David Love Files Lawsuits against Narconon Scientology

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Intelligence - David Love, May 17, 2014.

  1. RightOn Member

    only when it benefits them
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  2. Intelligence Member


    ***TGIF*** - Every Friday, I feel like I deserve a flavored latte for all my hard work during the week. Friday is the golden child of the weekdays … the welcome wagon to the weekend … the famous F word we thank God for every week. Friday is like a superhero that always arrives just in time to stop me from savagely beating one of my coworkers with a keyboard. Here’s wishing you ALL a wonderful weekend. -- P.S. Some of you youngins' might wonder what 'Groovy' means? Mmm ... If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand.:rolleyes:

    On another note, look out Defendants named in the Montreal lawsuit – D.E.L. is comin’ for ya’ and it ain’t going to be pretty with the number of documents being presented to the Court for a response.
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  3. Quentinanon Member

    Almost all scientology propaganda has a copyright date on it. Look at the bottom fine print.
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  4. RightOn Member

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  5. Intelligence Member

    Tenacious, Irish persistence wins again with Dox arriving today by UPS Courrier.

    It is a substantial volume of Dox but not ALL that I want. Now, I must complete
    another Form and Request to receive the rest.

    This is a strict and powerful law in Quebec, and Scientology-Narconon will feel its' sting
    very soon or face substantial Fines if they fail to comply. This is the second time I've tested
    this Quebec Law for documents held by a Public Body and Private Body and the entities
    have complied forthwith with only one request to me for a 10 day extension. I refused, but gave
    them a 5 day extension and received all the document by Messenger 2 hours before the deadline.


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  6. Intelligence Member

    If I don't post much on WWP over the next two weeks, it's because I'm wrapping up my book
    ahead of my August 2015 deadline ... I hope?

    Everything is in place now, just a few more edits and documents to insert here and there.

    AND if I have time, add one more chapter about 'Dead-Eyes-DM' - a man I consider has a
    'Black-Heart' and questionable soul, if any. Since 'HE' micro-managed some of my grief, in
    my opinion, 'HE' deserves his own chapter ... by itself, and incude his 'Minions' like Shank
    and others.

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  7. Quentinanon Member

    Make sure you spell Yvette Skank's name right.
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  8. loriisfree Member

    Proud of you honey. You've been working practically non stop and I just wanted you to know this.
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  9. Random guy Member

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  10. Intelligence Member

    I had 3 ex-NN victims contact me in the past few days, and this one really was disturbing. I know the person well, and was at NN with them. It was ironic that this person contacted me while I was editing
    a chapter about what happened to them while at NN and after they left.

    I hope to have the [REDACTED] content in the book, just need expressed permission to do so
    as long at the 'subject' feels it will not 'OUT' them. They've suffered enough already.:(

    THIS is WHY:>
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  11. Love to hear this. Heart.
  12. kob3.jpg shank.jpg~c200.jpg
    Scientology / Narconon Liars, Frauds and Skanks Helena Kobrin and Yvette Shank, (imho, of course).

    ''Scientology works and it helps Skanks like Yvette Shank and me, Bitch.
    We would certainly know. We're so fucking happy. The LRH Tech works just like the incredible lie of an over 75 % success rate @ our medically dangerous Narconon Scam!''
    Pit-Bull Scientology Attorney,
    Helena Kobrin

    Skanks for the memories,, Ron!
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  13. Intelligence Member


    Come hell or high water, I will dig into NN TR's Financials until Revenue Canada
    sends in a Forensic Auditor. Over 20 Million $$$ in Revenue from victims where
    Charitable Tax Receipts were issued, and weren't worth the paper they were written on.

    In 2008 when I was there, NN TR grossed over 4.5 Million $$$ in Revenue, and *FIVE*
    employees received between $40 - $80,000.00 EACH. Two of these people were married
    and pulled in between $80 - $160,000.00 combined, not including bonuses.

    The other two I know for sure, but the fifth could be a toss up between Ahern and Scott
    the Reg?


    Revenue Canada 2008 Return:


    Interesting is in 2009 when Narconon Canada/NN Int/OSA took over to drain hundreds of thousands of $$$
    that in 2009, only *ONE* person received between $40 - $80,000.00 as an employee for NN TR,
    and *ONE* person received between $80 - $120,000.00!!! In 2009, the gross revenue was down to
    just $3 Million.

    On another matter of interest - Attaching 2 PDF Files ... just because.

    Attached Files:

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  14. Random guy Member

    Hit them where it hurts! May your aim be true, Dave!
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  15. Intelligence Member

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  16. jensting Member

    Just one more thing to keep you awake, if you needed it: Consider the impact of any one source withdrawing their agreement after the book has gone to the printers. I hope it won't happen, but if it were to happen you might wonder what you would have done differently if you had asked yourself the question before the book was declared finished...
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  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Sounds wise (as opposed to W.I.S.E.) to me.
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  18. Intelligence Member

    Yes, a few of these issues have caused a few 'hard to get to sleep' issues. Perhaps I have too many
    'What If' questions but I do want to make sure I'm on solid ground when it comes to any potential legal ramifications.

    I do have 'Expressed Permission' in writing from a few ex-Students and staff, and their narrative is
    backed up by a second plus my own witness of incidents/events.

    Some names in the book are already all over the internet and in interviews with mainstream media,
    so I'm legally fine with standing on the 'Fair Use' passages.

    Some names I have changed to protect Patient identities, and only OAS 'may' be able to Intel who
    it is, but I doubt it? Too many variables.

    I 'may' be treading a fine line in a few chapters that could lead to a 'Cult Lawsuit' but I doubt they
    would step into this arena with me ... the Bad PR would escalate far more than just what's in this
    book. I doubt a Judge or Jury or me being Deposed ... giving more details about a minor female
    becoming pregnant from a staff member, then sent away for an abortion, would sit well with
    OSA and the Media?

    Or more details about staff having sex and babies with students/ex-students
    KNOWING they were under the influence of street drugs, prescibed psychotropic drugs, or the
    psych drugs were taken away ... leaving the victim too messed up to even consider 'Informed Consent' ...
    I doubt OSA/DM wants to hear ALL this coming from a witness stand in Canada or the USA?

    It could turn into a Hearing that would 'Dwarf' the Debbie Cook episode?

    I will seek legal advice BEFORE the printer pushes the 'GO' button.:rolleyes:
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  19. RightOn Member

    I think they will have the nerve. Their intention is not to win, as you know. It is to ruin the other person utterly by making them cave and or go through financial ruin. They have tons of money and nothing but time. IMO
    Unfortunately, DM seems to be utterly untouchable by authorities. (just going by the past)
    And DM knows he is safe. But some day that is going to end. But that can be a LONG time from now.
    So please be careful
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Will you Anons Paleeezzze stop hiding stuff - LOL ... I/We have been looking for this ^^^ for
    2 weeks now so I can 'Time-Line' in with another incident from Aline Proulx, Executive
    of Narconon Canada and ESTO Officer at NN TR. She was thrown under a bus for 'High Treason'
    when did something that rocked OSA's 'Unstable-Datum' ...

    Information as of 2015-06-30 2:09:38 p.m.

    State information

    Identification of the company

    Québec enterprise number (NEQ)
    Home address

    Address an address


    Date of registration

    Would be revoked following a voluntary dissolution
    Date updated status

    End date of existence
    No end date of existence is declared in the register.
    Legal form

    Legal form
    Nonprofit corporation
    Date of incorporation
    Constitution 2006-03-09
    Constitutive Plan
    QUEBEC: Companies Act, Part 3 (RLRQ, C. C-38)
    Current regime
    QUEBEC: Companies Act, Part 3 (RLRQ, C. C-38)
    Dates updates

    Date update the information statement

    Date of the last annual update declaration
    2010-08-04 2010
    End date of the production period of the declaration of annual update 2015

    End date of the production period of the annual update of the 2014 Declaration


    No information was reported on the existence of a bankruptcy.
    Merger and Split

    No merger or division has been declared.
    Continuation and further processing

    No continuation or other transformation was declared.
    Liquidation or dissolution

    A document stating that the company is in process of dissolution was filed on 2010-09-02.
    Economic activities and number of employees

    1 st sector

    Industry code (EAC)

    Rehabilitation centers for alcoholics and drug addicts
    Details (optional)
    2 e industry

    No information was reported.

    Number of employees

    Number of employees in Quebec

    Directors, Officers and proxy

    List of Directors

    Start of the charge

    End date of the charge

    Current functions
    449 3rd Avenue Québec (Québec) Canada G1L2W2
    Start of the charge

    End date of the charge

    Current functions
    30 60th Avenue (P.-a.-T.) Montreal (Quebec) Canada H1A2N5
    Start of the charge

    End date of the charge

    Current functions
    Leaders not members of the board

    No leader is not a member of the Board was declared.

    No attorney was reported.
    Administrators of others

    No director of another's property were reported.

    No institution has been declared.
    Processing documents

    No document is currently being processed by the Registrar of Companies.
    Document Index

    Preserved documents

    Document TypeFiling date the register
    Cancellation, liquidation, dissolution 2010-09-02
    State and information return in 2010 2010-08-04
    Notice of intent to liquidation or dissolution 2010-06-02
    Changing seat 2009-11-27
    2009 Annual Statement 2009-06-04
    2008 Public Accountability Statement 2008-10-16
    2007 Public Accountability Statement 2007-10-01
    Initial Statement 2006-03-30
    Certificate of Incorporation 2006-03-09

    All I can say here about the following Hearing, is that is was a serious matter and the Defendant
    had already lost before they arrived ... and they knew it. I had a 'Strapping-Tall' Irish Lawyer
    who was brilliant. His advice during this Hearing contributed the the Quebec Human Rights
    Commission resolution decision Verdict of GUILT.

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  21. Intelligence Member

    Point taken, thanks. There are now three Publishers wanting my transcript. Most likely, it will be
    Self-Published and then a Marketing Firm push onto Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.

    There is no way in hell that OSA/DM can stop this book from being published. Two of the Publishers are fussy
    and slow, but top quality work. The other one is a 'Show Me The Money' Publisher and once I have the
    manuscript formatted to their specs, it's a 48 hour turn around for the first run copies to be shipped to
    me and Marketer.

    There's already two books about Narconon that are on the market right now with no lawsuits:

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  22. Intelligence Member

    Facebook Sock-Puppets on my page and cross-referenced to other suspicious activity
    is being BLOCKED. Even received a Sock email today from someone we now know WHO
    it is ... buggers just don't give up, do they?:rolleyes:

    Too many Friends accepting friends they don't know WHO the hell they are? Brand new Sock
    accounts and because a Friend of a Friend is listed, they accept the Friend request ..... Grrrr!:mad:


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  23. Intelligence Member

    Have 10 days left to file Appeal to receive more dox... No problem.:oops:

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  24. Intelligence Member

    Appeal FAXED today with Pending Motion to COURT if Commission does not Comply.

    Just received the following Dox from the Montreal Courthouse (Public Record) so no issue
    with posting here. Googled a few of the French words and it appears the COS is claiming
    I am 'HARASSING' them and being 'VEXATIOUS'??? Isn't that the 'Kettle' calling the 'Pot
    Black' ... 'The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly'. - L. Ron Hubbard

    AND - ALL Defendants are contesting lawsuit and have withdrawn their notice of agreement
    for Mediation... So, off we go to a Court Hearing ... In due course.

    First, filing 'MOTION' today with attached evidence Dox tying the Montreal COS to NN TR by
    way of sending 'Volunteer Ministers' to work at NN TR (have leaked email) and will file another
    'Motion' to reveal ALL who were at NN TR... Sent by the COS Montreal.




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  25. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Too much Frenchiness. Need translator.
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  26. RightOn Member

    I tip my croissant to you sir
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  27. Intelligence Member


    OSA/Shank/Narconon et al. wants a Document WAR? So be it.

    This is Quebec LAW and no Person or Entity is above it -

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  28. Intelligence Member

    Thank goodness for Quebec Anons emailing me the translation.

    'What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate'

    We ARE going to Court. YES!

    Translation of above documents: (Excerpts)

    The Church of Scientology is contesting on the grounds of 'Statutes of Limitations' -

    After I included the Cherch as a Defendant... I expected they would, but there are exceptions to the rule of

    • If someone is unable to act (for example, the person is suffering from severe depression that makes it impossible for her to take care of her affairs), the time limit starts to run when she becomes able to act once again.
    The Quebec Human Rights Commission resolution decision stands on its own as evidence following a
    two year investigation and Verdict. Including evidence that I had to take Medical Leave from work for 11
    months due to PTSD that was diagnosed as Scientology/Narconon being the cause. Hello OSA - DUH.
    Also, the Cherch claims:

    This ^^^ Here is where Scientology attempts to separate itself from NN TR. So, WHO sent the 'Volunteer Ministers' to NN TR? WHY was NN TR in contact with Scientology Montreal for advice
    and also receiving directives from OSA Canada?

    WHY did NN TR donate $20,000.00 to the Cherch in Montreal? Secular means a 'Social Betterment' for the betterment of the community, not the Cherch.

    I pity all these Defendants when the Judge and I depose them in the Court room. And by the time we have
    a Court date, my book will TELL ALL.... almost all... The rest will be saved for Court.:rolleyes:
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  29. Intelligence Member

    Busy day tomorrow submitting documents and hopefully talk to Investigator?

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  30. Intelligence Member

    Here ya' go OSA/DM/Stanard/Yvette Shank/NN TR - in response to the 'Diatribe-Vexatious' submission to the the Montreal Courthouse. Chew on these for a while Moxon while your Clients await being SERVED again with FACTS.



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  31. Intelligence Member

    WHY ARE THEY STILL OPEN? Arrowhead's lights need to be turned off soon before another dies ...
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  32. RightOn Member

    hey thats my job! LOL
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  33. Intelligence Member

    I/We've been busy beavers working long, seven day weeks with great production and success.

    COS Toronto (Yvette Shank - OSA) REFUSED to recieve my request under the Quebec civil law act
    for request for documents and my documents were returned unopened HERE:


    COS Montreal - Jean Laviviere (Director of Public Affairs) sent a reply that I recieved in French. So, waiting
    for translation.


    Still waiting for Narconon Trois-Rivieres to comply with request and direct requested documents to me
    under the Quebec civil ACT for 'Request for Personal Information Held in Public a Body' -- both
    my Student and Staff files. Failure to comply may result in a Court Order and fines.

    NN TR still a registered corporation as of today - has not declared barnkrupcy


    Will be contacting the Montreal Courthouse today and submitting 250-260 pages of documents
    for the Court Clerk and Judge to review before a TRIAL DATE is set.

    I have up to FIFTEEN DAYS before TRIAL to submit additional documents. Intend to fly into
    Montreal 1-2 days before Trial Date.
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  34. BigBeard Member

    Looks like the desperation level is escalating on the NN/Cof$ side. Be careful out there.

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  35. Intelligence Member

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  36. Intelligence Member

    Indeed, it is heating up, and it's going to get much hotter in a week or so from now.

    Google has pushed my Wire Service story right to the top of Narconon News Searches:


    And Google is now pushing Book being published near the top and we've just started the marketing campaign that will be a BIG PUSH when Book is on the Market soon.


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  37. Quentinanon Member

    So, do I correctly understand that if NarCONon does not comply with your request, that the Crown will issue an arrest warrant for Yvette Skank et. al. on the grounds of non-compliance?
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  38. Intelligence Member

    Well, as per usual, the COS/OSA in Toronto REFUSED to accept and sign for the $15.00 Registered documents.

    So, they don't know what the request was. I will petion the Court Clerk to see if I can file a Motion to comply
    and have the documents SERVED by a BALIFF?

    I don't know what Jeam from the COS Montreal said in his letter to me, it's in FRENCH - so will have
    to wait until translated. If he does not comply, I MAY be able to have him SERVED?

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres is a different story. They MUST COMPLY without fail within 30 days - or
    ask me for an extension to comply... But they MUST send me the requested documents/files.

    The Judge would not view their behaviour favorably if NN TR refuses, and could FINE them.
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  39. Intelligence Member

    Here is a TINY sample of Investigators documents I have. Have ALL the Affidavits,
    and countless pages of Factual Reports from three Complainants - to be posted on
    a website to substantiate the Content in my Book.... and for the Montreal
    Courthouse Judge. ALL dox should be on file with the Court Clerk ASAP.

    It's going to take quite some time. There was 3,700 pages with the Human Rights Commission,
    but I think we can keep this to under 1,000 pages in hard copy files submitted to the Court Clerk,
    and I'll bring the rest with me for the Trial to use for Cross-Examination.:rolleyes:



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  40. Intelligence Member

    Court matters all taken care of for now... More later this week.:rolleyes:

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