David Love Files Lawsuits against Narconon Scientology

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Intelligence - David Love, May 17, 2014.

  1. BigBeard Member

    Weird they're using posts from me. I've never been to Canada. Was it something I said??

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  2. Intelligence Member

    Nothing you said - they just submitted Dead Agent documents using my posts/replies
    to members of Anonymous... just more fail that the Judge will probably dismiss as irrelevant. :rolleyes:
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  3. Intelligence Member

    We're in Montreal now - just back from the Courthouse. Court Clerk will give us an Audio CD
    of Hearing tomorrow or shortly thereafter, and will post on YouTube asap.

    Media will be in the Courtroom...


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  4. BigBeard Member

    "Media will be in the courtroom."

    Nice. So much for $cientology keeping the media in check anymore.

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  5. Yes, best of luck against this branch of the criminal organisation.

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  6. Intelligence Member

    No VERDICT today - Judge will hand down his written verdict. Could be up to 4 months, but probably sooner he said at the end of the Trial today...Me too tired to post more right now…
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  7. BigBeard Member

    When you've had some rest, and while we're waiting on the verdict, did $cientology actually come up with a real arguement this time? Or was it more of the same-old, same-old, try to confuse the judge with enough B.S. to make him think the case was about something beside their nastiness??

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  8. RightOn Member

    relax and reboot
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  9. Yah, what she said^^^^^^^.............

    I think Rick Astley should cut in here somewhere.............
  10. peterstorm Member

    Let's just say that they threw lots of stuff at the wall to see what stuck and one such thing did stick big time with the judge during the trial. We'll see what he makes of it in his verdict.

    Interesting documents are now public and even some infamous ones were acknowleged to be authentic by SCN Montreal. Relevant authorities will be notified.
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  11. peterstorm Member

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  12. Intel's no stranger to Love
    He knows the truth and so do I
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  13. peterstorm Member

    Mtl SCN spokeshole Jean Lariviere told the judge at the hearing that Narconon had no scientific claims.

    They seem to have shutdown their websites to cover their tracks, but they didn't do a good enough job.

    Here is a press release in french from 2006 (I think):


    Andre Ahern is not a doctor in anything, except maybe in quack science...
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  14. DeathHamster Member

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  15. peterstorm Member

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  16. David vs Goliath.............

    Here's a good example of what people can expect for over $30,000.00 to treat their hopelessly addicted relatives............
    Narconon is run everywhere the same way in all countries with millions sent up the lines to Scientology with heavy recruitment into the 'Church' being a major component.

    Good Luck David Love,

    You've never wavered in your support of Scientology's Narconon victims. Scientology has harassed you endlessly for years, followed you, threatened you, attempted to corrupt the legal process and tried to buy you off, all to no avail. I'm in awe.

    Narconon is and always has been 100% comprised of Scientology materials and processing combined with insane, medically dangerous LRH megadoses of niacin and other vitamin concoctions that Hubbard pulled out of his ass.

    They lie about their success rates of over 80% to sell it to unsuspecting dupes who don't know it's all Scientology nonsense, nothing else, that has never, ever been shown to help properly treat drug addiction. They have no properly trained medical staff or counselors and have been known to deny proper medications to their clients. Spending up to 5 hours a day in a sauna is insane for these sick addicts.

    They charge $30,000.00 a patient for Scientology courses under a different name. Many have gotten sicker, several have died and the courts have denied justice for far too long. All of their courses have parallel courses that are sold at Scientology 'Churches', the purification rundown, communication course, Scientology training routines, ethics handlings and more, all LRH crap in booklets.


    You dropped a bomb on DM, David, You dropped a bomb a him.....

    Here's to you, David Love, May Justice prevail, it's long overdue!
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  17. Quentinanon Member

    Ahern is a Spin Doctor.
    How do you tell when Andre Ahern lies?
    He moves his lips.
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  18. RightOn Member

    Hope Dave is doing ok and I am sending positive vibes his way
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  19. Malory Member

    He entertains us Facebookers with some beautiful photography :)
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  20. RightOn Member

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  21. gay_pride66copy-jpg.14209.jpg Dave's simply Fabulous...........Oh.........Wait a minute............My bad.......Sorry...........Wrong Dave..........
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  22. Terrible shoop.
    That pouch is WAY too big.
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  23. Intelligence Member

    You Anons are indeed quite amazing... thank you for the kind words, support, and inspiration over the many years.

    I entered NN TR when I was 57, and turn 65 years young this May 30, 2017. I remember a few times when I was nearly working around the clock - up until the wee hours, and WWP Anons would say, 'Go To Bed, Dave'! :)

    Those long hours, days, weeks, months, and years took a toll... that I would not do over again. What I posted here on WWP is only a small fraction of what went on behind the scenes.

    However, I hope and pray that whatever I accomplished over the years did help some who were contemplating entering a Narconon... and helped government agencies, courts, and tribunals see and read documented evidence of wrongdoing and human rights abuses. That's really all I was trying to do - not for any monetary compensation which I turned down from NN TR.

    On my return to Vancouver in in late 2015, following the publication of my book, 'Dante's Eighth Circle', I fell ill with untreated HEP-C, and a wee bit of cancer. I thank God for our incredible health system in Canada... following a few months of treatment - at a cost of over $80,000.00 to Health Canada, I am CURED of these serious health concerns.

    What am I doing now? I am living and working in Vancouver's East Side - notorious for its open-air drug trade, sex work, poverty, mental illness, homelessness, infectious disease, and crime. It is also known for its strong community resilience and history of social activism. When I arrived here, I thought to myself, 'OMG, what in hell am I doing here?' Now, after 18 months living and working here, I love it... I take great joy in helping others find a reputable drug rehab program and I spend most days hanging out with souls in Recovery... supporting and mentoring as best I can.

    Recently, I went on a nine day canoe expedition just to be quiet, experience the tranquility and majesty of British Columbia's wilderness... and, of course, film the entire trip with a Go-Pro attached to the front of our canoe. An incredible experience that helped change my thinking, direction, and most importantly, serenity in my mind.

    I'm now working on a couple books, and helping two other people with theirs - as well as compiling photos for a Photo-Journal book about Vancouver's East Side addiction and homeless victims. The East Side is like no other place in the world... more than 900 people have overdosed and died in British Columbia in 2016 alone, with tens of thousands who have overdosed and lived - some incapacitated for the rest of their lives. :-(

    Am I still working on and compiling documents and evidence about Narconon? I think Anons already know the answer to this question. However, I only spend brief moments with thoughts about Narconon... not wanting to revisit such traumatic events in my mind.

    I may not have all I want, but indeed I do have all I need... and more. On May 30th this year, I receive all three of my federal pensions and can enter into semi-retirement... with my 'bride-to-be'... yes, I am getting married! :)

    My next book, hopefully to be published late 2017, has a pending Title, 'A Family Healed' - not just about my family, but many others I have seen over the past 18 months, spoken to, and most importantly, listened to... their incredible stories in several chapters. WHY do people become addicts is a theme in some chapters. AND, listening and reading this all too often:

    'Dave, I just want (or did want) to close my eyes and never, ever wake up again...' When you hear or read something like this from a loved one or cherished friend, how could one not write about it if I know it will help others.

    Ok, enough for now... sorry for this long wall of text - so here's images of what surrounds me each day, and my camera shutter captures:









    Am I living the dream? No, just living life on life's terms and grateful for each new day. Once again, THANK YOU ANONYMOUS for all you do, and for the many years of hope and smiles.

    Have a great day. :cool:
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  24. loriisfree Member

    Very well put honey❤ Your bride-to-be is very proud of you.
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  25. Intelligence Member

    Mmm... this just arrived in my mail box a few minutes ago. Perhaps I'm not looking at semi-retirement as soon as I expected? It certainly took the B.C Human Rights Tribunal long enough to reply, but this is good news.

    This Human Rights complaint is now in Canada Federal jurisdiction with the Canada Human Rights Commission.

    Peterstorm's above post now makes sense to me WHY some NN/COS websites have been taken down. And yes, they were taken down too late. Screen captures were taken, and the Statutes of Limitations are intact from the date they were taken down.

    A 'Commission', as we saw in Quebec, it much easier to navigate and deal with than a 'Tribunal' such as the one in B.C.

    The two page letter received today has been snipped for obvious reasons, and the writer lays out in detail what must be done, and how to proceed Federally to have this case accepted for investigation.

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  26. Great news that your health is improving!

    Congratulations on your retirement and your many successes in preventing the scientology criminal organization from hurting more people. Your work ethic and sense of justice are inspiring.

    Looking forward to your next book.
  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's a post from back in 2011:
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  28. Intelligence Member

    'Wrong Guy' you and others amaze me how you find posted stuff on here... especially since you found this one from 2011 that's from over 9,600 posts I made here on WWP.

    Kind of ironic that I posted something about Vancouver's East Side back in 2011, and now I'm living and working here at 'Ground Zero' - only a few blocks from the COS on Hastings where, unlike many other charitable organizations who feed and house the poor and unfortunate, the COS, as far as I've seen, offers none of this help to anyone... just the same old sign out front saying, 'Free Stress Test' ...
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  29. coelacanth Member


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  30. Quentinanon Member

    "Compiled by Cass Pool"
    As I recall Cass Pool when she was at Flag had a baby but no husband. I guess Hubbard's "second dynamic tech" really worked for her.
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  31. TorontosRoot Member

    The UK's narconon is very desperate, not even a mention of scientology when they infest people's desperate lives.
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Same thing happened at NN TR when the Legal Liaison Officer had a child with a NN Grad. Because NN/COS apparently insisted the Grad not take psych Meds, he shot himself dead. I posted this story way-back... Now the Lady is not in a 2D, nor does the young Lad have a Dad. :(
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  33. This is Why We Protest, Why We Protest the cold, heartless, brutal abuses of Scientology and its multitudes of bogus front groups designed to deceive and defraud its many victims under the guise of being a 'non-profit' humanitarian 'Religious' organization. L. Ron Hubbard was a convicted conman whose entire biography was a pack of lies. This is not open to debate, he's been thoroughly exposed as an utter fraud who died as a fugitive in hiding with psychotropic drugs that he decried so much in his system. (A Fitting End)

    Hubbard's Narconon program was perhaps his biggest, coldest scam that has reaped millions from vulnerable drug addicts (approx. $30,000.00 from every participant) and their desperate families operating fraudulently as a 'secular' from Scientology non-profit drug rehabilitation operation that claimed absurd success rates of over 85% (what a sad preposterous joke). It's all Scientology, the entire program.

    This program is and always has been 100% Scientology courses including the medically dangerous Scientology purification rundown (5 hours a day in a sauna for physically sick addicts: insane!) and the ingestion of toxic levels of niacin and other crazy vitamin and mineral concoctions that LRH simply made up with no proper scientific or medical research into the dangers. There are literally NO properly trained in drug rehabiliation medical staff at their locations.

    Medically dangerous confinement in saunas, toxic vitamin regimens, Scientology communication courses and rundowns do absolutely NOTHING to treat drug addiction. It would be just like the Catholic Church selling CCD classes, confessional time, vitamins and obscene sauna 5 hour lock-downs as a cure for heroin addiction at $30,000.00 a clip. I can't understand how Law enforcement allows them to continue this outrage under any name.

    David Love's remarkable odyssey against tremendous odds to take on this multi billion dollar fake Religion / fake science of Scientology / Narconon has been an awe-inspiring battle of epic proportions. The Narconon Program is on the run trying to cover its nasty tracks, using other fake names and front groups to sell their slimy scam.

    I've taken a fallen close relative (after being through Narconon courtesy of well meaning, brutally misinformed family members who are Scientologists) through countless programs, overdoses and many relapses in the faint hope of him becoming one of the 15% of heroin addicts who eventually beat their addiction. 15%, that's a pretty hard number, you'd be hard pressed to find a legitimate rehab claiming a higher number, sadly, it just doesn't happen. I've dealt with countless Dr's, Program Administrators, counselors, nurses, etc who legitimately work with responsible programs. Incredibly, my relative has done quite well, finally (15 years later) and may indeed be one of the lucky 15%.

    I've gotten quite an education in drug rehabs and have been for decades opposing Narconon's brutal advertising of over 85% success rates that sucks in their victims who are willing to pay anything to help their addicted relatives and friends. Scientology / Narconon vultures who are willing to lie through their teeth to sell, sell, sell and have not and will not ever change per LRH policy regardless of what the actual results of their entirely useless program is and has been. It's truly criminal and disgusting.

    Thank You, David Love, I'm glad you've recovered from serious illness and now choose to work on the street in a desperate neighborhood in order to truly help almost hopeless addicts. There's always hope for them now with you in the hood. All the best to you and your fiance in the coming years. I for one, can't thank you enough for all you've done to expose the Scientology / Narconon scam.

    It took me a bit to express my gratitude, you're an inspiration to us all.
    Thanks again David
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  34. Or, he could be one of the lucky 85% of successful Narconon graduates, ?

    [herro mode = off]

    thank you, Lightattheendofthetunnel,
    for your unceasing vigor in responding to every single post exposing Scientology as a morally bankrupt scam, by highlighting the point that they are a morally bankrupt scam for any and everyone who might not have gotten that the first time.

    This post may sound sarcastic, but it was really not intended to be.
    Thank you.

    For not giving in, an inch.
    For not taking any of the easy outs.
    For not resting, while a single deluded soul remains trapped in seemingly impenetrable web, they cannot even see.

    thank you,
    for reminding the rest of us why we protest

    (we sometimes forget!)
  35. I thank you for your patience and understanding, Presidente Internet an herro Shaw, I know it gets repetitive for long time posters, but it's for the benefit of newer people to this site who may not be aware of how absurd and dangerous the Narconon/Scientology Scam is. Many may think: ''What's wrong with Scientology trying to help drug addicts and end human rights abuses?'' when the truth is that Scientology is the perpetrator of the very same abuses it pretends to be against.

    It was mainly a thank you post to David Love who has put an amazing amount of time and energy into taking on the brutal Narconon abuses that have destroyed countless families much like Hubbard's Fair Game and Disconnection policies.

    I'm truly grateful to all who post here at WWP, it's a great site that has exposed this scam and thanks to that you see the numbers of new victims they can lure into their scam programs has decreased exponentially over the years.

    I'm guilty of repeating L. Ron Hubbard's criminal past, lies and fabricated research. I'm cognizant, well aware and realize that I should be terminated, fired, dismissed and let go from my position, title and job as the manager, overseer and director of the Department of Redundancy Department............
    I digress, drift off and daydream ad nauseum and so forth and so on, varoommm and sherrrooom much like LRH who's been exposed as a conman, fraud, embezzler, blackmailer, money launderer, thief, stolen valor WWII coward, drug abusing, polygamist, faked degrees, illegal gulag operator, child abusing monster by policy, complete piece of shit cult leader, etc.............

    I also have an exterior motive seeing that I have many relatives still trapped in Scientology myself that I simply want to see get a fresh start after decades of delusion, sad. The vast majority of Scientologists are great people who got involved to help themselves and others, eventually endless hours of processing, threats, coercion etc. take their toll on them. It's very difficult to get out...........

    The good news is that many have and are currently doing quite well. Leah Remini is a wonderful example of this fact. The majority of Ex-Scientologists get involved in this work to help free those still trapped who are coerced into vilifying the exes who have left. Anyone should be free to walk away from any Religion or fake Religion at any time for any reason without retaliation.

    Anyways , thanks for the kind words.........

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse in Scientology
    (That should be plenty of warning to stay away for the unsuspecting potential recruit)
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  36. Intelligence Member

    Just received Verdict in mail today - in English, a 14 page decision.

    The one thing I was a wee bit concerned about, (as PeterStorm mentioned): one such thing did stick big time with the judge during the trial was not an issue, nor mentioned in the Verdict.

    I LOST and WON! I lost the cases against Scientology Montreal, Therese Sansfacon, and Jean Lariviere. I won my right to file within 90 days of Verdict date, against Narconon Trois-Rivieres. It was a complex case, and the Judge agreed I had a VALID explanation in reference to my appeal to the Court to file again against NN TR.

    The costs I must pay to the Court for the 3 cases being dismissed are only a few hundred dollars. I/We estimate the costs to the three defendants, including but not limited to: A - Defendants had lawyer in court room all day, advising clients at breaks. B - Lawyer prepping clients outside courtroom in his office. C - The client's lawyer prepared a summary of over 1,000 pages, and the defendants submitted this summary to the court near the end of the Trial.

    Estimate of defendants costs to be in the 4 0r 5 figure range? $Ka-Ching$

    I have about 80 days from now to file against NN TR. Considering what the Judge wrote in his decision, it appears that NN TR is still in trouble. That is, unless they file for bankruptcy? It's a small fee for me to file, so that's not an issue.

    This next case against NN TR only will be much easier, especially now that I am aware of what I'm up against concerning the proceedings and what to expect from NN TR and their lawyer. The Judge did read parts of my book, 'Dante's Eighth Circle' before the Trial, and since it took a few months for the decision, I suspect he did read it all. The case and decision from the Quebec Human Rights Commission was a basic foundation of this case, and will be for the next case against NN TR.

    Also, considering the recent COS website DA Attacks and Publications against myself and several other SP's that Tony Ortega wrote about recently at the Underground Bunker, I am seeking legal advice in reference to what the Montreal Judge stated: '... defamatory libel claims of Mr. Love against defendants which are dismissed ONLY on the basis of lack of jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court...'

    Will seek legal advice before proceeding with any lawsuit in Quebec Superior Court.

    As of today, I could not yet find the 14 page decision published online, but here is three pages of decision: (maybe PeterStorm can find it online, but it may be in French only?):




    On a side note, on March 1, 2017, I received a letter concerning another case I filed with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. This case will now move to, and be filed with the Canada Human Rights Commission.
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  37. loriisfree Member

    Glad the court recognized that discontinuing the suit against NN Tr was inadvertent! Me thinks my fiancé will be a wee bit busy in the next 90 days refiling against them. keep the pressure on hon!
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  38. peterstorm Member

    I can't find the document yet. It will probably be published in the next few days.

    Good job by Judge Faullem.
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