorcycle to pay for clam courses

    I also have nekid picture of this Scilon supah powered clam...
  12. Re: Date-a-Scilon

    That man's head and neck are the same diameter, wtf?
  13. Re: Date-a-Scilon

    he used to play for the Cleveland Browns before he ruined his life joining the Clams. Don't all football players sport this feature? You should see him now..his head and neck are the same diameter of his stomach and ass...he's really fat now, lumbering along with his chainsmoking filthy mouth leering at chicks...he's gross. Too bad he does not show them REAL photos of himself...of course we have some of him if any chicks are googling him and want to spare themselves some pain...just PM I'll send you to the Cincy anon album. We get a pretty good traffic at the cincy board from chicks googling his name. Countless chicks saved from him so far, I guess only the stupid ones who don't google will end up buying a super size dildo for him. SERIOUSLY that is what he asks them to do, no lie, I have quite a few private messages from chicks who all say the same thing! They also all get the same nekid photo which they are more than happy to share.

    I used his whole name so when people google him they will find his fat ass here. No doubt he will have to put his profile into hiding again, but no worries the women scorned ALWAYS find him and report.
  14. webkilla Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    one thing is us finding their dox- but them giving them out freely? oh come on...
  15. Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Ah, he's posted all this shit IN PUBLIC...hello.

    he also sorely deserves it. He threatened to rape one of our femanons. Cops know all about this asshole.
  16. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Sounds to me like you've had an "intimate experience" with the chap and it didn't end well.....
  17. whosit Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    I wonder what kind of short hand is used for Scilons. I mean DD free is drug and disease free.

  18. Re: Date-a-Scilon

    LOL no, but I know a few chicks who have been burnt by many of them have googled his name and come to the Cincy forum where the rape threat/dox are posted that hearing story after story makes me think...this dude should be stopped. We've had this information since the summer, used his nakid pix during protests ect. He hasn't shown his face anymore...not since he sat there and watched the gal that he threatened to rape through binoculars all through a protest and she decided to fight back, and fight dirty. I'll post his nakid pic in the TD though, I'm sure there's a few in there that might not mind an "intimate experience" with him since he loves buttsechs.
  19. Re: Date-a-Scilon

    BT free must mean Body Thetan free...LOL is that an attraction for a clam?
  20. Forseti Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    I LOL'd hard
  21. Forseti Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Yer an idiot man. Geeezus!
  22. Re: Date-a-Scilon

    So far the only accusations most of the women have made about him is that he lies about being a clam, and asks them to give him buttsechs, trufax dat...thus far the only violence was aimed at our Femanon...none of the women who have contacted Cincy have claimed he's done anything violent. That does not mean he hasn't, just means they haven't said so. Basically he's just a creepy fat, ugly old man who likes it up the butt posing as a younger more fit man to lure chicks to his pissant condo. According to one chick, the only thing he's got left is his white beemer which he might well sell. Also, one of them said he was thinking of going on staff...

    SO putting this out there for the BIGCLAMS to see...(how out ethics he is) might save his fat white ass from going into the Sea org. They'd have to reject least he won't loose everything..(at least not right away).
  23. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Lol. Wog seeking clam.

    SWW seeking SWC for lulz and double-auditing. Must be OTIII+ BT Free open to Xenu and buttsecks.
  24. Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Hope some moar folks get a good look at the cincy raep clam...he is the ultimate SWC BT free seeking same with big dildo!
  25. Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Look, reverse sciencology is certainly valid here.

    A dating site owned by scientologists and has scientologists on it is affinity exchange. <<<<ONLY GO IN ON ANONYMOUSE URL TRACKING>>>

    You will be very attractive if you are interested in scientology. Not many people validate that and almost everyone bags scientology and as for scientology men, they are over worked, controlling and hopeless with money (generally). You have a very good chance;)

    So why not?

    I have long been an advocate that the only real way to get scientology is in through the people on the inside. Rocking up in masks and banging on windows is lulz but true affect is through reverse sciencology ;)

    Seeds can be planted here. subtle ones that may help these people in the future. It's a hard battle but one that is easier when trust is obtained. We can call it the reverse love bomb.

    I have seen it completely convert someone. In this case it was actually true love from a coincidence and just honest discussions.

    Look, your average scientologist is blind. I hang around heaps of them. They love bomb me and try to get me in but i know all the ron hubbard writings to put them off. Like Ron said at some point scientology isn't for everyone. They don't read any of these forums (only osa, Hi OSA :) ) So they are very very niave... When it comes to the church and its propaganda they are very strong but it's easy to sideswipe when you know how it works and a lot of you guys know. If you do this get a spare mobile number just for the case and always remember while they are still scientologists even though they appear like normal human beings. Never give personal details. When the cult mindset drives in or management get an inkling then these zombies will do anything for the church. But untill then they are baby lambs.

    Fight fire with fire. Sometimes its the only way.

    Oh yea... take videos;)

    I dont believe in being unethical but when an enemy forwards to you like that i think you are well within your rights to do the same back.

    This is an excellent way to get info as if they think you are a maybe then they will let loose with loose tongues or you will over hear stuff here and there.

    It's also a very good way to slowly introduce concepts of self freedom, exploration and even antagonism.

    At the very least you will get to see a part of scientology that you cant get any other way. Think of it like a trip to africa or something. Someplace not many people go.

    and the continual love bombing by always being just on the outside; no longer a wog but now "fresh meat" Just don't let the vampires see your veins...
  26. Athene Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    ^Whoa... I like your style :D

    I'm not single, but I would almost take one for the team with a hot OTIII or above to see if the magical powers extend into the bedroom... they seem to send the best looking ones, early-mid 20s, to administer the stress tests. I considered taking the test when a particular hottie and I made eye contact over an e-meter in a train station a few years back just so he'd have my number.

    Just think... in a different life I may have been injected with Clear. I wonder how many hours my fantasy Scilon lover would have to be audited to "process" the "perversions" he or she (or both!) and I would engage in...

    Hmm, if I'm ever single and/or want a fling, maybe I'll hit up the local org. ;)
  27. Re: Date-a-Scilon


    ...... and B&

    suck it bitches
  28. none given Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Alright, this is the kind of stuff that gets me in trouble.
    Is anyone young, hot and serious about sneeking into a scilon's life like this?
    Casual dating would be enough.
    You can always put off the secks (women can anyway) and what he calls junkmail might be treasure for you.
    It would be easy as hell to get in. You would have to determine the potential win when you get there.
  29. Mutante Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Phase 4: Fuck for victory.
  30. Athene Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Heh. I'm in a committed relationship and it's not an open one. I wouldn't say I am "young" or "hot" but I am mid-20s (look younger), tallish, not overweight/good figure, if you like the all-American girl next door type... I think I could pull off attracting a Scilon, but I would have to actually like him enough to convert him. I could probably play the part at least as well as Katie Holmes. ;)

    Certainly would be an epic win and an illustration of the power of one and love conquering all and stuff. Sex is much more fun than auditing or working for $50 a month, right? And it's free! :p
  31. Athene Member

    Re: Date-a-Scilon

    Welp, bumping this because it appears I am single again. :(

    Should I seek solace in the arms of a sweet Scilon? It would take "rebound" to a whole new level. I won't let the vampires see my veins. ;)
  32. I miss the fuck oput of him

    Now get this out of general

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