David Braverman has been Declared a Suppressive Person by the Church of Scientology

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  1. David Braverman has been Declared a Suppressive Person by the Church of Scientology.

    The post is long, and cannot adequately be summarized nor excerpted -- though that of course won't stop me from attempting the latter.

    The article is well worth reading in full.

    Mike Rinder: David Braverman — A Too Familiar Story

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    As for raising money, we were 1.2 million short the night before the so-called deadline. So two OT committed members, Chuck Simon and Michael Holstein, gathered about 15 of us together around midnight, and said that they would get a bank loan for the 1.2M balance the next day if we each would sign an agreement to pay back our share, which came to $76,000 each, with interest, at the rate of $1000 per month for the next bunch of years till it was paid off. Some of the guys refused, the rest of us signed. Later the Org knighted us the “Legion of Heroes.”

    * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Anyhow as you can imagine the conversation didn’t go well, and after a few minutes I began to let him know that I didn’t like the way Int Management was running the Church, specifically the excruciating regging, the catastrophically stupid Ideal Org program, the cruel realities of disconnection, and the fear Scientologists had of seeking information or speaking their mind, among other things. I asked him if he had received Debbie Cook’s email and he said he had. I asked him what he thought of it and he looked at me like I was an idiot and said “well I didn’t read it,” you know, once he realized that the contents were critical. I said “OK, let’s get this straight: Debbie Cook, CO of Flag for 13 years, who had gotten more people up the bridge than you’ll ever even meet, has something to say and you are not even interested?” He muttered something about how some enemy line had gotten to her. And not only that, but he also said that I must be a “borderline” SP.

    Well, I had never heard of a “borderline” SP, but I figured a sharp guy like Frank would know one when he saw one. At any rate, I saw no reason to continue the conversation so I got up and began to make my way to the exit, with Frank yelling across Starbucks at me that I had “evil purposes”, and now even the baristas knew. The man was a total robotic bubble-dwelling tape-loop. No room for conflict in his life.

    I guess it took about 2 or 3 months before the envelope arrived from the International Justice Chief informing me that I was now an SP, just like Marc Headley.…maybe even worse! (Only kidding Marc, if you’re reading this. I’m sure you’re much worse.) There was no inquiry, no committee of Evidence, not even a request for a meeting or a phone conversation or any clarification on my part (just in case maybe Frank had misunderstood). The declare itself was not in the envelope, just a letter and the suppressive acts policy with all the bad stuff I had done highlighted.

    * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    After my declare I was still paying off the $1000 per month “Legion of Heroes” money, which had dragged on for reasons I won’t get into. Of course, I had no interest in the Ideal Org, but the money at this point was a debt I agreed to pay Chuck Simon and Michael Holstein as individuals, and I didn’t want to not pay them.

    * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Then on a hunch I went on the “Philly Freedom” Ideal Org website to find my name on the donors list. I figured I was at least in some upper status like “Super Emeritus” or something.

    Surprise, surprise! My name was not on the list at all.

    Now, don’t misunderstand, I could give a shit whether my name is on the Ideal Org donors list. But this pissed me off. I mean, I gave a lot of money (not to mention the catering, and my supporting role in the Golden-Era-productions-Philly-Ideal-Org feature). So I wrote a letter, a real letter, on real paper, explaining that I know I’m an SP and all, but nevertheless I donated to the Ideal Org with a sincere desire to help, a LOT of money, and therefore why was my name removed from the donors list? I sent the letter to Chuck, Michael, Steve Oleck (the ED of the Org), and the chairman of the OT committee. Of course I had no expectations of actually having my name put back on the donors list, but I thought they should at least be made aware of their hypocrisy.

    I sent each person the hard copy of the letter, and emailed it to each of them as well, twice. I got no response from anyone, except Chuck. He told me he would look into it. This went on for several months, during which time I sent him reminders every couple of weeks. Finally he sent an email back saying why didn’t I contact the people in charge myself. Well, I thought I had done that, but I asked him who he suggested I contact who would communicate with me. He said he would get back to me on that, and a couple of days later he sent me email which said I should contact the International Justice Chief, and he conveniently provided me with the address.

    So I wrote back to Steve, explaining to him that if my name was to be put back on the list, the decision would have to be made on a local level, by individuals choosing to actually do the right thing, defying whatever policy they thought they were following. I told him that if I contacted the IJC as he suggested there were two possible outcomes. Outcome #1: (most likely) no response at all, or outcome #2: I would be told to do A to E, which was not going to happen.

    By that time I had finished paying Steve the money, and I haven’t heard from him since. I haven’t written either. I suppose I could pursue this matter more vigorously, but life’s too short.

    I have to say my life since being declared just gets better and better.

    * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  2. David Braverman to Marc Headley:

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    david braverrman says
    March 20, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    Hi Marc, Seriously, you were my first SP exposure ever! I don’t remember who the interviewer was or what station but it just happened one night by accident on an internet station. I heard the words Scientology and “blown for good” and got myself to leave the station on, but even though I was alone, I kind of went about my business and pretended not to listen, sort of, so I could claim in some potential future ethics interview or sec-check that it was on but I didn’t inhale, so to speak. But it’s good to know I started with a high-caliber SP. But seriously, you were majorly instrumental in me getting the idea that SP’s were not really all that bad. I definitely owe you some free bread. By the way, “Blown for Good” was a riot to read. Good luck to you and Claire with everything, especially the kids. I bet you’re a great dad.

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
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  3. David Braverman has been made aware of this thread.

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    David Braverman says

    March 21, 2015 at 9:16 am

    Dear communicator I/C, Thanks for cross-posting, although I never intended to be famous. And thank you for your compliment on my story. I found it soothing and sort of energy-giving to write it down, and fun too.

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
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  4. anon8109 Member

    The cult should think twice before they mess with a Braverman.

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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    LeBust: Scientology's dark tower on Chestnut Street

    By Jason Nark,, January 16, 2016

    Adark tower on Chestnut Street was the beacon that David Braverman said he needed to navigate his way out of the Church of Scientology.

    Braverman, founder and owner of LeBus Bakery, says he spent close to $1 million on Scientology during nearly four decades - on the church's so-called auditing sessions to restore "beingness and ability," on travel to its massive Flag Building in Clearwater, Fla., and in fulfilling constant requests for donations. He also provided the catering for fundraising events.

    Foremost in his largesse was the estimated six-figure sum he gave toward purchase of the 15-story former Cunningham Piano Building, on Chestnut near 13th Street. The church bought the building in 2007 for $7.85 million, touting it as its first "skyscraper" to replace its longtime Philly headquarters a half-mile away on Race Street. Plans for the building included a chapel, a bookstore, and even an office for a dead man - Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, who died in 1986.

    But the Chestnut Street building appears no closer to opening in 2016 than it did in 2007. According to the Department of Licenses and Inspections, the Church of Scientology has yet to apply for work permits on the property. An L&I spokeswoman said recently that an issue over sprinklers and standpipes could land the church in blight court if a variance isn't granted by the Fire Department.

    Braverman left Scientology about two years ago. He says something about the building bothered him: The Philadelphia area didn't have enough Scientologists to fill the Race Street offices, let alone a Center City high-rise.

    "It was a catastrophically stupid idea," Braverman, 65, of East Falls, said during a recent interview at a Starbucks on Main Street in Manayunk. "I started to voice my opinion about it, very quietly, even though I had been behind it with catering events and donating all this money."

    In 2011, Karin Pouw, a Church of Scientology spokeswoman, told the Daily News that the building would be open by 2013 and that the church's leader, David Miscavige, ideally would return to the area to cut the ribbon. Miscavige grew up in Burlington and Delaware counties and joined Scientology as a teenager.

    One of Miscavige's victories was in gaining tax-exempt status for the Church of Scientology in 1993, assuring that both the Race Street and Chestnut Street locations would be untaxed.

    When asked the other day to comment on the status of the Chestnut Street building, Pouw said only that it was still in the "planning stages."

    In 2011, the church said the "Philadelphia/New Jersey area" had about 10,000 Scientologists.

    But Braverman estimates that 50 or fewer practicing Scientologists live in the area, and he believes the church isn't having much luck recruiting and isn't even trying.

    Increasing numbers of adherents have become disaffected with Scientology, he says.

    A 2015 HBO documentary, Going Clear, based on journalist Lawrence Wright's book of the same title, was called the "final nail" in Scientology's coffin by The Week magazine in March.

    "Scientology is a toxic name, way more than it used to be," Braverman said. "I don't think David Miscavige is looking for new members. He claims to be. As far as I know, he's just trying to milk as much as he can out of the diminishing flock that there is now."

    Continued here:
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  6. Incredulicide Member

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  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

    It is a good thing that scientology does not follow its own rules. For people that are not ready yet to listen to voices from outside, this could be a first crack in the pot.
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  8. Congratulations, David, a suppressive person declaration is the highest honor that one can receive from the criminal Scientology corporation. It means that you have a certain level of intelligence and self-determinism that Scientology can no longer handle to keep you under their stringent control.

    You've finally seen through Hubbard's lies and false promises and will no longer accept the abusive constraints that Scientology imposes upon its members.

    Don't buy into the 'Independent' version of Hubbard's scam either, it's the same thing, only packaged differently. The very last thing an ex-scientologist needs is more scientology in any form.

    All the Best, enjoy your freedom!
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