David Love Files Lawsuits against Narconon Scientology

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Intelligence - David Love, May 17, 2014.

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    Your travel plans make me moist :p
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    "Lowell Hurst, the mayor of Watsonville in 2013, also gave the facility’s leaders a proclamation for its high long-term success rate. Santa Cruz County Supervisor Greg Caput also signed a proclamation that year for its “efforts to combat drug and alcohol abuse.”

    Lowell needs to do his homework before endorsing something he knows nothing about.
    Why are people so quick to endorse something without looking into it? Did they let him and his family meet Tom Crusie or something?
    Hell, I won't even click on a freakin' link before looking into it.
    "Those high long-term success rates" are neither. They are not long term, nor successful.
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    Me too ... hot down south here. Ducks lined up very well, and will post in New Thread 'post DM nugget squeeze'
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    Ducks in a row….
    Bring down the Cult Of Quackery
    see what I did thar?
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    In about 72 hours from now, I'll be settled in New location and begin building new office and wiring in New equipment. A dream come true as each day gets better. Cheers. ;-)
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    congrats on your new digs
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    California has too many scam businesses and out-of-reality politicians for my liking.
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    Awesome New Office set up with five Laptops -- and one Desktop yet to be wired in.

    Only had very weak Wi Fi for past few weeks, but this morning Mr. Cable Guy arrived
    and we're off to the races. New York Times Reporter mailed me Newspaper ... a great guy.






    Now focus on Montreal Lawsuit and send numerous Faxes to Court Clerk this week, then push, push, push to have Book published August 2015.

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    This is your year to shine.
    Shine on
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    Now that I've rested up a wee bit and writing/publishing new articles for the Examiner and
    Wire Service, I/We are taking a close look at the IRS agreement with the COS and other entities,
    namely, Narconon. It'e a very long, complex agreement that hurts my head to read/study.

    Still waiting for more news from Frederick, Maryland before I can publish a new story, so will
    post this new one here while I wait.

    Don’t mess with the IRS, prison for inventing church, and it’s not Scientology


    May 28, 2015, Forbes publishes, “Man Gets Prison For Inventing His Own Church, And It's Not Scientology - A Utah man has been sentenced to two years in prison over a church the feds say was a tax avoidance scheme. Paul Ben Zaccardi plead guilty to one count of tax evasion, and five counts of filing false claims for income tax refunds.”

    Zaccardi tried to pay his tax bill with bogus U.S. Treasury bonds and transferred title of his house to a church he formed. Like many other individuals and organizations, he isn’t the first taxpayer to figure out that IRS church or charitable tax exemption is a windfall treasure.
    For 25 years, I.R.S. agents had branded Scientology a commercial enterprise and refused to give it the tax exemption – then, in 1993 the IRS caved and granted Scientology tax-exempt status. ''The war is over,'' David Miscavige proclaimed to a huge crowd of members and roaring applause.

    The concept of charity was developed in the common law long before the term was incorporated into the Internal Revenue Code. “The Service applied the general law of charity, which holds that providing a community recreational facility is a charitable activity only if all members of the community are eligible for direct benefits, by organizations designed to accomplish any of the above purposes, or lessening neighborhood tensions; eliminating prejudice and discrimination; defending human and civil rights secured by law; or combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.”
    In the embedded YouTube video, ‘Gabe Cazares former mayor of Clearwater, Florida and critic of L. Ron Hubbard & Scientology’ – Cazares explains how Scientology expanded their way into Clearwater under secrecy and lies, and calls the organizations new ‘Super Power Building’ “the biggest brain-washing factory in the world in downtown Clearwater.”
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    ^ Gabe said that they had photos of Hubbard in the churches that the COS visited in 1975 under The United Churches front..
    Where are these pictures now? Are they public knowledge? Has anyone ever seen them?
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    One year ago today, May 30, 2014 (my birthday) I filed a Lawsuit against Scientology and Narconon in the Montreal Courthouse. Today I filed a REQUEST FOR MY PATIENT and STAFF FILES held at the Quebec Human Rights Commission under the ACT.



    David E. Love


    360 Saint-Jacques St, 2nd floor
    Montréal (Québec) H2Y 1P5
    361, Notre-Dame St. West
    Telephone: 514 873-5146
    Toll free: 1 800 361-6477
    Fax: 514 873-6032


    Annik L'Archevêque
    Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse
    Direction de la protection et de la défense des droits
    Service des enquêtes
    227, rue St-Georges, bureau 202
    St-Jérôme (Québec) J7Z 5A1
    Tél. (450) 569-3290 / 1 877-226-7224
    Télécopieur : (450) 569-3228

    Quebec Human Rights Commission


    David Love vs Narconon Trois-Rivieres - CASE NUMBER: C0686_10

    May 30, 2015

    Dear Annik Archbishop, investigator et al.

    Please be advised that I, David E. Love, do hereby request a copy of my Narconon Trois-Rivieres patient and staff files that the Quebec Human Rights Commission has in their possession.

    Specific details: This request pertains to Case File C1876_09 AND Case File C0686_10 AND Case File C1048_11 - at which time I received a ‘Notice of convocation to present testimony’ before the Quebec Human Rights Commission with investigator, Annik Archbishop on December 15 and 16, 2011 in her office.

    While giving the Commission testimony on the aforesaid dates, I, David E. Love requested a copy of my patient and staff files in the possession of the Commission. Investigator, Annik Archbishop guaranteed, promised, and expressed that I did have a right to my files and that I would receive them following the investigation and ‘Decision’ by the Commission. These Cases are now closed with the Commission and are now required as evidence in a lawsuit filed against Narconon Trois-Rivieres in the Montreal Courthouse.

    I am exercising my right under the law and government statute as prescribed under the ACT - CHAPTER II ACCESS TO DOCUMENTS HELD BY PUBLIC BODIES.

    Under the ACT - DIVISION III ACCESS PROCEDURE 46. The person in charge must give the person making a written request notice of the date his request is received. The notice must be in writing. It must indicate the prescribed time for the processing of the request and the effect under this Act of failure by the person in charge to respect it. It must also inform the applicant of the proceeding for review provided for in Division III of Chapter IV. 1982, c. 30, s. 46; 2006, c. 22, s. 25.

    47. The person in charge must, promptly and not later than twenty days from the date the request was received. If the request cannot be processed within the time limit provided in the first paragraph without impeding the normal course of operations of the public body, the person in charge may, before the expiry of the time, extend it by not over 10 days. He must then give notice thereof by mail to the applicant within the time limit provided in the first paragraph. 1982, c. 30, s. 47; 2006, c. 22, s. 26.

    DIVISION I - RIGHT OF ACCESS: The Quebec Human Rights Commission is a “Public Body” under the ACT and therefore applies to documents kept by a public body in the exercise of its duties, whether it keeps them itself or through the agency of a third party. This Act applies whether the documents are recorded in writing or print, on sound tape or film, in computerized form, or otherwise. 1982, c. 30, s. 1

    This Act also applies to documents held by a professional order, to the extent provided by the Professional Code (chapter C-26). 2006, c. 22, s. 1. For the purposes of this Act, the Lieutenant-Governor, the National Assembly, agencies whose members are appointed by the Assembly and every person designated by the Assembly to an office under its jurisdiction, together with the personnel under its supervision, are classed as public bodies.

    Government agencies include agencies not contemplated in sections 5 to 7 to which the Government or a minister appoints the majority of the members, to which, by law, the personnel are appointed in accordance with the Public Service Act (chapter F-3.1.1), or whose capital stock forms part of the domain of the State. For the purposes of this Act, a person appointed by the Government or a minister, together with the personnel he manages, is, in respect of the exercise of the functions assigned to him by law, by the Government or by the Minister, to be a Government agency.

    The person exercising the highest authority in a public body shall perform the duties conferred by this Act on the person in charge of access to documents or of protection of personal information.

    However, that person may designate a member of the public body or of its board of directors, as the case may be, or a member of its management staff as the person in charge, and delegate all or part of his duties to him. The delegation must be made in writing, and the delegator must send a notice of it to the Commission d'accès à l'information. 1982, c. 30, s. 8; 1987, c. 68, s. 3; 2006, c. 22, s. 4.


    - Every person has a right of access, on request, to the documents held by a public body.

    - At the request of the applicant, computerized documents must be communicated in the form of a written and intelligible transcript. If the applicant is a handicapped person, reasonable accommodation must be provided on request to enable the applicant to exercise the right of access provided for in this division. For that purpose, the public body must take into account the policy established under section 26.5 of the Act to secure handicapped persons in the exercise of their rights with a view to achieving social, school and workplace integration (chapter E-20.1).


    158. Every person who knowingly denies or impedes access to a document or information to which access is not to be denied under this Act is guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine of $100 to $500 and, in the case of a second or subsequent conviction, to a fine of $250 to $1,000. 1982, c. 30, s. 158; 1990, c. 4, s. 22.

    Thank you very much and I look forward to receiving the requested documents not later than twenty days from the date, business day of June 1, 2015 (on or about the date the request was received).


    David E. Love
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    BUGGERS!!! DDoS attack!!

    It's not Rocket-Science to know that DM/OSA/Stanard is a wee bit up set with Mary and me for helping the Frederick
    folks. But of course, this DDoS attack wouldn't be the work of this Cult, would it?:rolleyes:

    I'm still in the USA near the BC border to Vancouver where I/we will be soon to a photo shoot and filming at
    the Vancouver Org for some book 'image inserts' etc. And while there, I will submit a document to Vancouver City
    poiticians to review Scientology's property and school tax expemtion they have for the 'Book-Business' they
    operate as a so-called church (spit-cough) ... :(

    June 3rd I/We go full ahead on book edits and complete the last chapter. If the Cult is waiting for this book
    before they cave to the Montreal lawsuit filed, they FAIL again because another co-authored book will be
    published ASAP ...

    Took me a week to get comfortable in my new office and especially the keyboard, but all is well and I'm
    loving it. Hope to have office in Vancouver area in the near future and then we're set for the USA and Canada.

    Wishing you all a great Sunday ...

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    With the Trout Run vote coming up tomorrow, the timing of the DDoS attack is interesting. Nothing like waving a red flag, telling people, "Don't look at information critical of us.", to get there attention.

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  17. Intelligence Member

    Positve reply to me by email today giving the Commssion 20 days to comply.

    Next request under the ACCESS TO DOCUMENTS held by Private Bodies under the ACT.
    Meaning the files help by NN TR, COS Montreal, and OSA in Toronto where we've confirmed
    by 2 emails that Toronto does hold such documents concerning me, the Plaintiff.

    Subject to fines and an appication to the Court to force them to comply.

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  18. Quentinanon Member

    "Always attack. Never defend."
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  19. Congratulations on your new digs, Happy Birthday and all the best in your never-ending quest to expose this brutal scam that has harmed so many vulnerable people simply looking for help with their crippling addictions. You've done so much good for so many, I salute you, my friend. Thank You!
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Time-Lining certain events and meetings is a Grrring task for a matter I'm working on right now ...
    ALL? I'll mail them the book and other dox that are too many to insert/index into chapters ...
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  21. Intelligence Member

    On page 167, 168, and 169 of my book that is being edited today, we're taking a close look at WHY NN TR
    did NOT file, and still has NOT filed for bankruptcy? With the documents I'm reviewing and seeing the
    case precedents (below) of Cult-Type shell companies and the use of a 'phoenix company' - one that
    has emerged from the collapse of another through insolvency, schemes that strictly focus on asset stripping.

    In my opinion, knowing how and where NN TRs money trail leads to and from, and the undocumented
    cash money flow that would have a Trustee in Barkruptcy's head spinning like the exorcist while following
    the trail. NN TR still owes over half a $Million in back-taxes and is still registered as a business.


    Book Page 167 EXCERPT:

    Is the below image what A Trustee will hear from NN TR if they did file for Bankruptcy?


    I/We are tightening the Screws on NN/COS and they go in a long, long ways.:oops:

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    Hit them where it hurts!
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    Follow the money
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    Narconon Trois-Rivières is still in the NAFC lawsuit: paying lawyers and stuff.
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  25. Quentinanon Member

    And where do the funds originate for their lolyers?
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  26. Intelligence Member


    21. NARCONON, INCORPORATED d/b/a NARCONON CANADA, a CanadianCorporation;

    18. NARCONON TROIS-RIVIERES, a Canadian Charitable Organization;

    59. NICK HAYES, a citizen of Quebec, Canada; (former Registrar NNTR)

    60. SCOTT BURGESS, a citizen of Quebec, Canada (former Registrar NN TR)

    62. TIBOR PALATINUS, a citizen of British Columbia, Canada;

    63. SYLVAIN FOURNIER, a citizen of Quebec, Canada; (former ED NN TR)

    67. MARCEL GEMME, a citizen of Quebec, Canada;

    71. RICHER DUMAIS, a citizen of Quebec, Canada;

    77. CHERYL WILLIAMS, a citizen of Quebec, Canada; (former ED NN Alberta)

    78. MARC BERNARD, a citizen of Quebec, Canada; (former ED NN TR)

    80. MARTIN GAMSBY, a citizen of Quebec, Canada.
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  27. Intelligence Member

    Jensting, it really is quite the caper how most of the NN generated revenue ends up
    in COS coffers. And it's incredible how much the IAS Reg's from Whales to help NN
    projects ... from opening a New Ideal Narconon, buying the Narconon Books in lots of
    three at a discount, and many dozens of cases of 'The Basics' COS books to be given
    to NN Grads ... paid for and donated by IAS members. I KNOW because I'm sitting
    beside one whil I type this post.

    Getting the $$$FUNDS$$ out of NN into COS coffers is a money trail that amazed me
    over and over again. NarcaCON is a 'Ready-Made-Product-Service' that the entire world
    'THINKS' they need. Drud addiction and alcoholizm has been around for thousands of years
    and it will be here up until the survival on this poluted planet ends ... simple as that.

    So, Narconon is the 'Product-Service' and the 'Addicts-Alcoholics' are the CONSUMER.

    This is simple Economics 101: Find a Market and Supply the Product

    It's a ready-made, never ending Cash-Cow for DM ... *IF* he supplies the Product-Service
    as promised and advertised? And he does NOT and never will be able to because the LRH Tech
    the compises the NN Program can NOT be changed to meet government and health standards.

    WHY? Because NN is not a drug rehab treatment program, it is a brain-washing, mind control
    program designed to indoctrinate as many as possible into the Cult of Scientology.
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  28. Intelligence Member

    In my opinion, one or more government authorities will be 'Nar-CON-on' some executive doors
    in the near future.

    Director liability under the Canada Corporations Act

    The Canada Corporations Act under which all federal not-for-profit corporations are incorporated (other than those established by special act of the Parliament of Canada), contains a range of duties and statutory liabilities for directors. Many provincial incorporation statutes provide for similar liability. Provincially incorporated not-for-profits will need to determine the particular requirements that apply to them. Directors of charitable corporations face considerable liability risks.
    Directors should be particularly alert to liability relating to four areas:
    • government reporting requirements;
    • proper identification of the corporation;
    • membership list disclosure provisions; and,
    • winding-up procedures.
    Reporting requirements:

    Failure to file the required information with Industry Canada can lead to personal liability for directors. There is no limitation or possible defence for a director who permits or acquiesces in permitting a breach to occur.
    Statutory Liability For Registered Charities Under Income Tax Act (Canada)
    Directors of charitable corporations can face personal liability if the corporation does not comply with mandatory requirements under the Income Tax Act concerning the charity's operations, reporting requirements, the disbursement of funds and the receipting of donations.
    Director liability under other federal and provincial statutes
    The statutory laws that apply to a given not-for-profit corporation depend on the activities it carries on in meeting its mandate.

    Narconon and their Executives did NOT meet their mandate as they expressly represented to the Federal Government of Canada.

    Registered Charity Information Return

    For the five highest compensated positions indicate the number of positions in each of the following annual compensation categories. Include only those positions that are permanent, full-time positions.


    A charity may pursue political activities that are non-partisan, related to its charitable purposes, and limited in extent. During the fiscal period, did the charity carry out political activities or provide assistance to another organization to carry out political activities?
    2400 - No


    Wed, 23 Jul 2008 14:37:46 -0400 A: <jean_lariviere[at]> CC: <marc.bernard[at]> <rejeanne.fleury[at]> <aline.proulx[at]> <ablecanada[at]> <dsaqbc[at]> <crncarr[at]> <data[at]>

    Dear Jean (Public Affairs COS Montreal)

    "I have a very good communication line with the Office of M. Sebastion Proulx, who is the Deputy of the Mauricie Region,which includes Trois-Rivieres, he is also the Official Opposition House Leader and Official Opposition critic for education.

    On top of that he is also the right-hand man of M.Dumont who is the leader of the Official Opposition at the Quebec Parliament. M.Proulx does obviously sit at the Parliament of Quebec."

    "Everytime I met with the deputy or his representative, I asked them if something was coming, any change at the parliament or any new law was about to be proposed or voted, or any talks about the accreditation for drug rehab; Is the accreditation's going to be mandatory ? Is the government going to do any change about the already established accreditation?"
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  29. Intelligence Member

    2008 - NN TR:>

    #Directors/Trustees and Like Officials
    1 Last Name: BERNARD
    First Name: MARC
    Initial: MB
    Position in Charity: PRÉSIDENT
    Director/Trustee at year end? Yes
    Arm's Length Indicator: Yes
    2 Last Name: FOURNIER
    First Name: SYLVAIN
    Initial: SF
    Position in Charity: VICE-PRÉSIDENT
    Director/Trustee at year end? Yes
    Arm's Length Indicator: Yes
    3 Last Name: CHUBBS
    First Name: SUSAN
    Initial: SC
    Position in Charity: TRÉSORIERE
    Director/Trustee at year end? Yes
    Arm's Length Indicator: Yes
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  30. Intelligence Member

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  31. Misleading salaries to deluded Scientologists are a nice way to launder money in Narconon, WISE companies, etc., the caveat is that the highly paid employee has money to pay lots of fixed donations for 'recommended' Scientology courses at exorbitant prices. Salaries come off the top of front organizations under business expenses.

    Money goes from Narconon or WISE company to Scientology as a donation. The funds from an allegedly secular operation magically transformed into religious donations.
    (Fraud 101: LRH Style)

    In additions to fees paid to WISE, ex Fowler made corporate 'donations' from the private company Fowler Software to the 'religious' criminal enterprise of Scientology leading to the brutal murder of Tom Ciancio (the only non-scientologist) who wanted to be paid off and get out, Rex gave him two in the hat instead of monies owed, thx, L. Ron for Process R2-45!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Just a FYI here.

    In Canada, donating to the cult can't be deducted from income taxes.

    I vaguely remember a story about some moonbat cult member in Canada. A couple or so years ago, the moonbat was donating to the cult in the USA to the tune of $42K.

    The Canada Revenue Agency denied the claim.There's a thread somewhere, but I can't remember the name, just the amount, probably because it's so lulzy.
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  33. Intelligence Member

    The BOLD underlined is exactly what happened at NN TR. The Executives were the ones being paid
    the $40-$80/yr ... closer to $40,000.00 plus bonuses. Many of the Execs banked $10,000.00 blocks of auditing sessions with the COS. Not illegal. NN TR Donated $20,000.00 directlty to the COS Montreal and the NN TR Execs donated thousands. Not illegal.

    I think it was one of the Reg's that pulled in the $80-$119 thousand that year. He was bringing in
    4 to 5 and 6 some weeks at 10% of $23,000.00 for each victm.

    Where much of the $500,000.00 building fund money went, was to the 5 Staff from NN Canada, ABLE,
    and NN Int who were all living there and collevcting huge sums for each of the 8 people each and every day - plus all the other expenses like flights, car rentals, trips to other cities etc for fun trips, not business.

    I still have one of the car rental contacts sitting right beside me and the motel room costs.
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  34. Intelligence Member

    Don't want to keep cluttering up this OP Thread and be in 'Confusion' so will start another
    Dox Dump Thread concerning mostly NN TR.

    We found the real; SPs at Narconon Trois-Rivieres and it's was a delicious LHR Tech search today
    that places ALL the NN TR Executives, Melnychuk, NN Int., and NN Canada in a Condition of

    Will edit the Thread Link here when all the Dox are posted on New Thread.
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  35. Intelligence Member

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  36. Intelligence Member

    Finally found a couple of computer geeks at a shop with parts scattered about all over the place, but they had me up and running again cheap and just what I needed. Like King Tuts tomb filled with documents in this old XP I used in my office in Trois-Rivieres. A Snail-Slug of a Unit but I needed the dox and pics. Also have another HD out of other Unit and in a USB 3.0 External 2.5 inch SATA Hard Drive Enclosure .... happy camper.:D

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  37. Intelligence Member

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  38. DeathHamster Member

    I noticed this on Mike Rinder's blog (I've indexed it):


    Nice of them to keep documenting the connection to Narconon.
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  39. Intelligence Member

    They never date their crap, but nice to see their email address. :)
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  40. Random guy Member

    But isn't Narconon supposed to be fully secular?
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