David Love - Court Hearing Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Not exactly what you were looking for, but along similar lines, scientology has a policy of putting off paying bills until it absolutely has to. The policy is called
    HCOPL of 28 March 1965, "Emergencies and Accounts Personnel"

    See for example:
    Scientology's nonpayment of bills: project.htm

    There is also an example in the famous Larry Wollersheim case where it took years before he collected on the millions scientology owed him. They hid the money in other accounts. The experts on this are Larry Wollersheim and lawyer Graham Berry. People here should be able to help you contact them.
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    I haz no beard, but here's some stuff on the Toronto raids.

    The Queen v. Church of Scientology of Toronto, et al.
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Here's some odds and ends I've come across regarding Larry's case and some of the goings on in Canada:

    Bits and pieces on CSC assest moves in an attempt to keep Larry from getting "on thin dime"

    Church of Scientology of California vs Wollersheim Appeal (CSC appeal against Larry's win - tl:dr version: shot down in flames. Long, but worth the read.)


    Village Voice article laying out the case and asset shuffling that went on. The asset shuffling never went to court, as CSC in the form of CSI paid up exactly one hour before the trial was scheduled to start

    Scientology's Crushing Defeat - - News - New York - Village Voice

    Info from Rick Ross's site regarding Scientology's nefarious activities in Canada (10 sections in all, replace canada1 with canada2, canada3, etc., for the othe pages

    Secret Ontario documents found in U.S. cult's files

    Hope you find it useful.

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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Nice work BigBeard. i spent 2 hours looking but could not find. Glad you did.

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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    The relevant paragraph:

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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    'Walker Lady', when she was blocked from taking the direct route to her house in LA, got it exactly right, "$cientology is bad people! Bad!"

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  10. Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Thanks for expalining about walker lady, that cult is evil.
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    UPS has a justice system?? ZOMG -- another cult! :eek:
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Brown dorky partyvans and SWAT teams wearing shorts.
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Thank you all very much. On bus, on cell browser. Will look at links soon. The other I need answered is: Is it possible and legal for me to copy/burn youtube videos so that I can send them in the comlaint information to the human rights commission? This is important to me right. I showed some government people some online youtube vids in an office meeting and it war quite an impact. If I can't copy vids, I guess I could meet with gov and do a Power Point presentation? Videos are a very powerful tool; especially when I've already sent them over 300 pages of dox on a similar case.
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    I'm not a lawyer but I'm almost certain there's nothing wrong with putting YouTube videos on a dvd. As long as the video wasn't copyrighted, which it wouldn't be (in theory) if it was hosted on youtube. It's absolutely possible, but I'm the wrong guy to ask how to do it. There are plenty of people around here that can tell you how to download the videos and put them on a disk though. If not just go to your search engine of choice and search for "download/save youtube videos" or something.
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    You don't actually have to burn a DVD if the people you want to present to have youtube access in their office. You could simply copy the links to the videos on a web page, and send them a link to page.

    If they don't have access to youtube, then I don't think copyright should be much of an issue since the videos are part of a legal case, and such use probably falls under some kind of fair use exception. But I'm just guessing.
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    I would imagine you are covered if you include a list of links in an .html document located on the dvd somewhere which link to the original videos, should any questions arise, and pointing out the existence of said list when submitting the dvd.
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    I'm sure your lawyer can answer that one.
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    This is what I would do if I couldn't get in touch with a lawyer to determine whether including the actual videos was OK.
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    This IS priceless! This is GOLD for me. David Miscavige states, Quote: "This is why WE formed the Narconon Program."

    I hope to contact the reporter for this story, Jonatan Placing, and Patty Pieniadz, the lady who worked in OSA and states she recruited 10-15 Narconon Patients into Scientology.

    Another interesting point she discusses in the video, is how the money is filtered into the COS. She's "right on the money" with what she says, but there is another more direct funnel of money which I discussed with Aline Proulx, Narconon Canada Deputy Director. It's incerdible how much money the COS benefits from Narconon, and I'm going to EXPOSE the whole mess to the Human Rights Commission, Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, Revenue Canada, and I will present the evidence in the upcoming court hearing.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

    If anyone knows how I can contact Patty Pieniadz, please let me know.

    This video has made my day!

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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Boy oh' boy - I better be careful when I ask for help, LOL.

    You Anons jumped right in and overwhelmed me with info....., I'm very grateful - thank you.

    The complaint that I had hoped to submit by this Friday, is going to take a few more days now, but that's very fine with me. I want this complaint to be very comprehensive, convincing, and a compliation of evidence and documentation, that is concise and that will contribute to their ongoing investigations and encourage a swift decision to investigate this new complaint and hold accountable the criminals named in this complaint.

    Justice will not take a path around this evil; it shall take "them" to task, head on and expose this disgusting and evil cult for what it really is.

    David Miscavige and his cronies, have had a "free ride" for long enough. It's now time to face the music; and the tune is not one that he will enjoy.

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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    One of the scientology enterprise's successful tactics is to use an army of lawyers, and to bury anyone trying to pursue them in court in a deep confusing maze of paperwork so as to wear down the opposition. In order to succeed, you have to wade through page after page of irrelevant and distracting arguments intended to lead you off on a wild goose chase and draw you away from focusing in on the target.

    It takes a lot of time and patience and research to deflect away their plausible-sounding lies and keep the case on target. But it can be done, and Wollersheim has led the way. It may be useful to contact him (or Graham Berry) for legal advice on how to avoid scientology's diversion and stalling tactics. Larry Wollersheim spent 15 years or so in court with scientology and won, so you could say he has 15 years of experience in all their dirty tricks. Scientology abuses the legal system both to avoid being found guilty, and to harass the opposition. If you know in advance what's in their bag of dirty tricks, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls.

    You practically need to be a Zen master when dealing with them. Staying calm and patient in the face of their psychological warfare is critical.

    You have over 9000 anonymous supporters ready to help you as best they can, so when the workload seems too high, feel free to delegate the more menial and less sensitive aspects.
  24. Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Or at least send you a pizza or something...

    Don't get so busy that you forget to eat. Once you finish with this mountain of paperwork, you still need to be sane and healthy for it to count. So yeah, if you need help with anything just say so. We aren't as strong in numbers as before and we don't have a lot of money, but if need be I bet we can scrounge up the funds to send you some groceries or something. I assume Canadians are as lazy as Americans so there are online grocery and pizza delivery options.

    Christ, I sound like my mom.
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Thank you, Mom :)

    But seriously, I am doing fine, considering the last two year ordeal...... "I was lured into coming to Quebec for a max of three months; that was nealy two years ago,...LOL.

    Right now, I'm quite fine financially. I work full time, out near the airport and I work as much as possible at night and on the weekends writing articles and stories for the Montreal Examiner. It's embarassing how little money I earn at these two jobs, but that's all I can do right now in a majority French speaking Province. My options are limited.

    There is also a very kind, wonderful and compassionate Anon, who has helped me through thick and thin and without this person, I would not still be here. Without Anonymous supporting me in untold ways, I would be living in BC now and Scientology-Narconon would be "home-free." I dare say, the various Quebec Government Agencies will be big happy faces, when David Love leaves Quebec. I can just hear them now,..."that Anglophone, David Love guy from BC, has got his hands full overwhelming us with credible complaints against cult organizations, but now he's publishing articles and stories about our Montreal Callapsing Infrastructure, Corruption, and unsafe Transit System....."

    I was asked to write about public safety issues in Montreal and Canada, and it just so happens that Scientology-Narconon is not safe; but rather a high heath risk and unneccessary burden and cost to our society in Canada. :)

    But to be honest, most of my time is consumed with this battle and Expose. Where do I fit in in? I take six buses a day and write and post while travelling and I write at my day job, when I'm not busy. Then when I arrive home, I continue on.

    I sleep between 3 and 6 hours per day and I eat well. Not much exercise though and my dreamed of 'six-pak", is now a measly, "jello-one-pak."

    The hardest thing on me is being couped up in this tiny apartment box. There are NO houses for a few blocks. It's all little honey-comb buildings. So it was nice to go to Ottawa a couple of weeks ago to the protest and then yesterday to the one in Montreal. I hope to go to a protest in Quebec City in December; we'll see.
    I may make it a mult-purpose trip. I'll let "them" guess for now; they will klmow son enough, and not be"happy-face."

    Geezzzz, sorry for rambling on; that's just me,..........oh' boy, it's going to be a looooonnnng court hearing. I can be very long winded and "wordy", and I don't like to leave any portion of a story or evidence out.

    Besides, I must swear to tell the WHOLE Truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

    And I think the Court Hearing will be in French, so they will provide me with an interpretor, and that person will have to repeat EVERY word and phrase I say. And I have a lot to say, that I have never mentioned on here, and I will say it dox to back it up.

    I may need a body gaurd for a little while after the Hearing. I think some people will be quite embarassed and VERY pissed at this Irishman for long time indeed. I'm pretty sure I know what their "attack and defence tactics" will be, but we will be prepared for unexpected.

    In my opinion, this Court Hearing is going to take weeks to complete, if they agressively defend. But the more they defend, the more public their abuses and exposure will be.

    I don't understand why they fight so hard, when they know it's very unlikely they are going to win and they are going to "take a shit kicking" at the Heraring. I won't give them any mercy. I know what my past is, and it is what it is. They can bring any of it up to attack my credibility, I don't care. BUT, I'll bet some of the many scilon witnesses don't know each others crimes and sins; in fact I can gaurantee it.

    Very interesting Ethics Files for the executives and other staff, that Aline Proulx from Narconon Canada showed me and discussed with me. This was at a time when Marc Bernard was pulled off being the Director and placed in a room to do Case Supervising. Narconon Canada came in; Aline as the ESTO Officer, (establishing new staff and executive positions on the ORG Board), and there were big time power struggles and sneaky eaves dropping and hacking into staff emails for secrets and position. (Even the walls have ears, Aline emailed me). Pretty stressful and harassing place to work.

    In my opinion, the amount of dox, evidence, and information we have, is more than everything I've posted on here in the past year. (1,795 posts) - and many are not short posts as you can see by this one.

    Anyway, thank you for your thoughts and concern for my well being. I'm fine, and even if I wasn't, I probably wouldn't say :)

    PS> If You Think You Sound Like Your Mom, that's a good thing. It speaks well of your character and real feelings about caring for another human being.

    ".....He that will write well in any tongue, must follow this counsel of Aristotle, to speak as the common people do, to think as wise men do; and so should every man understand him, and the judgment of wise men allow him....." -Ascham, Roger
    Toxophilus,'To all Gentlemen andYeomen of England'

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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    A lady from here: YouTube - marcotai's Channel posted a comment about the video Gerry and I did when I was in Vancouver. This is what she said:

    7 months ago

    This video only teachs you:

    "Do not make a YT video when you are under the influence of heavy drugs!"

    People are noticing it and you look so ridiculous.

    Just a suggestion.

    [ame=]YouTube - Ex Narconon Worker David Love And Gerry Armstrong [1/2][/ame]

    I just sent a fitting reply back to her:

    - YUP,..."I'm drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys..." is how your Drug Addicted Quack Dr. Hubbard stated it,...LOL.But don't be concerned how ridiculous I look; I just experienced a Wall Of Fire and I need more to "research" the most secret of Scientology's levels, OT3. No wonder Scientology is so messed up and why it messes up so many families and individuals.

    You'll have to try harder than that, to distract people.

    Try Harder.

    "Just a Suggestion" :)
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    At the Montreal Church of Scientology protest Saturday:

  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    The Tribunal finds that the legislation does not only address economic exploitation, but also concerns physical, psychological, and social or moral exploitation.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    David to OSA fags: Troll harder, faggots!

  30. Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    I don't know. It all depends on the type of officials you get. Down here in the Untied States of Failarica, there are those who get genuinely pissed off at this type of thing, and those who would see this as a way of making their career and getting a promotion (in general, not with CoS because of their history here). There are even those who do both. In the end, they may welcome and thank you. Regardless, you will probably save some lives and you will save many more heartache and drained bank accounts. Just take care of yourself, man. They'll still be here, and you'll still be here. The exposure and lawful punishment of Narconon and the CoS are worth your time and energy, as you know far better than I ever will, but they're not worth your health. :)
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  32. Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    In order to function at your best you almost certainly need more sleep than you're getting. You also need to exercise at least three quarters of an hour at least five times a week though walking to and from bus stops contributes to this. Is your employer sympathetic over working at other things during working time?

    Remember you're in this for the long haul. You should work in a way that you can keep up.
  33. Random guy Member

    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    3-6 hours of sleep would kill me in the long run. You'll need to be on top, mentally and physically. Good luck, David!
  34. BigBeard Member

    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set


    People care, that's why reading "3 - 6 hours a night" of sleep concerns them.

    Sleep deprivation is one of the fastest ways to break someone down. Especially if it's interrupted regularly just as REM sleep is starting. Why do you thing El Ron set it up so Sea Ogres and RPFers get so little sleep??

    For those that care about you, and want to see a successful conclusion to this 'dominoe cascade, that "3-6 hours" needs to start reading "6 - 8 hours" soon.

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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    That said Baroness Margaret Thatcher reputedly made do with 4 hours sleep a night for the 10 years she was our Prime Minister, some say one of the greatest Prime Ministers of our time, others that she was the worst Prime Minister of all time. What ever is said she was The Iron Lady.

    And that said, take care of yourself dude.
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    I'm fine and intend to sleep more. Tx.
  37. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Yeah, some folks can do with a lot less sleep than most. YMMV. Just listen to the people around you -- your trusted loved ones. If they're not worried, then you're probably OK. When they start noticing something wrong, then it's time to pause and reassess your behavior.

    Your friends and family won't steer you wrong (like useless anonymous faggots will).
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    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    I'm sure it was, ................. :)
  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: David Love - Court Hearing Date Set

    Is that OK to post? ^^^^^^^^^^
    [mod edit] it is now
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